Results of Afghan Meeting 1/26/18

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    In this meeting, I discussed what I thought to be some issues found within Afghan. Officers and Generals worked together to find solutions to these problems, and we also discussed some ideas on how to make Afghan more professional and more appealing. For example:
    • DI Changes
    • More Strict Afghan Debriefs
    • Warrant Officer Training
    • Importance of sims
    • Possible gun changes to certain classes. (such as the ALQ Fighter weapon)

    This meeting was an overall success, and I would like to thank everyone for coming to it. The end goal here is to make Afghan more appealing through professionalism and more work output/ethic from both officers and generals, and so far it seems to be working very well.

    If you were not there and would like to hear what the meeting was about, I will edit this post probably tomorrow with the recording of the meeting. If not, a recording will be posted by someone that was recording the meeting. A lot of good discussion was created and ideas are being put into place for the better of Afghan.

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    Exactly as planned.