RP Chaharikar vs RP CSCDesert

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    the map may very likely end up coming a few days late - at around the 27th.
    I have yet to figure out a way to protect this map from being stolen, and I DO NOT want to go through the hassle of DMCAing every single server that uses our map, i'd rather protect it in some day.
    Thank you for your understanding

    Hey guys, many of you were super worried about your FPS suffering on the new map due to your shit computers, so me and Diomonder gave the maps a rough benchmark *BEFORE* optimizing the map. As per our expectations, this map blew CSCdesert out the water in nearly every category.
    In our to-do list, Diomonder plans on giving the map a light optimization patch before releasing it for the public, and I myself plan on taking another week to give the map PROPER optimization, the same way I did to our Venator map which nearly doubled FPS in most areas.​

    United States Base

    161 FPS Average
    Afghanistan Base
    134 FPS Average
    Objective 1 - Toxic Pit
    215 FPS Average
    Objective 2 - Outpost
    190 FPS Average
    Objective 3 - COMMS
    187 FPS Average

    United States Base

    205 FPS Average
    Afghanistan Base
    182 FPS Average
    Objective 1 - Town
    190 fps average
    Objective 2 - ATTC Killhouse/shooting Range
    230 fps average
    Objective 3 - Private Airstrip
    240 fps average
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    Oh great FPS boost
  3. ItsTJxx

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    That’s pretty dank, can’t wait for it!
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  6. bishopil

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    Nice work, can’t wait for the new map.
  7. riteshahlawat1

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  8. ✪ Fearless™

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    Is there a way to copywrite a map?
  9. Snickersammy

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    Now I'm no mapper but isn't it possible to put a bunch of garnet gaming symbols all over and so if anyone stole it be very obvious
  10. Upland (Abu Ahrame)

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    So, depending on the terms of service gmod itself maybe the owner of the map.
    Though if the ToS allows players to own the map, you can register it as copyrigted to us.
  11. Garnet

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    I don'tt think you guys really understand how copyright works :p.
    But for the record, if I can prove the map was rightfully made by my community, sure, I can DMCA it, otherwise nothing I can do really.

    The map is done compiling, i'm waiting on Diomonder to wake up from his beauty nap.
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  12. That's actually a good idea, put Garnetgaming symboles everywhere, and make the map impossible to decompile (like cscdesert), so other community won't be able to remove those garnetgaming symbol
  13. ✪ Fearless™

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    But that makes the map more a of a poster board for garnet's logos
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  14. The.Batman

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    Thanks for all the hard work both of you have been putting into the new map!

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