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    1. Be respectful to all community members.
    2. Serve as a role model for other players.
    3. You must have a sit before warning a player.
    4. You may not handle your own sits UNLESS deemed necessary, and there's not a sufficient number of staff members online.
    5. NEVER harass other players.
    6. NEVER question the final verdict of a higher up.
    7. NEVER request a promotion.
    8. NEVER own rules or alter the server rules in any way.
    9. NEVER physgun doors or props.
    10. NEVER abuse commands.
    11. Do not use administrative commands UNLESS in case of emergency or if you are on duty.
    12. When applying for staff, in the field: "Did you read the staff rules:" the response should be your in-game-name, IE: "Did you read the staff rules: {GG} Garnet"
    13. Do not use your tool gun (Admins can for events).
    14. Do not be biased towards other players.
    15. Do not teleport to higher ups without their permission.
    16. Do not set your anyone’s job to something they aren’t whitelisted for (Temporarily for tryouts is allowed).
    17. Do not whitelist anyone for a job that they didn’t tryout for.
    18. Do not warn someone twice for the same reason in a single sit.
    19. Do not ask people to look at your application unless they asked first. This could lead to Denial.
    20. Staff must know all the server rules

    Failure to follow the rules could result in:

    • Demotion
    • Possible Ban
    Staff Ranks Responsibilities

    Trial Moderator

    • Handle Sits
    • Whitelist
    • Training Recruits


    • Handle Sits
    • Whitelist
    • Assist Mods
    • Training Recruits

    Senior Moderator / Trial Admin

    • Handle Sits
    • Whitelist
    • Assist Mods
    • Training Recruits
    • Training new staff members


    All of the above. Share your experience. Help manage the server and staff.

    Ban length Handbook:
    Multiple Bans: Permanent
    Intentional MassRDM: Permanent
    DDOS Threats: Permanent
    Hacking: Permanent
    Advertising a Non-GG Server: Permanent
    Mass RDM: (3+ Kills): 2 weeks
    Mass RDA: (3+ Arrests): 1 week
    No intent to RP (3+ FailRP warns in 24 hours): 1 week
    RDMx2: + LTAP: 5 days
    RDM + LTAP: 3 Days
    Impersonating (Any form) (Tell them to change their name first): 1 week
    Harassment (Already warned for disrespect and repeats to disrespect): 2D - Minor - 1M Major
    Self Promotion: 2 Days
    Any Warn Offense: + LTAP: 3 Days

    Warn Handbook:

    False Advert (Something that has no RP value)
    Disrespect in OOC (Excessive is harassment)
    Leaving a sit
    Spamming (Mic or with chat)
    Impersonating another user
    Abusing kill command
    Posting a link without permission (Unless it redirects to garnetgaming.net)


    Any action that’s not within the rules (Ex. Mugging someone)
    Running on the US fence
    Not following an order by a superior
    Getting in a vehicle not owned by your faction (without permission)
    Running away or attacking someone who kidnapped you
    Locking your car after you get carjacked
    If you have any questions about FailRP contact a superior

    Do not warn for bannable offenses. Rules are subjected to change at any time!
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