New HUD for all Garnet Servers

Discussion in 'Announcements & Rules' started by Garnet, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. ItsTJxx

    ItsTJxx Jew

    You make me wanna oof myself.
    I love it.
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  2. Third Cum

    Third Cum Crippling Depression

    You spelt "off" wrong you hecking nincompoop! No memes. No dreams. No touching vagenes. Do you understand me?
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  3. ItsTJxx

    ItsTJxx Jew

    yus papa
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  4. Psych

    Psych Use logic. Don't be fucking stupid.

    Here's a couple that give a better understanding then I probably can.
    The basic reason I recommended it though is because vector images are lossless (Meaning whether you increase or decrease the size it will retain the quality unlike bitmap),and generally a smaller size file as well.
    Comparison wise it's like this
  5. Swigs

    Swigs Maple Syrup Bather

    Doesn't look bad, seems a lot more polished to me.
  6. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    I pretty much already use vectors, however, I'm doubtful that compressing even the blurriest photos in photoshop would result in anything other than sharp.
  7. Settings

    Settings Owner

  8. ✪ Fearless™

    ✪ Fearless™ Godlike

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  9. WillFabricate

    WillFabricate Shephards #1 PonyBoy

    I like what has been created fishy vagina.
  10. AnEpicTrollMan

    AnEpicTrollMan Hardcore

    I like it a lot, but what's up with the Super Admin on Will it say VIP, User, Mod, etc. for other users?

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