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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Duel, Dec 25, 2017.

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    Following is my opinion, feel free to tell me to fuck off if you don't agree.

    The way the map is set up right now, it's near balanced, with the only slight tipping feature being the barricades in front of the US base slowing down pushes from the US, which are to directly counteract the numbers issue that's always going to be present. This isn't a suggestion on balancing, but to make combat in wars much more immersive, by doing a few things.

    First, I'm suggesting this initially because although the objectives are balanced, gameplay is really cut off and isn't fluid. What you'll have is factions go to their markered areas, fight, and hold, without too much movement or position propping outside of those initial areas, because of how inefficient it is since none of the objectives complement one another. There isn't as much tactical gameplay because of this, which is something I think we can change. Chaharikar's set up with a really nice Battlefield feel to it, and I think drawing on how a Battlefield's map plays is what's really going to make this map not just a good map, but something that hasn't been seen in the community yet.

    In Battlefield, there are a few things that're really clear. Every objective captured complements the other, you can rotate yourself from one objective to the other with relative ease to constantly adapt and be sucked into the fighting at all times, and that vehicles are always a bonus, never the necessity. This is all done with reaching a relatively gigantic map size. Now obviously the only drawback is that you can't spawn on objectives you've captured, but that just means vehicles are slightly more required, but not by much. Unlike most of Battlefield's large scale maps, this map doesn't have you spawn too far from initial objectives.

    • Dead Zones. A problem we had in the cscdesert map, which serve as huge chunks of the map not used as anything. It's wasted space, and the best solution I can come up with is cutting the size of the map by a bit to compensate. Because they're so big right now, players are met with a couple options; either smash their atv through them or get caught out in the open while crossing. They don't provide the bread and butter of combat, which is positioning and movement by foot. Hopefully by making the map smaller, it cuts the times needed to get to objectives, and makes the side objectives closer to the town, so that conflict and fighting is more centered and frequent. Here are some examples.
    • Road Connections. The way the inital version is set up right now, you're supposed to go around hills and through roads to get to the ATTC, but in practice all it creates is obnoxious ATV driving over them, where they really shouldn't be going. The roads are set up to go through the town, but if you were to make those hills jagged and impassible, then it creates an incentive not to go there at all, because Airstrip and Town are accessible without the risk of dying, so then it'd isolate that whole side of the map. Why go to an area that you need to risk dying for in the town to meet? It's still possible to go there, but it isolates it a lot more than it should. I suggest breaking up those dead zones filled with hills that block the bases from ATTC, and creating roads in between them to make it easier to go through to the objective.
    • Outposts. These, which would be placed by the roads where the "deadzones" would be, making the map smaller, and near intersections of roads, is what would provide breaking up gameplay, by allowing areas where players can hold and push off of, either to flank objectives, help out at another, scout, etc. With these placed properly, gameplay would be more than just sticking on the objective, it'd feel more fluid and active than stagnant. Currently, and my favourite part of this map, is the fighting that goes on at the fountain, the intersection of the town and Airstrip. It has enough around it, and is such a key area of contact that movement around that area is always bustling, and is always in contention with multiple angles to approach it with. Outposts in general could be added in dead zones as well if they don't suffer FPS too much, all up to what Dio and G-man feel would help.
    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1243121787 Town/Airstrip intersection

    Mimicking this on the other side of the map would make the entire town buslting from all angles, and it'd make wars much more fun. I suggest though, that the outpost on the left between ATTC and Afghan be the SOC base of Afghan. It's current position is, you guessed it, in a dead zone. That is perfectly fine for times of PassiveRP, but it serves no purpose if it's used for nothing in wartime. Moving it more Northwest can be used as a ground to push and hold from that side. To contrast that, the US SOC base should be moved up a bit as well.
    • Vehicle Dealers in Every Objective. Allows for players to instantly react and move to key areas to assist, and allows combat to be, again, more common and accessible.
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    ATV does stand For All Terrain Vehicle. But yea. Adding a few more roads wouldn't be a bad idea IMO (Like possible where the dried river is)
    Dead Zones do need to be inhabited somehow. I like your Outposts suggestion
    Maybe... we could make these Dead zone areas always active?
    Is that possible?
    I think that'd be cool
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    I like the ideas a lot, ill probably end up talking to garnet about them in the near future, luckily this isnt the final version of the map, we still have 2 or 3 versions to go. The large barren terrain is going to be fixed in the next update, but in order to meet deadlines we skipped a lot of the detail process. However more roads could work and adding a small gas station or store, maybe an apartment or something along it with some small details around it could be useful for holding between the objectives and protecting them with a first line of defense rather then always being on the objective, plus it would fill that void. As for the vehicle spawners, I like the idea (obviously I dont have a say in that) and I think it would be good for getting around the map faster and more efficiently.

    In general the map is going to go through some pretty major changes in the coming months, the map you are on right now will be completely different from the one that will be out in a couple months.

    Mapper, Diomonder -
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    Nice. I like that you take community input rather than just "Chuh. It's my map, I have all the say"
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    Can you add some desert plants that you can use a cover?

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