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Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Shrugger, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Kronic

    Kronic Homesick Abortion

    but on some real shit there is no fucking way you are 26 i cannot believe this
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  2. CheoN

    CheoN NLR

    @Shrugger Im pretty sure the man lives in a dorm. I recall him saying something about that.
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  3. Shrugger

    Shrugger Mass RDMer

    Live with roommates, dorms are expensive.
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  4. officerdonuts

    officerdonuts Mass RDMer

    hes a liar, hes actually 5 with a voice disguiser.
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  5. Lennox

    Lennox Godlike

    Changed my Neutral to a +1.Saw increase in activity and dedication. Keep it up and add me to refferals
  6. xNickYT

    xNickYT Member

    OH... rip forgot add me to referal
  7. Snickersammy

    Snickersammy Mass RDMer

    @Kronic does this need more community responce or has it just fallen to the archives
  8. Aj The Creator

    Aj The Creator Godlike

    I forgot to say add me to referrals
  9. igneouscheatah

    igneouscheatah Dumpster Baby

    Someone needs to make a decision on this app, its been up since Aug 21st. Someone accept/deny it, this app is just sitting here.
  10. Lennox

    Lennox Godlike

  11. Kronic

    Kronic Homesick Abortion

    The man garnet himself said we don't need anymore staff. + you aren't nearly as active enough since u legit only have like 90 hours and you are a FADM. When server pickups in activity and so does yourself; we will consider it.
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