Pump's Resignation

Discussion in 'Administration' started by Pump, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Pump

    Pump Mr Robot

    As you know, I have barely been on MRP let alone staffing. This resignation is overdue, sorry. I am still staying in the community just not on MRP (for now). I plan on coming back in my last semester of school, and would really appreciate a reserve rank. But for now, it's been a great time staffing, and i'll hopefully be back in the near future :) .
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  2. Josh 3

    Josh 3 Dumpster Baby

    You were a cool guy in marines and MARSOC, you were one of the officers I looked up to. Even though you have been gone for a while its still sad to see you go. :(
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  3. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    I told you there's no point in resigning, I'd just switch you over to SWRP?
  4. Pump

    Pump Mr Robot

    That's what I plan to do, just posted this so people don't go "where the hell is Pump should we just remove him he disappeared" (avoid any problems)
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  5. Brandon (Untitled4k)

    Brandon (Untitled4k) [MRP] Human Resources Member

    Not he marsoc rap god. Do one more song ft mun
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  6. Canadian Toast

    Canadian Toast good for inspiration, aren't I?

    Can't wait to see you in star wars rp my dude
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