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Discussion in 'Denied Reports' started by Homast, Jan 13, 2018.

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  1. Homast

    Homast Crippling Depression

    I'm reporting a(n): Player
    Their name is: Crackers, Venom, Colhurs, WarmPupper, DO U KNOW THE WAY
    Their SteamID is: STEAM_0:1:162205615
    This occurred on: Several times over the past week
    Time: [EST] 9:26 PM
    My Steam ID is: STEAM_0:0:70469215
    Some people who were involved are: Copywrite, Venom / Crackers / Colhurs / @WarmPupper
    Describe the situation in at least 1 paragraph?
    Over the short tenure that i've had FADM, Venom has been coming into the Navy TS Regularly and Mic spamming, Playing Earrape without the consent of anybody present, and generally being annoying in Teamspeak alltogether.
    Also, He had joined navy shortly after his removal and resignation from Green beret, He also joined Navy. He had offered to make up a tryout and the Training guide, Which I had allowed because It was a good thing to have such enthusiasm and I didn't Want to shut him down. Shortly after he had done this, Navy and SEALs had Re-Merged, Thusly filling up the Admiral spots because We had given the SEAL Captain, CDR and LCDR a promotion to ADM, RADM, and RDML respectively. 2 Days after we merged, Venom comes to me asking for Reserves, Stating that he was burned out of Playing GMOD, Which I don't exactly blame, It happens to all of us. However, Since people were leaving for literally retarded reasons at this time, I decided to prod further, He then confesses that He felt that his future in Navy was over due to the merge. Strange because he was a CPO at the time, and any Officer spot was still at least more than a month away. I say "Well that's not really a reason to go Reserves. Therefore I'm not giving it to you" I then see him start recruiting for Army only, Nothing wrong with that. He's helping them out. But as of recent, I haven't seen him on the server, Only in Teamspeak coming into Navy TS to Earrape, Spam and say that Navy is shit.
    Attach any documented proof? [videos/screenshots]
    I have multiple Witnesses willing to confess to hearing him Earrape, And He is currently banned on one of his Teamspeak accounts for coming into TS and Earraping despite being warned.
    This is also not un-known behaviour for Venom, As he had left GB once his bid for getting to a Senior Officer position was shut down by Conway, Shrugger and/or Dillan.

    I will leave the Senior Administrative team to decide a punishment.
  2. Kronic

    Kronic Homesick Abortion

    +1, Cracker, can you please go back to the mentality you had when you were trying to get unbanned. AKA, when you were humble and actually tried to be a good noodle. Now you are going back to being a faggot and I wouldn't doubt you'd delete some docs again if u had the chance.

    Love u, but u needa change man
  3. bishopil

    bishopil Crippling Depression


    Get some solid proof
  4. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker Staff Member Owner

    Warned for "Starting shit" don't be this rude, I get you don't like how he's acting, but you could be a lot more polite about it
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  5. Kronic

    Kronic Homesick Abortion

    You are absolutely right, and I apologize for my rudeness cracker. But my point still stands, can u go back to ur humble attitude.
  6. Tayler

    Tayler Mass RDMer

    I'd love to +1 this, knowing that Cracker obviously still has not grown up and more than likely is doing this, but you have no evidence provided so I can't. Honestly, just have OBS recording in the background the majority of the time and you can probably catch him. Or, you can get a Manager+ (or SA+) to bring him to the Navy channel and give him the banned tag so he is unnable to join.
  7. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker Staff Member Owner

    I believe I can do this, as leaders, if there is an active member of this community who is blacklisted from your faction, you can have the ranks stated above, preform this action, if you so desire.
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  8. WarmPupper

    WarmPupper No Life Goals

    Not sure what your point in this is, because we all clearly know what happened with that, and I never acted improper during that from what I remember.
    That’s a lie, you never said more than a word about it to me because @Ethan Cesario is the one who gave me the gig.
    That is false. Why the hell, and when the hell did I recruit for Army? Everyone already knows I personally dislike Army, therefore chances are I would probably not want any association. Also, I have been on the server as a Party Quad Driver for war on 055, I enjoy it.

    I was banned on my only account for meming around with earape last week, which I am pretty sure is over. I don’t have any other accounts on my PC, considering I just got TS on my new PC and deleted it on my laptop.
  9. Homast

    Homast Crippling Depression

    Pablo gave the me FADM position then you asked me about it. I said yes. Stop fucking lying to me and others.
    Because you hadn't had even half of it done until the second day I was FADM
    You had even still come to me with ideas of what you wanted to put on the tryouts.
    Pablo May have initially said he'd like you to, But I was the one who gave you the go ahead.
  10. im having trouble understanding this...
    so you're reporting him for ear rape, but you also gave a story about something in game, and you have no proof to back your accusations up.
    what are you trying to get out of this?
  11. Dat Boi Soap

    Dat Boi Soap Homesick Abortion

    -1, not really any attached proof. I also don't see what you're personally trying to gain from this? until I see any proof or something happen when im present, ill be keeping my -1.
  12. @WarmPupper I gave over 5 people separate jobs with the new map, if this is even on the subject. -1 on there being no proof but I have only been hearing negative things about Venom which im very disappointed to hear.
  13. WarmPupper

    WarmPupper No Life Goals

    I didn’t ask you about it, because it was already assigned before you became FADM. You didn’t give me a “go ahead”.
  14. n1njan30

    n1njan30 Addict

    I've personally banned him repeatedly on Teamspeak after he joins with names like "HE KNOWS DA WHEY" "DA WHEY" And names as the such. I know it doesn't matter, just wanted to throw that in.
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