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    All of eclipse's threads are false
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    Name: Officer Donuts (Hawkeye)
    Event Name: Order 66
    Order 66 was an event at the end of the Clone Wars in which the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic turned against their Jedi commanders and terminated them, bringing about the destruction of the Jedi Order. The event was triggered by Clone Protocol 66, an order implanted into the clones by the Sith Lords and Kaminoan scientists who created the clone army (the latter being tricked by the Sith into thinking that the sole purpose of their hidden "programming" was to install a safeguard against rogue Jedi)[6][7]. The protocol caused clone troopers to violently lash out at the Jedi and view them as traitors, and were controlled by a bio-chip implanted into the clones during their creation; the chip could control the behavior of the clones and ensure total obedience. The conspiracy, led by Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine—secretly Darth Sidious—and Count Dooku, was nearly exposed when the chip belonging to clone trooper CT-5385 malfunctioned, but all who learned of the conspiracy were killed.

    In the final days of the Clone Wars, after having revealed himself to the Jedi as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Palpatine issued Order 66. The clone troopers throughout the galaxy turned on the Jedi and began killing them, with numerous Jedi perishing on battlefields across many different worlds. Meanwhile, the fallen Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, who had become the Sith Lord Darth Vader, marched on the Jedi Temple with the 501st Legion and killed the Jedi within it. Although most Jedi were wiped out, a small number of Jedi—including Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Kanan Jarrus—were able to escape, Order 66 marked the destruction of the Jedi, forcing the survivors into exile for over two decades until the defeat of the Sith.

    got from: (I did read it)

    Required Characters:
    Clone Troopers of any regiment
    Anakin/Darth Vader would hunt down jedis
    Kanan Jarrus

    Required Map: Venator would do fine. it would be kind of mixed up due to the order. the Jedis could be randomly spawned, or given invisibility for 1 min. after the one min is up, or they spawn, they will get a light saber (invis would be good since they "went into hiding"), Anakin/Vader would also randomly spawn, and would help the Clones hunt down the Jedi's. the event would last until all 3 jedis are killed.
    Lore Proof(If Any): in the 66th order, all clones viewed jedis as the enemy, and they hunted them down until the sith was defeated.
    this goes with the event because when the selected jedis are invisible, its like they are going into hiding. after the minute is up, the clones are "hunting" the jedis

    although in this, the jedis are the enemies and the clones are the good guys.

    NOTICE: If all the jedis die, the sith/clones win; although if the Sith dies by the Jedis, the jedis win, its not always the clones. this event causes relevant thinking and using your skills (and your gun) to try and receive a promotion
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    Just because he's gone doesn't mean we can't use it. There isn't anywhere else to post event ideas right now so just ignore that he made it??
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    You clearly didn't see the thread bizzy made..
  5. Name:python
    Event Name: The Insurgent
    Backstory: So for a while a Clone has been going to the Clone Bar and talking to random Girls. CIS have sent one of the Girls to sweet talk one of the clones into joining the CIS and and relaying critcal information to the Count. And out of luck that Clone was it. She would poison his mind by telling him bad things about the Republic and good things about the CIS. She would sudose him into her trap. After a while the Clone rises through the ranks, earning respect from his brothers, but they dont know that he is secrectly decieving them, but he gets sloppy and eventually leaves one of his datapads that he relys the information from to be accidentally found by (name). Then that person learns of the deception and puts the ship on Defcon 4 and its up to the troops to find out the deciever before he escapes to the CIS.
    Required Characters: 1 Insurgent. 1 Person who finds the datapad
    Required Map: The Ship
    Lore Proof(If Any): Happened in the first season of the Clone Wars when a Clone was found for decieving the Republic
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    +1 doesn't even need a SA
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    Name: Diablo
    Event Name: Evacuation Day.
    Backstory: Recently pilots have been aproaching a near by planet (Genosis) for inspection from a safe distance. Pilots study the planet and managed to spot a few CiS ships flying around every once and a while. They report the sightings to the Naval Fleet to get a responce from the Admiral. The Admiral requests that they go check it out. Meanwhile the CiS base was planning an evacuation from the base and were heading towards a nearby lunarbase. The Republic didn't notice it becuase they had already planned for a attack. Soon CiS had already evacuated all they're forces once the Clones had arrived. 91st decides to go scout out, then it's clear for the rest to search with the 91st. Soon the Clones manage to find a Commando Droid (without any weapons) and capture him. They soon force him to hive chip after nagotiating with the Droid. The Droid self destructs, killing himself for CiS. Clones read the chip and attack the lunarbase straight away.

    Ending 1: They destroy the CiS forces at the lunarbase successfully with the Republic once again living on.

    Ending 2: CiS Pilots bomb the Venator successfully, cutting off supplies and recloned Clones not arriving. The CiS win and the Republic is weakened for a much more worse fate to come.

    Personaly created by Diablo. (Not from the lore from what i know.)
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    We are not gonna have a fuckin order 66 event,there is no continuation after the event ends that would make sense.
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  10. One Idea of mine is to have The Venator land on a Plant for repairs/fuel (a cool map I found for the "planet" and at first everything seems Dandy when ever 2 assassin droids Pose as Shock (for "all access pass to the ship") and disable the radar jammer and shields allowing CIS ships to invade and attempt to kill the clones while they are not prepared for an all out attack.

    Ending 1. The clones repelled the attack and can go on with their business.
    Ending 2. the assassin droids kill most of the Clones and capture the Commander forcing the Low ranking Clone to get them back on Geonosis.
    Ending 3. If the Clones Call in a jedi a sith will come and battle them after wining/losing the have to go to big island either killing the fleeing sith or Avenge the Fallen jedi

    Requirements: the map (the link)
    atleast 2 CIS assassin droids (atleast 600 % health each)
    Either Shepards experimental D&D Format (I love it) or the regular Event format
    the highest ranking Clone In a battalion be taken and converted to a 400 health droid
    and one "higher ranking" naval fleet officer.

    Ranks: GM SGT , RST PFC , 41st LCPL , OFC MDSN
    Names: Vortex , Switch , Frequency , Vortex
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