Remove Revoked Admin TS Permissions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pump, Jul 29, 2017.


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  1. Pump

    Pump Mr Robot

    Simple suggestion.
    Remove revoked admins TS permissions
    Honestly no real reason they should have permissions at all because it's kind of current staffs job to kick/mute etc
    Quite frankly a lot of them just abuse it because they aren't held up to the standards we have on Garnet
  2. Wasdin123

    Wasdin123 19thHS AM Swoop

    +1 - Don't really need to explain lol
  3. -1 LOL makes a suggestion after getting kicked from a channel that he was micspamming in and being a minge. Dont join a channel to diss them bro be real with everyone.
  4. Pump

    Pump Mr Robot

    "Diss everyone" I came to ask a question and instantly "leave kid". Lmao idk what you want from me, either way the suggestion still stands if they are revoked staff their permissions should be revoked.
  5. you joined NAVY ts (your not a navy), den continued to mic spam,

  6. Tayler

    Tayler Crippling Depression

    No one abuses it otherwise they wouldn't have it, and you're directly aiming this at Coyote because he kicked you from our channel.

    -1 for the fact that the only power it has is kicking people. Just because you were kicked doesn't mean that everyone abuses it
  7. Pump

    Pump Mr Robot

    Did I say it was specifically him???? It just brought the fact that they have permissions to kick to my attention.
  8. "they"
    we would like for the attorney to reply with example of this situation. Who else abuses?
  9. Tayler

    Tayler Crippling Depression

    Again, why else would you make the post and claim a lot of them when NO ONE has been reported for it and coincidentaly Coyote kicked you just before this.
  10. sbens

    sbens Squeaker

    I'm powerhungry
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  11. "Hey I am gonna join a channel and be a complete minge and micspam without understanding that I can be punished." EX:Kick
    All I am saying is that if the "abuse" with revoked admins is true provide names and how they did so. The only power they have is kick. :L
  12. ✅ Robert

    ✅ Robert Hardcore

    -1, they got high enough to deserve the tag and should know when and when to use their powers, just sensing salt.
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  13. Dodgy

    Dodgy Resignation Connoisseur

    -1 Unless you have proof that revoked admins abuse it I can't really see a negative of us having it. Since we didn't abuse as staff it's a priviledge to have the rank.
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  14. Pump

    Pump Mr Robot

    There have been times where before I was even staff people would just kick me or other people for no legitimate reason
    I didn't even micspam I don't have any songplayers just a laptop mic in which you can only hear me loud if my mouth is on the laptop, I actually came in said whatsup and was gonna ask if phantom was AFK and I instantly hear you say "Leave we don't want you" then I say some stuff looking back it was dumb but again, its not even about coyote.
    You do realize a lot of people get out of staff and don't act the same way as when they were staff right.

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