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    This thread is a thread I made, replicated off Burton, so I can edit it myself.

    Notable Links: These are our currently Staffed, and Ban records, they both require steam ID

    Staff Roster: The link to our current Staff Roster (View Acces Only)

    Staff Training Guide

    !setjob Strings: Command goes as follows -> !setjob [Name/SteamID] [jobstring]
    Regular Text means Entry/Base Police jobs
    Bolded Jobs mean Sub-Fac/Elite-Tier Faction
    Red Means Donator Job (You may not set anyones jobs to these whatsoever!)
    Gold Means Donator Job not yet released (You may not set anyones jobs to these whatsoever!)

    talibanarsonist = Taliban Army : Arsonist
    talibanheavy = Taliban Army : Heavy
    talibanleader = Taliban Army : Leader
    talibanmilitant = Taliban Army : Militant
    talibanpriest = Taliban Army : Priest
    talibanrecruiter = Taliban Army : Recruiter
    talibansapper = Taliban Army : Sapper
    talibansharpshooter = Taliban Army : Sharpshooter
    talibansmg = Taliban Army : SMG
    talibansoldier = Taliban Army : Soldier

    O55th Brigade

    55thbrigadeattacker = 55th Brigade : Attacker
    55thbrigadehunter = 55th Brigade : Hunter
    55thbrigadelord = 55th Brigade : Lord
    55thbrigadesavior = 55th Brigade : Savior

    alqaedabreacher = Al-Qaeda : Breacher
    alqaedafighter = Al-Qaeda : Fighter
    alqaedahealer = Al-Qaeda : Healer
    alqaedaheavy = Al-Qaeda : Heavy
    alqaedaleader = Al-Qaeda : Leader
    alqaedarecruiter = Al-Qaeda : Recruiter
    alqaedasmg = Al-Qaeda : SMG
    alqaedasniper = Al-Qaeda : Sniper.

    Black Guard

    blackguardcommando = Blackguard : Commando
    blackguardrabb" = Become Blackguard : Rabb
    blackguardrpg = Blackguard : RPG
    blackguardtajnid = Blackguard : Tajnid

    Haqqani Network
    haqqaniassassin = Haqqani Network : Assassin
    haqqaninoble = Haqqani Network : Noble
    haqqanistealth = Haqqani Network : Stealth
    haqqanitactical = Haqqani Network : Tactical

    Afghani National Police
    anpcommander = Afghan National Police : Commander
    anpconstable = Afghan National Police : Constable
    anpoperator = Afghan National Police : Operator
    anprookie = Afghan National Police : Rookie

    Afghani Donator Classes
    afghanieliteanarchist = Afghani Elite : Anarchist
    afghanielitemercenary = Afghani Elite : Mercenary

    talibanbomber = Afghani Elite : Bomber
    afghanieliteosama = Afghani Elite : Osama
    afghanieliteprox = Afghani Elite : Prox
    afghanielitesaddam = Afghani Elite : Saddam
    afghanielitetank = Afghani Elite : Tank
    goat = Goat

    usarmydemolition = US Army : Demolition
    usarmydrillinstructor = US Army : Drill Instructor
    usarmygeneral = US Army : General
    usarmyheavy = US Army : Heavy
    usarmymarksman = US Army : Marksman
    usarmymechanic = US Army : Mechanic
    usarmysniper = US Army : Sniper
    usarmysoldier = US Army : Soldier
    usarmyspecialist = US Army : Specialist
    usarmysupport = US Army : Support

    Green Beret
    usgreenberetcommander = US Green Beret : Commander
    usgreenberetfieldmedic = US Green Beret : Field Medic
    usgreenberetrifleman = US Green Beret : Rifleman
    usgreenberetsmg = US Green Beret : SMG
    usgreenberetsniper = US Green Beret : Sniper
    usgreenberetsniperssss = US Green Beret : Breacher

    Delta Force
    usdeltaforcecommander = US Delta Force : Commander
    usdeltaforceenforcer = US Delta Force : Enforcer
    usdeltaforceoperator = US Delta Force : Operator
    usdeltaforcerecon = US Delta Force : Recon

    Marine Corps

    usmarinecorpsman = US Marine : Corpsman
    usmarinedemolition = US Marine : Demolition
    usmarineengineer = US Marine : Engineer
    usmarinegrenadier = "Become US Marine : Grenadier
    usmarineinstructor = US Marine : Drill Instructor
    usmarinelmg = US Marine : LMG
    usmarinemarksman = US Marine : Marksman
    usmarineofficer = US Marine : Officer
    usmarinesniper = US Marine : Sniper
    usmarinetrooper = US Marine : Trooper

    Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command
    marsocassault = US MARSOC : Assault
    marsocbreacher = US MARSOC : Breacher
    marsoccommander = US MARSOC : Commander
    marsocdoctor = US MARSOC : Doctor
    marsocheavy = US MARSOC : Heavy
    marsocrifleman = US MARSOC : Rifleman
    marsocsmg = US MARSOC : SMG
    marsocsniper = US MARSOC : Sniper

    ussealassault = US SEAL : Assault
    ussealbreacher = US SEAL : Breacher
    ussealcombatant = US SEAL : Combatant
    ussealcommander = US SEAL : Commander
    ussealheavy = US SEAL : Heavy
    ussealmedic = US SEAL : Medic
    ussealsniper = US SEAL : Sniper
    ussealtactical = US SEAL : Tactical

    Military Police

    usmpcadet = US Military Police : Cadet
    usmpcommissioner = US Military Police : Commissioner
    usmpleader = US Military Police : Leader
    usmpofficer = US Military Police : Officer

    US Donator Classes

    useliteartillery = US Elite : Artillery
    useliteghillie = US Elite : Ghillie
    useliteguardian = US Elite : Guardian
    uselitejuggernaut = US Elite : Juggernaut
    uselitenailgunner = US Elite : Nailgunner
    useliteriot = US Elite : Riot

    uselitespike = "Become US Elite : Spike

    Staff and Miscellaneous
    staffonduty = Staff On Duty
    usrecruit = US Military : Recruit
    talibanrecruit = Afghanistan : Recruit
    citizen = Undecided : Civilian

    You should have your steam name set to something that resembles your in game name. We had some past staff members named McDonalds Wifi and someone who had their name to all emojis. We need to be able to know who you are on the staff list.

    This mostly happens with t.mods, but your name needs to somewhat replicate your in game name. Failure to change your name within 5 days of it being posted or upon acceptance of staff will result in a demotion. It is also recommended but not required to have | GarnetGaming.net in your steam name, for example:
    "Shephard | GarnetGaming.net"

    Mandatory meetings start at 5:00 PM EST Every other Saturday (Unless Holiday, or all Manager+'s are not available)
    December 30th 2017
    January 13th 2018
    January 27th 2018
    February 10th 2018
    February 24th 2018
    March 3rd 2018
    March 17th 2018
    March 31st 2018
    April 14th 2018
    April 28th 2018
    May 12th 2018
    May 26th 2018
    June 9th 2018
    June 23rd 2018
    July 7th 2018
    July 21st 2018
    August 4th 2018
    August 18th 2018
    September 1st 2018
    September 15th 2018
    September 29th 2018
    October 13th 2018
    October 27th 2018
    November 10th 2018
    November 24th 2018
    December 8th 2018
    December 22nd 2018
    January 5th 2019

    Inactivity: Simply meeting your quotas will not be enough
    If you are inactive for any reason, please let me know (Or a Manager+) before or during your time of inactivity, you can post it in Administration, and or PM me. It is highly recommended that you give me a good reason! Telling me "I'm doing stuff" is not a good enough reason, and could make your LOA invalidated. If you are inactive for a week and do not let me know, I will have to demote you until you get back, and we will discuss your inactivity.

    Staff activity has become much better over the bast few months, these are recommendations not requirements. And does not have to be in one helping, and vary regardless, considering some join divisons, but this is more applied to Operations staff or Ordinary Staff, do not assume this as a requirement as stated prior, but be sure to be close to this range!
    Super Administrator: Is not required to go on duty, as they generally manage the server on and off!
    Manager: Is not required to be on duty, but is required to monitor staff (if division requires such of course!)
    Head Admin: On duty at least 2 hours a day
    Admin: On duty at least 2 hours a day
    Trial Admin: On duty at least 2 hours a day
    Head Mod: On duty at least 2 hours a day
    Mod: On duty at least 1.5 hours a day
    Trial Mod: On duty at least 1 hour a day

    Extra Resources

    Questions and Concerns:
    If you are confused on a rule, need something clarified, or simply need help! Feel free to message me on our lovely forums!
    If you need me on a whim, feel free to add me on Steam! Please post a comment on my profile, stating your name, and rank! (Staff or Faction Rank)

    Or simply message me on Teamspeak! My name will be Shephard or Bandos!

    Format: Burton
    Staff Training guide: @Phantom
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    New Russian Forces Job Strings
    Russian Forces
    - Russian Forces: Solider --> russianforcessoldier
    - Russian Forces: Support --> russianforcessupport
    - Russian Forces: Sniper --> russianforcessniper
    - Russian Forces: Marksman --> russianforcesmarksman
    - Russian Forces: Recruiter --> russianforcesrecruiter
    - Russian Forces: Officer --> russianforcesofficer

    Russian Special Forces: Spetsnaz (GRU)
    - Russian Spetsnaz: Assault --> russianspetsnazassault
    - Russian Spetsnaz: Medic --> russianspetsnazmedic
    - Russian Spetsnaz: Tactical --> russianspetsnaztactical
    - Russian Spetsnaz: Breacher --> russianspetsnazbreacher
    - Russian Spetsnaz: Sniper --> russianspetsnazsniper
    - Russian Spetsnaz: Commander --> russianspetsnazcommander

    Russian Special Forces: SSO
    - Russian SSO: Assault --> russianssoassault
    - Russian SSO: Medic --> russianssomedic
    - Russian SSO: Sniper --> russianssosniper
    - Russian SSO: Commander --> russianssocommander

    Russian Special Forces: Alpha Group
    - Alpha Group: Operator --> alphagroupoperator
    - Alpha Group: Enforcer --> alphagroupenforcer
    - Alpha Group: Recon --> alphagrouprecon
    - Alpha Group: Commander --> alphagroupcommander
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