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Discussion in 'Administration' started by Tayler, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Upland (Abu Ahrame)

    Upland (Abu Ahrame) Homesick Abortion

    I would if I was able to be active.
  2. Canadian Toast

    Canadian Toast good for inspiration, aren't I?

    I feel like I should apply, but I have a bunch of warns that I'm afraid will get me instantly denied.
  3. Burns Gaming

    Burns Gaming Newbie

    Sure I'll give it a try
  4. SirMike

    SirMike Am I even ACTIVE anymore?

    Real life sucks doesn't it.
    I can't apply purely due to that reason.
  5. Upland (Abu Ahrame)

    Upland (Abu Ahrame) Homesick Abortion

    For the most part not really. If school is not counted it is a bit nice.
  6. bishopil

    bishopil Crippling Depression

    How do you apply for different divisions? For example if I wanted to be an intelligence member, would I get there through promotions or would I be appointed to a position?
  7. Admin+ get to join a division
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  8. エリーゼ

    エリーゼ Dumpster Baby

    +1 i'm active and i can be a good staff
  9. The.Batman

    The.Batman Human Resources Director

    This is not how you apply for staff. To apply for staff follow the format and post it in the correct section.
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  10. Fox Angel

    Fox Angel Godlike

    T.Admin+ not Admin+
    3 Divisions with Executive being the 4th that overrules basically every other divisions final verdict on certain topics.
    1st Division: Intelligence Division (Controls the suggestions page for Military RP and more)
    2nd Division: Human Resources Division (Helps people become staff and telling them where to apply, train them, and help people who have problems on the server)
    3rd Division: Operators Division (Basically keep doing sits on the server and help people if needed)

    Basically the director of the division (Or supervisor) has to let you in, currently however I believe there are a lot of Human Resources & Operators, but not that many Intelligence. I'm probably going to go into Human Resources, I enjoy the server and would like to help staff to the best of my ability. I'm tired of doing the daily sits on the server as some people that do the reports file reports sometimes (The ones I commonly see) are about whitelist problems, things they haven't read about in the rules, and other things. I might go Intelligence though as they don't have a lot of members, but at the same time they don't need a lot of members due to the fact that taking care of suggestions and formatting it isn't that hard.
  11. The.Batman

    The.Batman Human Resources Director

    tbf intelligence doesn't need a lot of people
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  12. Bobhoboson

    Bobhoboson Newbie

    So how would i contact one of the HR staff? I would like to talk to them about joining staff
  13. The.Batman

    The.Batman Human Resources Director

    I can help you. Do you have any questions?
  14. Bobhoboson

    Bobhoboson Newbie

    Yes I would like to join the staff but im not sure how to. Anyone i must talk to or must i make a thread? Also how do i check how long ive been on the server?
  15. The.Batman

    The.Batman Human Resources Director

    Well You need to have atleast 75 hours on the server, You need to be atleast 15 unless you have permission from a Manager+, You need to Read and Abide by the server and staff rules, You are recommended to have a microphone. and You need to follow this format. ( ) and make it pretty detailed.

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