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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ethan or koolguy001, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Could we get buttons for other situations of reports that don't involve another player, or the other player being unknown?
    For example, a button for "Attempted RDM, and I don't know who shot me!"
    - This would work the same as reporting yourself, but would be more obvious for new players to understand, and would cause them less frustration in the reporting process.
    Another button could read "I have a question!"
    - Like the other one, it would work the same as reporting yourself, but would make the report system easier for new players to understand.

    Overall: This just helps new players when using the report system because it can be confusing to them since reporting yourself isn't their first though when using the interface. Adding these buttons would greatly decrease the amount of confusion for new players :)

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  2. Gmode

    Gmode Dark Rp Manager

    -1 if its att rdm they can put a description in it, If they have a question no need to make a report they can pm someone or @ chat it
  3. Check out the forum post I linked, this player was having trouble with staff not being able to help because they wanted them to use the /report menu before the could help. I see this often times on MRP as well when I was randomly shot in base and didn't know from who, so I would have to report myself. Having a separate button for these specific situations would help new players, would it not? With staff only responding to /report, we need the report menu to be improved.
  4. The.Batman

    The.Batman Human Resources Director

    Idk how darkrp does things but on Mrp if you have a question put it in staff chat, if you don't know why shot you then report yourself and put it in the description. Pretty easy tbh
  5. Margarit Cotty

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    -1, We literally have a "other - state reason below".
  6. Yes, but to access that "other - state reason below" you have to report yourself. Not many new players think to report themselves as the first thing to do when using the report menu, so having a button for these things would just make it more intuitive for them.

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