New Cinema Server!

Discussion in 'Announcements & Rules' started by Garnet, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. WarmPupper

    WarmPupper No Life Goals

    I wasn’t asking. Just look at Garnet’s Post. To me atleast, there is a fine line between asking and offering help.
  2. Lt.Dog

    Lt.Dog Crippling Depression

    At least we can watch “Who Killed Captain Alex?”
  3. Im Dream

    Im Dream Owner

    As usually

    Great idea!
  4. Frosty

    Frosty No Life Goals

    Can’t wait for my new computer to come in...
  5. Cody Drax

    Cody Drax Hardcore

    @Garnet would we be able to donate for our own private theater where we can play whatever we want (in the future), or will the theaters stay public?
  6. Dillan

    Dillan Cappuccino

    Optic Gunner played Minecraft porn and milkdud posted African men fucking holes of sand.
  7. Shrimp

    Shrimp Guest

    This is actually a good idea, but the difficulty of automating a donation system for this that would work into the map itself might need to be considered.
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  8. SirMike

    SirMike Am I even ACTIVE anymore?

    josh and herbert kept posting roblox trash...
  9. Dillan

    Dillan Cappuccino

    I just want to donate for skins and models
  10. snowman

    snowman Godlike

    Nooo :( Ga is my city

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