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Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by sbens, Mar 8, 2017.

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  1. sbens

    sbens Squeaker

    Name: sbens
    Age: 15
    Warns: 2 (none active)
    Country of residence: USA
    Timezone: EST
    How much time do you have on the server?
    | 1MD DI GYSGT sbens has played for 133:34:23. (more by now)
    Do you own a Microphone: [YES]
    Referral(s): Coombs, Moedano

    About yourself:
    I live in a small town in southern Michigan. I am currently in 9th grade with a GPA of about 3.5. I am a pretty good student and I am interested in robotics and cyber security. I take school very seriously because I know that I need to have a good job to sustain myself and my family when I grow up I am on my school’s track and field team and we are one of the best teams in the state. I also do cross country running in the fall. I also have a job. I work at a local grocery store as a bagger and sometimes I help out at my dad's work. I am a very easy going and easy to talk to kind of person. I also love music, my favorite band is Pink Floyd.

    I have many hobbies. I longboard a lot in the summertime, it is one of my favorite pastimes. In the winter I love free-skiing. Free-skiing or freestyle skiing is basically skiing in terrain parks and going over rails and jumps. I am on a free-ski team in my state and we have competitions on weekends usually. I have an obsession with guns. My whole family hunts and we all own guns. I love doing target practice, I am privileged enough to be able to shoot in my backyard.

    Now onto gaming. For as long as I remembered gaming and anything electronic interested me. When I was in about 2nd grade my dad gave me an old flip-phone to play with and I loved it. I think that is what started my electronic obsession. My family had gotten a “Wii” that Christmas and I loved playing on it. I played Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and more. When I was in 5th grade I got into PC gaming. I played Minecraft a lot through 7th grade. At the end of 7th grade I got sick of Minecraft and made a steam account. I quickly got into TF2 and CS:GO and then finally GMOD. GMOD is my favorite game of all time so far. That is all thanks to Garnet Gaming. Playing on Garnet’s MilitaryRP server is the most fun I have ever had in gaming and I want that to continue.

    Now onto my Garnet experience. When I first joined the server I was super scared of breaking RP. While I was getting trained I was shaking, I remember it. My first war was amazing. US called DB and I ran into the DB and lined up. During the DB I fell in love with the server. It was all so realistic and It was so fun for me. I ended up getting Marines really early on and now I am pretty high up in the enlisted ranks. About one week ago I did something I wanted to do for a long time, donate. I bought ghillie, a bayonet, a desert eagle, and a machete. I usually regret spending money on things like this. But this time it was different. I have so much more fun now on the server playing as ghillie and I won't be leaving anytime soon.

    Past experiences as staff: I was have been Mod and Admin on a MRP server called StarStrife (its down now) and I am very familiar with ULX. I have been staff on countless Minecraft servers, I also owned one.

    Why should we choose you over other applicants?

    You should choose me over other applicants for these reasons. I absolutely love this server, I am faithful to it and I have never left to go play on a different server. I am respectful to the staff members. I never disrespect staff members because they do so much for the server. If it wasn't for the staff Garnet wouldn't be as good as it is, they are a core part of the server. I have staff experience. I was Mod and Admin on a MRP server and I have been staff on countless Minecraft servers. I had my own server for about 10 months. I am a very un-biased person. I do not care what race you are, how old you are, what faction you are in, what you believe in, I will always look at everybody the same way and not go easy or hard depending on anything. I am a very active player. I am usually on for at least 4 hours or more per day. I stay up very late playing to, so when most people get off and we are short on staff I will be on to help out. I honestly just love this server and I want to help out and make it grow. I am not leaving this server at anytime in the near future an I will be donating again soon. I will always love this server and will always be my main server.

    Did you read the staff rules: sbens
    (I spaced out sections to make it easier on the eyes)
    ~Thanks for reading
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  2. North

    North Godlike

    - Great person
    - Respectful
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  3. +1 Very respectful Player
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  4. Jaxy

    Jaxy Hardcore

    +1 I'm pretty sure he plays mrp at fucking school
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  5. Lt.Dog

    Lt.Dog Crippling Depression

  6. Landope

    Landope Infidel

    +1 Good Guy
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  7. Phantom

    Phantom Howdy

    Nice application. Superficially, you seem to be a good applicant, but I have seen some things from you ingame that hinder my initial desire to +1 you. You tend to minge a bit and earlier today I noticed you on your army solider with the format completely wrong, a minge name, and you were just behaving mingy in general. When I said it was you, you seemed surprised, as if you were minging around on purpose expecting no one to be able to figure out it was you. I am going to remain neutral.
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  8. WarmPupper

    WarmPupper No Life Goals

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  9. Coombs

    Coombs Member

    +1 add me to referalls
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  10. +1 very respectful player
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  11. Moedano

    Moedano Addict

    +1 Very active player. I see him on constantly, meets the age requirement, and I think he could make a very good member to the Staff Team.
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  12. Shift

    Shift The Foundation

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  13. LittleG

    LittleG Addict

  14. Yubin

    Yubin NLR

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  15. +1 He is on constantly, very nice and he respects everyone.
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