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    Well with the new update, we will be adding the removal of a few factions, if not with the map update, then within a few days thereafter
    Base Navy, IJU, and ISI
    The reasons for these factions removals vary from playerbase, to leadership qualities and simply its need of existing

    Both SEALs and Haqqani will now be capped at O-6
    SEALs: Captain
    Haqqani: Colonel

    Rank Transfers!
    CPL/PO3+ will be the only people allowed to rank transfer into equivalent, or lower Tier Groups (As these are the only documented people)
    Navy and IJU may only rank transfer to within their country
    any SEALs or Haqqani Removed in the process of this, as both of these groups will be required to "fix their shit" as a "Special Forces Faction"
    SEALs, as discussed will be classified as NSWC ST3, but I have granted the ability to become DEVGRU ST6 in the future, if they feel they can become a lot more professional, and operate and higher standards.
    All Factions transfers will be kept within their countries out of fairness, all faction specific transfers must stay within their Special forces equivalents or lower, all Entry can only go to entry
    All JRO's and DI's within Navy and IJU (respectively) should keep said status for the faction they move on to
    recieving equivalent classes from factions you transfer too will not be guaranteed.
    any rank transferred above O-6 will only count as O-6, but every faction is allowed to give you a further down rank, if rank complications occur IE: Navy Captain for Army COL, Army doesn't need another COL, they will get LTC or MAJ

    ISI, Navy and IJU is being removed
    SEALs & Haqqani are capped at O-6
    All SEALs & Haqqani Kicked out (due to screening) get transfer abilities as their previous entry faction, but not a lowered rank (unless over O-6) Ex: A removed SEAL, is now considered Navy.
    Transfers cannot go out of Country, Entries cannot go up into Special Forces
    only CPL+ transfers will be allowed
    Recruitment status should be carried over.
    Classes may not be carried over

    If you have questions or concerns feel free to state here, or pm me, but its not advised you pm, as Garnet wants to see these too!

    Note: There is no longer "Tiers" of factions, they are either considered Entry, or Special Forces, its annoying, you should only be judged as better because of how your faction acts itself within game, not because of how they are classified within real life

    UPDATE: Leaders of their factions will need to do this on their own, I am putting a lot of trust into EACH of you to clear your Roster as this goes on, but please, report to me any list you have each day of transferred people in PM, thank you.
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  2. Aristocrat

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    why are ISI being removed but DF aren't?
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    xd bye isi
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  6. Flurpasaur

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    As you said that HAQN members are getting kicked out, will I stay in reserves? I wish to help HAQN as a whole
  7. Aristocrat

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    not all of them
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  8. Aristocrat

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    screening for HQN but where the fuck do we go there's no IJU?
  9. ✪ Fearless™

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    Are we allowed to choose which entry faction we would like to join/transfer into?
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  10. Shephard

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    This is up for the leader to decide

    prompty shut the fuck up

    if you are kicked out for being a shitty Haqqani member, you are considered IJU, but keep your rank. you will rank transfer into ALQ or Taliban
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