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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Evity, Apr 27, 2017.

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    Same idk man,
  2. Why the marines, navy, rangers, and army look the same? Am i missing something here because before, the player models were fine the way they were.
  3. but why
  4. Fox Angel

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    Q: Why should I not loophole?
    A: It will result in a punishment/warn depending on the type of loophole you made.
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    Why did you ask the question if you know the answer to it?
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    The thread is for people to ask questions and answers as well.....
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    Hey, I'd like to apply to be a staff member.
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    Q: Is @Evity in fact, a faggot?

    A: Of course, here at GarnetGaming, we do not look down on our members for being different either racially, sexually, or religiously, and we respect everyone equally, but sadly the answer to your question is yes, @Evity is a faggot, but we still love him for who he is, thank you for contacting the Indian GarnetGaming Support line.
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    I got in trouble for this @Evity
  13. Evity


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    Phantom contacted me and told me it was innapropriate for this thread

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