Remove Revoked Admin TS Permissions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pump, Jul 29, 2017.


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  1. ✪ Fearless™

    ✪ Fearless™ Godlike

    I didnt realise D: pls dont be mean to me, I just make 1 mistake, not 2
  2. Kronic

    Kronic Homesick Abortion

    @SythenMcSwiggity GET HIS ASS
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  3. Nightbot

    Nightbot Inactive Super Admiη

    I mean it's a non concluded suggestion, it shouldn't count for reviving it because it will be dealt with at some point. Until the thread is supposed to die or is locked, you shouldn't be affected.
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  4. ✪ Fearless™

    ✪ Fearless™ Godlike

  5. I work for the government i.e. the Marines. I retire. I still get military pay.

    Now you see why what you just said is stupid right?
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  6. tgon95

    tgon95 Addict

    Uh oh, now someone is going to say something irrelevant or say something about the marines or military pay that makes no sense. Amirite jester
  7. Shrimp

    Shrimp Guest

    me too, except i don't get paid at all xd
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  8. That's pretty much it. Someone that thinks they know more about the system I'm in and trying to make up stupid shit to cover their ass or what their dad or uncle or cousin has. Shit changes literally every year in the Marines.
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  9. Nasty^

    Nasty^ Fake Friend

    -1 if you spend the ammount of time to get to admin on one of the servers, and you decide to stay in the community ( say you use the ts to play different games) you should be able to have some permissions
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  10. Pump

    Pump Mr Robot

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  11. MRP Chillie Six

    MRP Chillie Six Porn Addiction

    When u deny ur own suggestion
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  12. ✪ Fearless™

    ✪ Fearless™ Godlike

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  13. riteshahlawat1

    riteshahlawat1 I Expose E Girls

  14. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker Staff Member Owner

    its only been 13 days, he's fine

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