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    Hello Garnet Community, so with the new map right around the corner I figured I would take this time to both introduce myself to you and tell you a little about the map and what has been done, what will be done, and what needs to get done before the release. So as many of you know now there will be two versions of the map coming soon, the temp version that will be released either the 24th, the 25th, or at the very latest the 26th. With the temp map it will be very much what the title describes, a temp map, a lot of the assets in the bases and on the airfield will be thrown together from previous maps that I created. This is a decision both me and Garnet came to while talking on teamspeak. While the test map is up we will be taking feedback from the community as to what needs to be changes, adjusted, and otherwise redone to make the final release as functional and as fun as possible.

    What the temp map will have:
    2 outpost outside either base.
    A central town objective.
    2 Corner objectives (Modern Range Facility, Airfield).
    Basic Terrain and details.
    2 Main Bases.
    Fairly complete Terrain (minus some details)

    What Changes WILL happen in the final map:
    Both the Bases will be completely redone to match the playstyle and theme of the map.
    The airfield will most likely be replaced with a better objective or updated if you guys like it.
    Terrain will be detailed and updated.
    Any minor bugs that are found will be fixed.
    Rework some of the standard buildings.
    General cover re-work, maybe some re-texturing and detail introduction.

    What will be done during the "playtest" phase:
    Any Major Bugs or problems found.
    Any major update to gameplay that needs to be pushed out before final release V1.0.

    Sorry for no screenshots but I'm at work now so maybe ill update this when I get home.

    Thanks to Garnet for allowing me to work with him directly to make this map as good as possible for the community.
    Thanks to the Garnet community for being supportive of a new map. and a new mapper.

    Thanks for taking the time to read,

    Please move this to the right area.

    @Garnet or @Phantom

    I wont leave you! Your stuck with me forever and ever! (that means you to Garnet)

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    you put props and mac to shame
  3. Phantom

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    Moved. You da realest nigga.
  4. «DG»Wolf

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    Dude it's looking so freaking nice from what we've seen, keep up the awesome work.
  5. Margarit Cotty

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    Awesome work man! We're lucky to have you :)
  6. Garnet

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    He put most every mapper on Gmod to shame, especially for only SERIOUSLY working on the map for 2 weeks.

    Couldn't have been happier I invited a stranger to play PUBG with me, Dio LOL.
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    He said 2 WEEKS
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    my wee wee hard
  10. Kamlane915

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    I couldn't be happier that someone that seems so dedicated to making a new map for us gets to create the map. Props to you man
  11. Psych

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    2 weeks? Damn that old mapper really was trash.
  12. The.Batman

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    Damn, Good shit. Can't wait!
  13. Mun

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    When is the test map be uploaded?
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