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  1. Tayler

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    Hello Everyone!
    I would like to first start off by saying that this post is meant to bring attention to the staff team and hopefully answer and incourage more players to want to join. Currently, the staff roster is very small and is in need of more active members. I will briefly be explaining some things people may not know and give some reasons to why you should apply for our staff team.

    Staff Team - What is the importance?
    The staff team is designated to being able to assist the playerbase and help moderate the server in a way not most users can. As a staff member, you are tasked with enforcing the rules as well as making sure the rules are clear and understandable for the player base. We are meant to inform the players from what is right and wrong, and generally keep the playerbase from chaos and disruption.

    Progressing through the ranks also changes what is important for each individual. The lower ranks seem to be tedious ocassionally due to the fact that you're new to the staff team, but once you progress into the administration part you are tasked with joining specific divisions.

    It is important that all staff members handle what they are given and manage themselves properly as well as our server

    What "benefits" are there to being a staff?
    There is no direct benefit from staffing on the server; in terms of benefit meaning extra money, credits, free items ETC (although the on duty job does have a paycheck of $500). What benefits from being a staff is the server being clean and fun to play for current and new players of the server. Again, being a staff member is more than just being able to noclip and have some cool abilites. Being a staff is making the environment of the server ingame and on the forums friendly and inviting. Becoming a staff allows more enforcement of rules and management of the server at different times of the day. The larger variety of players (in time zones) we have the more hours a day of the server we have covered, which can come in handy for later hours.

    Being a staff is meaning that you want to be apart of this help. You make an application to assist the server itself and to make sure the players that come after you can have as much fun as you should be having too.

    Do I have to take sits to get promoted?
    Because the staff team is so small and we do not have a larger force to work with: yes. Sits are the main priority for anyone that is not a Trial Administrator or above, although if you are currently not busy and see sits stacking, you must take them. Sits are how we manage the effectiveness of our staff, while also taking in many other factors - attitude, behaviour, activity, ability to understand and handle situations. Sits are just apart of that quota. As I mentioned before how being a newer staff may be tedious, it will pay off eventually. The more staff we increase in and the more people that are being brought into divisions, the more we are able to create and change the ways our staff team is based off for promotions. Promotions are not what it is all about either. Your goal for staffing should be because you want to help the better of the server.

    Are there any restrictions or requirements?
    There is not so much of "restrictions", but there is requirments that you must meet to become a staff member. You will need to understand all of the rules, both server and staff rules, and you will need to meet a certain playtime requirement on the application as well as have a proper application setup. You also need to be 15 years or older to apply for our staff team. You may however, apply IF you have permission from an executive or Human Resources Member. If you do not have permission and apply anyways, you will be denied instantly. Remember that!

    Applications are not just a guideline, but what you need to get into the staff. Failing or not meeting a section of an application can lead to an instant denial, so before you make the post make sure you have read over everything AT LEAST twice and have checked for any errors. You also are able to edit the post afterwards to fix and change things around.

    What are Recommendations (Referrals)?
    Recommendations are from staff that have seen you personally or heard about you and thought you should join the staff team. Asking for recommendations can lead to a denial of your app. If you want to get recommendations, you just need to be lucky. Being a nice person and respectful/helpful to players is a good way to get noticed.

    NOTE: Recommendations are NOT needed to get accepted. Recommendations just mean that staff have seen you themselves being a bit above and beyond casual players. Not having a recommendation does not mean the opposite.

    What are the "Divisions"?
    Divisions are broken up sections of the staff team that work on individual tasks. Divisions are made to make the work of each staff member that is a Trial Administrator or above easier. There are only three divisions currently and each one is broken up into different parts of the server. Brief overview -

    Operator Division -
    Operators deal with mostly ingame related issues (sits and handling questions). Operator divisions is recommended for players that do enjoy handling the sits that come in and mainly spend the majority of their time playing the server.
    Intelligence Division -
    Intelligence speaks the needs and wants of the players on the server. If you have a suggestion, it goes through intelligence. This is where all suggestions are reviewed as either beneficial/needed or uneccessary/overpowered. The intelligence teams will also handle fixes and changes that are to go through the server (glitches and what not).
    Human Resources -
    This is pretty much a prime example of what HR is meant to do. We are the recruitment side of the entire staff team on MRP. We are tasked with bringing in new players to the staff team, as well as making sure all current staff are caught up with the lastest rule additions, changes and fixes. We make sure that everybody is properly setup and prepared to be staffing on the server. Questions about the staff and rules usually should go through the HR Team.

    Why should we join the Staff Team?
    Well, currently at the time of this post, our staff team is lacking in numbers. Joining the staff team now would be a great chance and opportunity for players to help shape and create ideas for the server. The staff is open to anybody as long as they meet the requirements. No matter what side you apply from, being either a "US main" or "AFG main", your chances are not altered or hindered. We look to increase our staff team from both sides of the spectrum to be able to understand how each run and what the staff can do to help keep the server balanced and equal.

    Currently, we are looking for more staff that do play on AFG. Our staff is in the larger numbers of US players which is not a bad thing, but does keep us from knowing and assisting in many AFG related issues.

    If you're interested by what you have seen here and would like to join the staff team, or just have general questions about anything stated here or not, please contact a member from Human Resources or an executive on the server.

    Some people to contact about such matters:

    I am no longer a staff on this server, so I have absolutely no idea who is on the new roster of the Human Resources. Feel free to contact a staff ingame unless I am finally given proper information to put here.​

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  2. OpTic Gunnner

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    I may apply soon its pretty hard but I wanna learn
  3. I would apply, But I need Perms. im 14
  4. Tayler

    Tayler Mass RDMer

    I added that into the requirements section. You can apply for staff under 15 but only if you are granted permission from an executive/Human Resources Member.
  5. Pump

    Pump Mr Robot

    Great post Tayler
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  6. Jasmin

    Jasmin Dumpster Baby

    If I can get my computer to work properly, I might be able to apply in May. May is my last month of school and to be a senior.
  7. Desperate times indeed.
  8. WarmPupper

    WarmPupper No Life Goals

    I would have already applied, but I am apparently on the “Perma staff blacklist”.
  9. Medinator

    Medinator Crippling Depression

    I dont know if i should
  10. Mun

    Mun Member

    Am I too late to sign up for the staff? I am in a door of decisions with a timer above it: to join or not to join.
  11. Eben

    Eben Addict

    You are never too late to sign up for staff, I would just make sure to apply at a time in your life where you have enough playtime for that (its what I would recommend.)
  12. I'm a perfect example of never too late, (wait I never even applied despite many telling m that I should)
  13. sbens

    sbens Squeaker

    I would apply, and I know I could be a good staff member because I was in the past; my recent behavior (all of which is my fault) hasn’t been very good. Once I improve and am confident enough that I have changed I will apply for staff.
  14. BroDawggg

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    +1 if you join staff

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