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  1. I will repeat, Garnet said in-game ping counters aren't reliable.
  2. Sneaky Goose

    Sneaky Goose No Life Goals

    In-game as in GMod or in-game as in the server? Cause on the server browser, GG is available at 30ms for me and the net_graph shows 150ms average.
  3. All I know is that the ping has improved, but I don't know by how much :) Which is fine by me, lol.
  4. riteshahlawat1

    riteshahlawat1 I Expose E Girls

    Went from a stable 90 to a 180 at best. :'(
  5. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    Oh well, you're a minority.
  6. SHUGA

    SHUGA Homesick Abortion

    Worse for ne
  7. Cody Drax

    Cody Drax Hardcore

    worse for me as well
  8. Fox Angel

    Fox Angel Godlike

    Ping & FPS have been amazing, hopefully in the future it will be worth it when the finished map comes out!
  9. alux deluxe

    alux deluxe Member

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