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    -Tell them to look through the !motd, make sure they read the information
    -Tell them minging and RDM'ing are warn/bannable offenses
    - Tell them this isn't a random server to dick around, we're Semi-Serious, Officers will get onto minges.
    - inform them that intentional Minges and RDM'ers get perma-banned (Mainly RDM'ers)


    - Means "permission to speak"
    - Should be typed, not spoken
    - Only person addressed and addressor should be speaking
    - If you request 3 times and do not get accepted, assume denied and wait 3 minutes before typing PTS again.
    - If all PTS's are denied, wait until instructor/officer says PTS is active again.

    To salute, type /me salutes
    Always salute to:
    - Anyone that is a higher rank than you
    - Officers and GENS of any US Faction
    -Do not Salute to officers outside your faction, unless they're Allies.
    - If they ask for a bind
    Bind "?" "act /me salute

    Rules of Engagement
    - 1st Rule: Do not engage unless you are engaged. (Do not shoot back, unless damaged first)
    - 2nd Rule: Any unarmed Taliban are considered a Civillian, No, they cannot be shot for having a gun out)
    - 3rd Rule: Taliban soldiers holding an M67 (Grenade launcher) is an RPG, they are KOS

    Faces (Required)
    - Right and left face are both 90 degree turns in their appropriate directions. However, they are on the performer's perspective so a right face would be to THEIR right.
    - About face is a 180 degree turn over your right shoulder. Basically two right faces.
    - Front face is turning to face your CO, regardless of how many degress (90,180,270) over your right shoulder, until your see you CO once more.

    - Single Column: a single file line in front of the CO. It goes from highest rank up front to lowest rank in the rear.
    - Double Column: Basically two single columns but with a gap between the columns for a CO to walk through.
    - Wedge: A V-formation where the CO/highest rank is the tip and the lines fan out 45 degrees on either side. Left side covers left flank and the right side covers right flank. Everyone covers front and back. This is a mobile firing line.
    - Firing Line: a horizontal like of 6 soldiers that all cover the same direction.
    - Adv. Firing Line: two horizontal rows, back standing and front crouching, that cover the same direction.

    Marching and Paces
    When marching, the line will follow the line leader's exact path while maitining proper formation. There are 3 paces that one should be familiar with: walking, running and sprinting.
    - Marching: half the pace of running, generally by holding LEFT ALT (default bind). This is the "marching" pace.
    - Jogging: W-A-S-D (General movement) Also known as jogging
    - Sprinting: double the pace of running, generally by holding LEFT SHIFT (default bind)
    There are also 3 marching commands: Company March, Halt, and Right/Left
    - March means for the line to start marching.
    - Halt means for the line to stop moving. Please fill in gaps. The first person stops, the second person catches up then stops, etc etc.
    - Right/Left means that the line leader will guide the company to the right or left.

    General Behavior on Server
    If you are bored and have nothing to do, you may:
    - Join a tryout (do not ask for one though)
    - Take post around base with a CPL or higher (Ask around)
    - Tryout for DI, and help the server by bringing in more recruits!
    - Ask to assist anyone running a tryout if you have it whitelisted

    Typical behavior expected:
    - Follow orders from anyone who is a higher rank than you (as long as they are US)
    - Weapons on safe, and Supressors/Silencers on, within Base.
    - Never point weapons at your superiors
    - Never Disrespect, or Ignore a US Officer
    - Do not flock around the main/side gate entrances, walk around, survey the area.
    - Running away from Military Police is FailRP, don't do it

    KOS/AOS Areas of the Map
    There are various areas that are restricted to the general public and can only be accessed by certain factions/ranks. "MP and Officer Only" areas are marked appropriately. Areas like these are:
    • War Rooms
    • MP/Officer Only Areas
    • Recruit Room and lobby in front of it
    • Detainment Area
    • MP/Snipers watch tower (Sniper Wielding Classes, MP, and Officers only!)
    • Show them Borders of US Base, such as Side Gate Ramp, and Front gate Warning lines
    • Show them the KOS Lines at each Gate

    A player can be punished in two ways: a warn and a ban.
    - 3 total warns during a session results in a kick from server
    - 5 results in a temporary ban
    - Can be issued for RDM, LTAP and FailRP
    - Severity is based on type of offense

    Switches and Buttons
    There are various buttons around the map that can only be activated by authorized personnel.
    These include:
    • Main blast door (MP and Officers only)
    • Raid Alarm (MP and Officers only)
    • Elevators (MP and Officers only)
    These are some from the US base. Please note that there may be more for other bases.

    - PTS is always assumed active, even if not stated
    - Everyone should have keys out, and Front face
    - Every one below officer rank behind carpet linning
    - Officers and anyone called up may be on the Carpet/Stage
    - Stage is strictly for generals or highest ranking officers if a general is absent.

    Gun Training
    - To switch firemodes on a weapon, pres "E+R" each time, to cycle through, Safety is including within firing modes
    - To equip attachments, press "c" and press the number 1, 2 or 3 until you get your attachments of choice.

    Base Rules
    - Any Army (11B) under a Corporal (CPL) rank must ask to leave base and cannot leave willingly.
    -All Guns MUST Be on Safety and Silencers on them, or keys out while in base!
    - All persons without permission insides base is KOS, Bunker is Auto KOS to all non-US Personal, unless given explicit permission
    - MP's Outrank Enlisted on Base rules, arguing with an MP is reason for demote.

    Obstacle Course (Required)
    - There is now a Training Camp beside the U.S base. These are the thing that should be conducted when at the Training Camp:
    - Line your recruits into a single column at the front gate
    - March them to the Training Camp (Rear of base)
    - Give them an overview of the course (Where to start and how to finish)
    - Inform them how to complete course properly (Shoot all black figures while showing them)

    -Makes sure you ask them one question, based off each bolded section of this guideline, I'd Rather this process long with less minges, than lazily taken through, with more. If a section isn't really someone to question on (Obstacle Course) skip it

    Why did I Remake Sneaky gooses post (With minor Adjustments)?:
    So I have an easier time editing to fix when needed based on rule changes, and base rule changes
    OG Thread:
    All Credits go to Sneaky-Goose for an amazing Guidelines
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    I don't know why people forget that there are NO faces and you aren't required to tour the recruits or go through the obstacle course. If there are plenty of DIs training at the time (pretty rare), it's fine if you spend more time with your recruits and show them around. I don't want recruits waiting in the recruit room while DIs are wasting time showing the us debrief and such.

    Also, Burton clearly posted an official DI guideline in the forums.
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