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    Yeah I meant that it would be on another objective, forgot to mention it lmao
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    Well, first you chose not to quote each and every one of the points I made, which I assume is because you've conceded that they're right.

    Aside from admitting that you just brought up a silly idea for incentive, if you're going to use reputation to join elite subfactions, then you better best gear those missions in a way that promotes map knowledge and experience, pure skill, and there's no possible way you can code a reputation tracker for attitude and discipline which is the biggest factor distinguishing sub-factions from regular ones. You can track warns-rdm's, but I'm sure it's easily enough said that bans and warns don't fully reflect competence or lack there of in situations enough for you to be able to use that as a method of calculation. The options you have up right now are easily done by anyone, and the "more difficult" ones have an element of surprise which covers any difficulty gap in them. Tryouts now already test map knowledge, skill, and experience, and do it in a much more thorough and accurate way than how it is right now. I can't go into possibility because I don't know code, but as it is right now, it's insufficient.

    You're not putting it in perspective. With the already constrained ways to "RDM" even though that's a blanket term that you like to use to cover any sort of killing, even though much of it isn't random at all, there's still less-constrained ways to RDM without doing this. You rely on player's eager and repression that'll make them strive to kill, but that's not the case. The issue is the options available are monotonous. We can argue all day on why that is, but from my experience is that it takes longer than its worth. Sims that last 10 second- 1-2 minutes take triple the time to set up at least, and at least with those you can kill multiple people. The assassination you can kill one, and while you can kill a lot with the raids, you can do even more with actual raids with a lot less of a cooldown.

    I'm sorry, nevermind then. This is a revolutionary idea and best of luck with its potential implementation.
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    I think im caught up on the thread except for Duels last post too lazy to read it.

    I like the mission idea and it seems like it would be useful in many situations.

    Only issue I have with it is how easy is it to Meta-game the stealth missions? Would a text in chat say so and so are doing x mission? If so why have stealth?

    Anyways with the missions I think the great benefit would be is officers could choose an event and pick the players he wishes to do the event with. Tryout purposes, missions, operations etc. Also with the bounty or assassination missions I feel like those should only be accessible to SOC factions and/or officer class. Dont know how well a couple PVTs running around looking to kill someone would go.

    Another suggestion I have for the "why do missions if money isnt useless" is maybe a leveling system and/or skill tree. The users will earn so much xp to progress them to the next level. Small boosts nothing drastic that would make the newer players feel discouraged to play a whole wack of tryhards. Also with leveling system it would open the doors for different tryouts etc /advert MARSOC Tryouts in DB | Must be level 10 or SGT in Marines" Idk Marsoc requirements xd

    For suggestions for different ops would go
    - Kidnaps (pretty sure already suggested). How it would go is anyone on a Officer WL would be chosen randomly and that squad would have to go kidnap them, with this in place /adverts wouldnt really be needed and people can kidnap players more easily just a thought.

    - Convoy(If vehicles stay, if not scrap this), players have to deliver goods to different objs and opposing factions can try and stop them. Actually even if vehicles get removed this could still be done

    Im kinda stuck on suggestions for them lemme sleep on it and post tomorrow if I come up with any.
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    Yeah, that's the points I did agree with :p

    Yeah, no real incentive besides new content, and community's request. You brought up map exploration and essentially the bases cleanup will get you familiar with your own base as the first thing you can do upon join, and as you gain reputation fairly quickly when you start off, you will explore the map via the delivery mission. I agree it's insufficient in that regard (atleast once you're past the first two available missions)

    "Actual raids" will not be a thing, it'll be an available option ONCE between every war that will not require any administration, as once you're dead, you will hopefully go into spectate mode for your participating peers - if you did not sign up in time to participate, too bad for you - guess you will not take place in the raid. This removes the immersion breaking side of raiding which requires a recording software/staff member. Hope that clears up the "more effort than its worth"
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    Don't see why that was necessary, I explained to you why it was a stupid response- but I guess you're going to pull the victim card. I had told you that in your initial post you made no real points as far as what is to be made to make the system more fitting for our community, and obviously you are a minority because it's the community requesting these features and not myself proposing them.
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    classic Duel material for you when he's disagreed with.
    By stealth do you mean the intel gathering mission? there will be no way to metagame seeing as you're the only one aware that you're on a mission.

    Hell, we could cut down on sims time by having officers have the capability to create a team for a mission and instantly teleport to an objective in which they want to battle.

    I mean, the reputation system COULD be the XP system, but that would be for much later implementation - as currently I cannot even find a reputable developer :p

    It IS one of the missions, as TJ has mentioned above in the thread.

    Been suggested by TJ aswell, no easy way to implement.
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    wow this looks amazing cant wait to see how it turns out
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    This is all great and stuff, but I was thinking that if we could, maybe some sort of a leaderboard on the forums could be nice. Ie: who has the most successfull amount of missions etc. that would create incentive to go ahead and do them.
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    New content for content's sake doesn't allure people. As for community's request, if you're referring to this mission system being one of them, then I suggest polling it as you're developing to see if the missions implemented are heading towards the right track, instead of a few vocal players expressing their opinions.

    Automation for raiding is nice, and yes that'll bring more RP, but you've just lessened even more what you're able to do in-between wars by raising the cooldown to one in between every war. Again, I said this before and I'll say it again, it can potentially work with the right missions.

    Usually when I can agree with parts of responses I find them valuable, but hey if they're good but causing complications, then they're stupid in nature I suppose.

    Nah, you came up with this system months before announcing it, and I suppose you only brought it up now considering the focus' shifted on the gap in play, and you felt like it was crucial to address now despite your hands being tied with its ETA in developing, especially with no developer. Don't get me wrong, the second I see community input I see something positive, and it's good ideas are bouncing around, but last I checked the mission system wasn't first made in suggestions.

    Edit: The community is of course going to excited for any opportunity there is that tries to fix the gap in play, but the reason I'm criticizing is because if you're going to do it it should be as well-made as possible so that a few weeks-months down its line, people don't get bored and it just becomes an unused feature.
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    This sounds awesome to me. I like the idea of having a progression system to acquire missions that will elicit more enjoyment by grinding out the missions players may deem as less "fun". There are a lot of players that just enjoy grinding and the cooldown feature will ensure it doesn't get too out of hand.

    Members of the armed forces are required to clean up their bases and be janitors all the time (joke: its in the fine print of your contract that you are a glorified janitor.) Granted it is usually lower enlisted's job to do this but, everyone has to start somewhere. So I think it is a pretty good mission for level 1.

    As mentioned above by Garnet, this would be a mission that would only become available at a higher reputation level. It would be quite surprising if an already incompetent private was able to grind and make it to that level and still be an incompetent player.

    I would like to +1 this idea as a leaderboard would give players another competitive incentive to be the "best".

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