Servers moving to the United States!

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  1. Garnet

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    Merry Christmas Nutnut Gamers,
    I see alot of MilitrayRP players are extremely happy with the new map, which is great. DarkRP is in a stable state as it has been for awhile now, so it's time to break down more great news;
    I spoke to lots of you months ago regarding moving our servers from Canada to the United States where the majority of our playerbase resides. I mentioned that I'm very hesitant on doing so due to our lack of fundings, well, Christmas rolled around, and profits more than tripled for the past few days. This allowed me to allocate heaps of money towards the community once again.
    I spoke to my host, and we acquired a new server machine in Dallas, Texas (central United States location). This new machine will feature two SSDs in RAID 0 which should theoretically improve performance when it comes to storing data on our server, aswell as a turbo clocked i7 CPU. Based on testing provided by our hosting computer, our new machine will offer a 3% bump in performance (which may not seem like alot, but god damn it's a world of a difference). Not to mention US players would be receiving extremely low pings! (sorry Canadians)

    At this point I may look into investing more of our fundings into more POPs (point of presences) which in shorts would offer amazing pings to players outside the United States (IE: Europe/Asia/Australia), but this is very costly and I have not yet determined if it's worth the investment.

    Hope this little update was positive to you guys, happy to know you guys are enjoying the servers!
    Our switch to the new location should occur sometimes around this weekend, our host will try to make it as seamless as possible, where it would simply be an ordinary server restart, and boom, we're in our new location :)
  2. Blade

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    Oh yes, now Phantom and I can get 5 ping.
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  3. OpTic Gunnner

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    Your welcome lee donated 90$ today a lot more to come

    GG guys
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  4. Kush Black

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    Fuck indeed
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    hope my 33 bucks went to use, atleast I won't lag in the middle of a sit and not understand a fucking thing.
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  6. Zoro

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    Texas fags for the win.
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  7. Thanks, the new server location is in the same state as me now :)
  8. Crin

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    Welp there goes my good ping. Goodbye 5 ping xd
  9. Toxic

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    Sounds good to me bud
  10. Evity


    Why do you feel the need to use his name in this sentence?
  11. When are we getting our server in Syria so I can play gmod from my mud hut.
  12. WarmPupper

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    Oh fuck I live right outside of Dallas.....
    Finally some good ping.

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