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Discussion in 'Army' started by Toxic, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Toxic

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    Hello United States Army,

    I've recently been appointed your new General of The Army (GA). During the time of my GA period I would like anyone to come to me with serious problems that they've seen in the US Army or if they have any recommendations on what would be best for the Army.
    Throughout my time I will be watching my current WO+ and future WO+ as they should be doing the tasks that are assigned to them, if they are caught doing anything such as breaking any base rules or server rules they will be punished ranging from PT to demotion of their rank. All WO+ should be acting serious while on base and no minging should be happening, there is always training or tryouts you guys could be doing. So overall I will be watching all of the Army men and women and making sure they're in their respective ranks.

    If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask me.
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    Welcome to hell Toxic.
  3. Toxic

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    Thanks, I find it nice and warm.
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  5. Bradazz

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    I think toxic is toxic, should be stripped of their rank as of immediatly. Also the wild Coonway bullies privates and should be put on reserves.
    All jokes aside, CWO Deng should be kept close and watched, as he almost dissed me and didnt follow orders during tryouts. Apart from that, he has good organisation in war and helps other players.
  6. tropic

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    Add /me shows ID to the basic training.
    This would add a factor of rp to leaving and entering the base. If a format was made for NCOs and Enlisted.
    Boot shit talkers and disrespectful little shits out.
  7. I dissed you
  8. kamihd51

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    What are some major changes you are bringing into the faction?
  9. This is something Conway already agreed on taking part in, but I want to make sure you are too. PT shouldn't be running around the map uselessly, it should be doing training measures that would actually help them out in some way or another. Either mandatory Sims as PT, running KH (Kill House), etc. With the new map, there isn't an ideal Spetz, but we have already found some (not as good as Spetz) alternatives for Afghan.
  10. Toxic

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    Yea I agree with you, for PT they shouldn't be doing laps around the map because that makes people quit. Instead if a war is loss from a certain objective, practice SIMS at that objective. Train where the officers see the weakness at.
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