The new servers potentially saved Garnet Gaming

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  1. snowman

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    Ew its Evity

    Other than that 1+
  2. Canadian Toast

    Canadian Toast sail to the moon

    this. i like this.
  3. Snickersammy

    Snickersammy Mass RDMer

    Im sure its been said before, but jailbreak??
  4. Homast

    Homast Crippling Depression

    oof. Zombie Survivial.
    You're gunna have a tough time competeing with HellsGamers.
    They're THE number 1 ZS Server with Nearly always full servers
    If you're going to try to compete, Take some of their ideas and build upon them
    < Bought GMOD to literally play on their server with IRL friends
  5. Zoro

    Zoro Addict

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  6. Evity


    fuck off pony lover
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  7. S t o r m z

    S t o r m z Hardcore

    LMFAO im dying
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  8. Buffet

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  9. snowman

    snowman Godlike

    I am a ony...
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