Rauler's Final Resignation

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    Welp, I guess this is it. This is going to be pretty long, so if you want you can take the time to read it all. I will still be active in the community and on TS, but MRP is in the past for me now.

    Where can I start. This server has been nothing but good for me. I have met so many amazing people on this server, have led 2 different factions, have seen many people come and many people leave, and have led dozens of competent officers and senior enlisted. Ever since I first joined this server with my old friend Jack, I have had 100's of hours of good interactions and overall great times on MRP. I have been here since July of last year (2017), so in terms of some other community members, I guess i'm still pretty new, but I have had a great story on MRP, whether is be being an officer under Dillan, a general under Redindy, or ISI DGEN, every experience for me was unique and will hold a place on the server.

    Below, i'm going to be tagging people that have made an impact on me. If I miss you, sorry D:

    @bishopil Inactive idot. But seriously, you've been nothing but an amazing second in command in ISI, and it was really fun being in ISI with you when Shrimps was DGEN as well. My favorite thing about you is that you don't really care what people have to say about you, you let your voice be heard. Also, I guess this makes you Director General of ISI. Don't worry, you will do great.

    @redindy I could say so many positive things about you, but i'll keep it kind of short. I remember since day one when you first recruited me into Tali. You are probably the most calm and level headed person on this entire server, and you have been a great Allah the past 4 months. Sorry I didn't stick around Tali and 055 so long, but when I was in Tali, having you as my leader kept me motivated for months. Good luck with Tali man.

    @DoctorProfessor_Logan Probably one of my best friends on the server. Honestly you are one of the best GEN's 055 has ever seen, and it's amazing how much motivation you have to keep the faction going. You and Ethan are both doing a great job with 055 and overall helping Afghan, I just ask that you keep it up. It's really amazing what you are doing for the server.

    @Ethan or koolguy001 Similar to what I put for Logan above, except I didn't really have much interaction with you. You are doing amazing as a general of 055, and you do have a lot of great ideas to present, keep up the great work.

    @noahpembleton2002 You along with Redindy are one of the few people I looked up to when I was an officer in Tali. Our past together wasn't exactly the greatest, but you can be a really chill dude sometimes.

    @AustinPost Okonma, you are probably one of my favorite officers in 055. Really funny guy, always singing me shit about wanting to be in ISI.

    @Monkey Great 055 officer, we can play league sometime too ;)

    @DOBBY Keep up the good work with Tali, don't let people get to you if they make fun of your voice either.

    @Juan Diego I remember since the first day you were trained for the server that you joined with your friend. One of my favorite enlisted, and now officer in 055. Keep up the good work my dude.

    @Dillan It's not mass promo if you promote everyone. I guess it was a good thing that you mass promoted me in Tali. You were a great Allah that brought a lot of numbers to Afghan.

    @Towelie I hope you stick with 055, you're a great guy that does a lot of good shit for the faction. Keep it up!

    @Josh 3 Keep up the good work in ISI, luv you man.

    @Umi Sonoda I guess we are resigning at the same time. You were a great agent in ISI, and also a great navy officer. Good luck with your future.

    @ItsTJxx @adhd Jew boyz. Good luck in ISI TJ, and also ADHD, you were nothing but nice to me when I was an enlisted in Tali. Thanks for that man.

    @Duel Not sure if your going to read this, but since day 1 I have looked up to you and you are one of my motivations for becoming a good leader. Thanks for all the good times we had together.

    @Shrimp You were very controversial with ISI but I thought you were the best leader Afghan had ever seen. Good luck with star wars, i'll probably join you when the server comes out.

    @Flurpasaur Have had a lot of good laughs with you on MRP and cinema, good luck in ISI man.

    @Bosom Not sure if you remember me well, but you accepted my warrant officer application for Tali a few days after you resigned. Thank you a lot for that, you were a great Allah as well. Extremely active too.

    @Tayler Having you as an ISI director was fun when the new map first came out. You were also a great navy FADM, I remember when I was new your seals would always rape me in wars. Was good talking to you.

    @Ductape 1 Had a lot of good conversation with you recently, also stop kidnapping the ISI man.

    @Phantom Looked up to you a lot as well, mainly cause you were a super admin, but besides that you're a chill guy, and overall a great SA. Glad to see you back around too.

    @Garnet Thanks for providing an amazing experience for me on this server. The new map that you and Dio have worked together on is incredibly well done. I haven't really talked to you too much besides in the Afghan meeting I recently held, but you're a really funny guy and you're doing amazing shit man. Going to college and being an owner of one of the biggest GMOD servers isn't an easy task, but you're doing it well. The constant updates that you bring to both MRP and DarkRP players bring a lot of happiness to many players. Keep it up man.

    Cya around guys. Like I said way above, I'll still be on teamspeak and active on the forums. Good luck Afghan.

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    Aw fuck, you were one of my closest friends. I promise I'll hold down the fort and try to make Afghan and ISI thrive while I'm here. I miss the old ISI days with you, but hopefully you stick around for SWRP.
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    Everyone since I met you its been nothing but fun, good luck in the future, peace out.
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  5. ItsTJxx

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    Awhhhh :(
    I wish you good luck with whatever you do my man.
    Hmu if you wanna play some nazi Minecraft realm ;)
    Goodbye rauler :^)

    Grats bb
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    He is goofy
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  7. Canadian Toast

    Canadian Toast good for inspiration, aren't I?

    That's it I'm killing myself.
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  9. Towelie

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    This is hard to hear man. You were one of the biggest reasons I didn't leave Taliban early on. Good luck with the future.
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    if you don’t stick around for swrp im massing
    arsonist tryouts?
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    Wanna play deathrun?
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    Bye boss :(
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    Gonna miss you, still waiting on you to play league with me tho ;)
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