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    Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment.
    It is forbidden to loophole these rules. You will still be punished accordingly.​

    Rules of Engagement:

    1. Do not shoot someone unless they shoot you first. (They must damage you) (This does not apply to your own faction)
    2. Enemy Faction members with no guns are considered civilians. (Do not shoot them just because they have a weapon out)
    3. Any opposing Faction member with an explosive device, including but not limited to launchers, mines, and grenades, is to be KOS.)

    General Rules:
    1.Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch)
    Extended: RDM is the situation in which a player is killed out of War, raids, or simulations. Unprovoked deaths that are not called for by the rules will result in a punishment, even if it is agreed upon by both parties.

    2.Do not NLR (New Life Rule)
    Extended: NLR is the situation in which a player returns to his point of death immediately followed by his character's death. Unless war is ongoing, refrain from returning to the vicinity in which your character has died for 5 minutes, as to not break this rule.

    3.Do not Disrespect in Out of Character (OOC) Chat
    Extended: Racism, sexism, and the harassment of other players via the /ooc chat is strictly forbidden. Out of character time applies to both OOC chat and administrative situations.

    4.Do not RDA (Random Arrest)
    Extended: RDA is the situation in which a player is arrested without proper roleplay reasoning. Unprovoked arrests will result in a punishment, even in the situation in which it is agreed upon by both parties.

    5.Do not FRP (FailRP)
    Extended: FailRP is the term applied to actions which are not realistic in a well roleplayed Military scenario.
    IE: Throwing smoke grenades in your military base without proper reasoning, or changing your job to something that does not resemble your current class. This also includes using any explosive outside of war,raids, and simulations.

    Extended: The situation in which one behaves as an administrator when a player has broken the rules and/or the situation in which one punishes another player for the rule(s) they broke. Do not do this.
    IE: RDMing a mass RDMer

    7.Do not Impersonate
    Extended: Changing your name to resemble that of another player in an attempt to act like them, or hurt their reputation.

    8.Do not Spam Anything
    Extended: The use of OOC/Advert chat to display unwanted messages sent in bulk, rather than one for every reasonable time period, is unacceptable.
    IE: Advertising your faction's tryouts 4+ times within the span of a minute.

    9.Do not Misuse the Report System
    Extended: Our /report system's sole use is in order to effectively communicate with staff, letting them know of an issue. If one uses /report incorrectly, it may result in an impeded response time for our staff team's performance.
    IE: /report "Hey there my niggas"

    Miscellaneous Rules:

    All are welcome
    Extended: Tryouts in which anybody from any factions may attend - these are strictly forbidden

    Denial of Tryout
    Officers of a given faction that are hosting tryouts hold every right to deny you from joining their faction - their reasoning may be based on anything from your in-game statistics (kill-death) as well as your attitude in 3rd party OOC networks.
    IE: Your attitude on the forums and Teamspeak is childish, therefore you may not join Al-Qaeda.

    Sub-factions & Branches
    You may not use /jobs in order to create your own faction, setting yourself from other people. The only factions you may join and be a part of are to be found on the F4 menu. In addition, you may not set your job to something that is FailRP. Yon may only change your job from what it originally is to a proper RP squad/fireteam name for War/Raids/Sims.
    IE: using /job AFSOC : Infantry in order to establish the Air Force faction.
    IE: using /job to make your job “Service Dog”

    Base Entrances
    Only appointed members of the police force of both sides of the country are allowed to guard the entrances of their respective bases. Do not crowd around entrances. In addition, do not drive your vehicle fast into bases and expect to not be punished for accidentally running over someone.
    IE: The Military Police and the Afghan National Police may be found guarding their bases in order to enforce entries/exits.

    Spawn/Base Camping
    Spawn camping is not allowed. This is when the enemy has not left their base yet or have barely taken a few steps out of it. Once they are out of their base or a good few steps beyond their bases’ KOS line, they may be killed.
    Extended: Do not abuse this by sitting outside of their base waiting; no explosives are to be shot towards bases with intent to kill.

    Base Perms
    Permissions to enter a base must be handled by a WO1+ in MP/ANP OR by any O-1+ in any other faction for the respective country they are apart of. Higher ranks may overrule decisions with reason.. When permissions have been Revoked they are given 10 seconds to leave freely and cannot be killed until 10 seconds are up.
    Extended: You must confirm that someone does not have perms out of their base before you KOS them. Those below CPL out of their base may be KOS’d by any country.

    You need admin+ permission and be an officer in order to host a raid. A DB must be called and any participating members of the raid must be at that DB. Raids must be adverted before they begin.
    Example: /advert US DB. > /advert US Raids Afghan. > /advert Raid over.
    Extended: You cannot false a Raid over. Once it is called over, it is over. Also, both sides have 1 life. If you die, you must return to your DB. If you are on the defending side of the raid and die, run straight to DB and stay there. If you die or get shot on the way, do not fire back and keep trying. The attackers should not spawn camp.

    In order to kidnap, there must be three people present: 1 O-3+ and 2 others. If an admin+ is not spectating the kidnapping, one of the kidnappers must be recording the kidnapping. If a player as a fellow member of their country with them, they may not be kidnapped. Also, if the requirements are met, someone may be kidnapped even with their weapon out.
    Extended: /advert Kidnap | Any other info you want to put that will enhance the RP experience (i.e. Hands tied | Comms Stripped | Weapons confiscated)
    Those who refuse to RP a kidnap will be forced back into the kidnapping and warned for FailRP.

    Chat Rules:
    Advert Misuse
    The Advert chat may only be used to deliver important in-character information or server announcements.
    IE: /advert Marine LMG tryouts @ US DB | Marines only | PTS Active | Starting Soon

    Links in chat
    Posting links unassociated with the Garnet Forums and/or faction google documents in chat is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a warn for non-GG link.
    IE: /ooc HEY GUYS! look at this new website: www.insertwebsitename.anything

    Just like adverts, comms is an in-character form of communication. COMMS may be used during war periods in order to deliver necessary information to your teammates.

    Vehicle Rules
    Do not VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch)
    VDM is the situation in which one shoots a vehicle without proper roleplay reasoning. It is also VDM if you run someone over your vehicle on purpose. Never shoot a friendly’s vehicle.

    Entering Vehicles
    You may not enter a vehicle that is owned by a member of the opposing faction - this will be considered a form of FailRP.

    Faction Rules and Information
    Self Promotion
    Self Promotion is when you assign yourself a higher rank than the one you were assigned by your officer and/or the rank displayed on the documents. Self Promoting will result in a 2 day ban if you do not change your rank after being asked to by staff.

    Permission to Speak
    PTS is a form of communication control used by your faction's leaders. When PTS is active, you may not speak without being granted permission to.
    Extended: Officers may demote enlisted members of their respective faction for breaking PTS.

    KOS Zones
    Between periods of war, you may enter the opposing factions' base. However, you may be indisputably RDM'd within their premises. Shooting back at other members of the base will be considered RDM.

    Faction Leaders
    Assigning New Generals
    If you have been recently promoted to a General's position, you may appoint officers to a general rank as well, so long as there is availability.

    In order for a demotion to take place, you must have valid reasoning to back yourself up, whether they be from in-character, or out-of-character.
    3rd Party applications such as snapchat images/PMs over FaceBook are not valid.

    The altering of the documents of your respective faction is strictly forbidden, and may be considered sabotage. Doing so will result in a 1 week ban and permanent blacklist from said faction.

    You must treat all members of your faction equally, regardless their age or sex. If excessive bias behavior is picked up on, it may result in your immediate demotion.

    Objective Choosing
    When the playerbase is sub 50 players, and both factions have got officers online - they may communicate in order to exclude objectives from an ongoing/upcoming war.

    All players must be within their respective base walls before the 2 minute mark until war starts. Being outside your base walls after the 2 minute mark will result in a warn for Precap and a respawn.

    Claiming Rules
    -Any area of the map (except for country bases) may be claimed for tryout purposes.
    -If a faction has a claim, it cannot be claimed/KOS'd by another faction. They have the claim until they unclaim it. Even if it is not falsed, if a faction claims an objective that is already claimed and KOS it, any kills will count as RDM.
    Extended: If a faction has an objective claimed for training purposes, a faction that needs the objective for tryout purposes has priority over the training. This means that they may claim the objective for their tryouts and will have the claim instead of the faction that had it for training purposes.

    -DB and claims/tryouts may NOT be KOS to spectators.
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    Extended: Tryouts in which anybody from any factions may attend - these are strictly forbidden.

    Updated seeing as the server is now balanced.
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