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Discussion in 'Administration' started by Tayler, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Bobhoboson

    Bobhoboson Newbie

    ok thank you
  2. Lopock

    Lopock Newbie

    I would like prems to apply for staff i am 13 and a WO1 in tali.
  3. Brandon Chow v1

    Brandon Chow v1 Godlike

    This is me
  4. gifire157

    gifire157 Niggers make me cry

    Can I become staff with 14 hours lol
  5. The.Batman

    The.Batman Human Resources Director

    No, You need 75 hours on the server. That way you will be familiar with the server, rules, players, etc.
  6. ✪ Fearless™

    ✪ Fearless™ Godlike

    I would I feel I wasn't banned and wasn't a minge
  7. George Lianos

    George Lianos Hardcore

    Can I be staff with 1000 hours?

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