New Marine Drill Instructor System

Discussion in 'Rant' started by Ic3Mat1c, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Arnold Smith

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    @Ic3Mat1c I am sorry if you feel any negativity towards the DI system I implemented. You were being evaluated and caught skipping steps. I like to use evaluations to mainly teach DIs how to better improve. Sorry if this was interpreted in any negative light; I interpreted our interaction afterwords as a positive one and at least a teaching moment. If you have any concerns about this system I welcome input. This is a new system and I understand that as such it may be ammended. Im open to anything :)
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  2. Upland (Abu Ahrame)

    Upland (Abu Ahrame) Homesick Abortion

    Can I ask, whats the system about?
  3. Ic3Mat1c

    Ic3Mat1c Newbie

    I feel like having to be a certain DI rank to rank up isnt fair for other players
  4. Gotham

    Gotham NLR

    Though there are more levels now, it's always been that you need DI to rank up. It's literally the one thing lower enlisted have as a responsibility to a faction.

    Edit: As a e-9, it's not a good thing to see that you find having to train unfair. You're 2 ranks away from a rude awakening when it comes to responsibility.
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  5. Ic3Mat1c

    Ic3Mat1c Newbie

    Yes but I mean the DI levels
  6. ._.

    ._. NLR

    Why do you think it's not fair

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