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Discussion in 'Administration' started by Shephard, Jan 5, 2018.

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    There has been a recent report to me on Tactical Insertions. Apparently someone has recently placed their Tac Insert on an objective before war, then would proceed to kill themselves to spawn on objective after war has started, negating the point of the pre cap rule
    Yes, the pre-cap rule states "being outside of base after the 2 minute till war mark is not allowed" But its because we don't want people have an unfair advantage to be on a point faster than another, this being stated, does not mean vehicles, and speed donor classes are disallowed, obviously.
    Commonly Asked Question:
    "Can I put one out there, then run out and die legitly, to respawn out there?"
    Its preferred you don't, considering Staff will monitor area's of the mapto ensure there are no tac inserts, if yours is found, you will be out 2 grand, as those cost 2 grand. You may however, use Tac Inserts during war, obviously, so feel free on your first life of war, to place one at an advantageous point to respawn at, but don't place it there before that war timer starts!

    "Why isn't it allowed"
    Its considered a loophole to the current pre-cap rule. Because technically you weren't out there after the two minute mark, and technically wouldn't pre-cap. But it gave you an speedy start at an objective, as everyone else (especially now that vehicles are not allowed in war due to its invincibility problem).

    Please respect this standing, everyone has 24 hours of grace before warns are handed out, and no, 2k refunds will not be given then, or now. Feel free to ask questions!

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    Sounds Good Boyo
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    Thank you for adding this!
  4. Shephard

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    when I typed this, I was shaking from being cold, Sorry. Regardless, I hope you understand I alerted everyone in TS first, then came here,10PM EST tomorrow, the grace is over.
  5. Snickersammy

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    Lol I was discussing this with some one else about how it could loophole pre cap, lol great minds think alike I guess
  6. Shephard

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    fuck if we thought the same thing, I have second hand autism then.
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