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Discussion in 'Administration' started by Phantom, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Phantom

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    After testing with Milkdud out of war, we came to the conclusion of where it is proper to shoot explosives in terms of distance to an enclosed structure. During war, RPG/Matador are now able to be shot/kill teammates, but still can't kill themselves. Thus the reason that explosive classes like RPG or Nailgunner can't tell accurately what is considred suicide and what is not. Down below, I will post example of what is okay and what is not okay. This is mainly pointed towards shooting explosives at enclosed spaces such as comms primarily, but it applies to any other enclosed space. Keep in mind, this is compromise of higher risk for high reward (gigantic explosive radius/damage). I know the nailgunner doesn't have as big a radius compared to RPG, but you do have more health. Below are examples of what to do and what not to do. Also, suicide RPG when an enclosed space is not involve should be fairly obvious. The radius is huge and would damage someone from 30 ft away, so make sure to be firing those from a good range.

    What is not okay (where not to shoot from with an explosive class)


    What is okay
    [​IMG]This means shooting inside comms.
  2. Dillan

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    I feel directly responsible for this change. Nice.
  3. Phantom

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    These are meant to show explosive classes (mainly RPG since it has a really big radius) where to shoot so that they don't get warned/reported, as there were a lot of misunderstandings about it last war. This is also until Garnet fixes the coding to where explosive classes like RPG or NG will take damage from themselves, that way it will be obvious to staff in the logs if it was suicide or not. For RPG, I get accidentally damaging yourself since the radius is hecka big, but this should serve to demonstrate that precautions should be made before firing the RPG, preferably from a good range.

  4. Let me explain what is happening here. Blade is stepping out of the way before the RPG explodes resulting in no damage done to him. Would this be allowed or is he still too close.
  5. Shephard

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    Negligent Explosive handling and TK should be warnable in my opinion. Not RDM counts, but like, I'd say moreso FailRP?
  6. Zoro

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    I agree
  7. Phantom

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    For the sake of fairness and avoiding confusion, let's not do this. Stay at range. This would be acceptable if/when Garnet makes it to where RPGs can take damage and it can be seen in logs during war. Otherwise, I can see constant reports coming in from this.
  8. ✪ Fearless™

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    NG were able to kill them selves before I got banned. Did the update change that?
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  9. Duel

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    To an extent I see why the rules at being set, as they are now they're broken, and the situation makes it so that it's near impossible to judge what is and isn't FailRP, which is why these guidelines are an attempt.

    What I don't get is why we don't just wait for Garnet to fix it. Considering how important the issue is to the playerbase, I'm sure it'd be top priority for on the intelligence docs. So what's the hassle to make temporary rules?
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  10. BroDawggg

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  11. Phantom

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    Because Garnet is a busy man and as I stated, just that last war was a shitshow of reports. This update won't be made within the next day and certainly not before next war. This is an attempt to prevent as much of that as possible. Additionally, it's not that much of a hassle.
  12. Shrimp

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    j u s t i c e
  13. tgon95

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    So are RPGs/Metadors allowed to shoot into comms?
  14. Dillan

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    If at a distance
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  15. bishopil

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    So what happens when an RPG shoots and runs into the smoke? Someone screenshots it and says, “hE sUicId3 RpG!”

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