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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shrimp, Aug 19, 2017.

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    After speaking to several upper staff and prominent members of the community, I've come to a few conclusions as to what is doing the most harm to our servers across the board. It would be easy just to blame everything on the start of the school year, but the sad reality is that there are issues within the community and servers themselves that are causing a huge drop off in the player base, and a serious drought of new players. Those that have contributed to this thread shall remain unnamed unless they decide otherwise, as things have become toxic enough, I don't believe anybody should be receiving any unnecessary heat. I am fully aware that Garnet isn't in the best position right now to dedicate more time to the community, even though I may not know all the details, however I believe that there are better uses for what time he has to benefit us all, and some that do not require him at all. I would like that everybody come to this thread with an open mind. If you have something shitty and unproductive to say, leave it at the door.
    Thank you.


    -An Aging Staff Team
    A recent drop-off in the amount of staff on DRP has resulted in an overflow of minges, MassRDMers, and overall undesirable players. More and more staff resigning to return to real life has left a lot of empty space on the staff roster, often left unfilled. Changes would be simple. Ease the already simple application process, and open up an Official recruitment guide, as proposed by upper staff. The only real restriction here is an underlying disconnect in communication between upper staff and the people with legitimate authority any power, as is the theme for this entire thread. The aforementioned disconnect results in poor coordination in the staff team, few meetings, and a lack of recurrent training for staff of all levels.

    -Downward Toxic Spiral
    Due to the generally divided and competitive nature of MRP, pride is bound to become an issue, and it has. Every server, even outside of GG, has its fair share of less than friendly players, however the atmosphere of MRP has devolved into a middle school-esqe environment of hyper competitive, die hard, extremely unnerved players similar to that of a Silver CS:GO match. It's a sad truth, but one that has grown to the point where Garnet has spent several hundred hours on a number of new maps due to widespread complaints about cscdesert. I was in the position myself where I had become part of the problem for a long time, where I lost sight of the fact that it was an RP server, not a bi-hourly War gamemode, where I cared about 'game balance' rather than focus on cultivating a better RP environment, however my efforts were not welcome, and the server descended into madness as a result of the competition of war. Is war bad? Not entirely, war is always good fun for the most part, obviously there are some dumb things about it, but with a light heart it is enjoyable. As Garnet has said many times before, War should not be the focus of the server, and I am now able to see exactly why that is. Toxic people doing toxic things because they believe their organization is better, and nobody has done a thing about it. Why? Because the people in charge have their reputations to defend as well, and so the cycle continues. Well how do we fix it? Easy: EGO CRUSHING COMMITTEE

    -Restrictions of the Upper Staff, Community-wide.
    Before I get people spouting below about how this is biased because I'm upper staff on SWRP, the problem itself is pretty universal. I haven't been on GG for very long, but it didn't take long for me to figure out that plenty of people in the past have betrayed Garnet's trust and abused powers granted to them to the utmost extremes, resulting in the removal of many powers from said ranks, and others due to the issue of trust. As staff, we understand the trust issue. It happens, and those people were punished accordingly for doing dumb stuff, however it creates problems for staff moving forward, and severely limits our capacity to do our job. Let's get some things clear, I do not believe in the slightest that staff positions should have the power to exceed their own position, for instance, managers should not be handling donation support. However, staff should have the power to do the duties within their realm to their fullest extent. Most managers lack the forum powers to lock threads, move threads, create sub-forums, and manage the community. Not to mention the restrictions on the individual lack of permissions by each server, including lack of tool-guns, phys-guns, necessary commands to do shit vital to maintaining the player population, like events. The more power bestowed to the trusted subordinates, the more Garnet can focus on important matters that have to be handled by him, such as real fucking life. When we have to bother Garnet, Evity, or some other poor SA for every activity we have to do beyond the duties of a tMod, it becomes a very inefficient form of staffing. If the reasons for these restrictions are beyond me, feel free to let me know.

    Trouble In Terrorist Town
    -Lack of Content
    Sadly, TTT isn't a super prioritized or popular server within the GG community. Not to undermine it's validity as a server, but as far as I know, it wasn't intended to be a self sufficient venture by Garnet, and is kind of a meme, but a functional meme. The only real issue that an average TTT server would face in a saturated market would be a lack of diversity, and as nice as loads of custom content would be, it's not worth subtracting from the larger servers in terms of assets (joke). It's not a priority, but it's a possibility for the future.
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    Huge +1

    Honestly for MRP, there should be a huge fucking in game meeting with all the WO's/officers from each side (with a meeting for afgham with all afghan WO+'s, and same for US) to vote for new faction leaders (if old ones suck) , policys, and other stuff, some of the corruption, lying, and bullshit needs to end before it gets any worse.

    This was the exact reason i made my own community.
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    This would solve a lot of problems for all the community's as a whole, my full support is given.
  4. OG Yamagata Aritomo

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    I can understand where you are coming from but I don't think this is the greatest idea.
    Yes! This is the kind of change I'm looking for.
    Agreed. I think more teamspeak meetings should be held or some kind of platform on which communication can be held between staff members. We have teamspeak but every time I get on it no other staff members are active so I end up just sitting and the administration channel empty.

    Glad your stepping up @vietcong
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    I had talked with some others more in depth over what exactly this entails. More along the lines of scouting out more competent players and giving out more referrals to give people a reason to apply, and go from there.
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    I agree about people being toxic among the MRP servers, and we have had various incidents. We are also working in game and in TS to help get rid of the toxicity overall in the US. (I can't speak for AFG cause I don't play that faction as much fir obvious reasons).
    For chilli's idea about a meeting : I don't think combining both countries would help at all, but 2 separate country meeting g would be great
  7. Upland (Abu Ahrame)

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    Good events can be done with just the job we have now and few small leaps of belif.
    That said it would help if you could use some commands. Hell even simple as setting hp and ability to change ones playermodel and boom, you literally just allowed 100+ more events be done.

    So you want non-bias members to form a comittee that will do what? Crush egos?
    Sure why not

    That said RP can not come true if we have every single moment of the privates life dedicated to two things:

    1. Training for the next war
    2. Trying out for a cooler faction

    That is why something like raids and kidnapping made everything a bit nicer. They gave everyone something else to do for the time being.
    The map is not something thats a problem really. New players will think the map is cool and stuff so that works that way. Granted something else is nice so yea but still it is workable.

    On the idea of a worldwide meeting of mrp officers....
    Simply put after playing on both sides extensively, they have such a different culture and leadership style even that it would not work at all.
  8. SirMike

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    Pffft, good luck trying to solve the MRP one.

    TTT is truly a gamemode that needs variety and some work :<
  9. Psych

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    Well god damn you hit everything right on the nail.
  10. Tayler

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    The only good roleplay that was in MRP was kidnapping, especially when the special forces actually had use (Capturing VIP's and locking them in RU, rescuing the VIP ETC), yet we lost that due to confusion with kidnapping and a supposed system to come out as well as with raiding.

    Toxicity? Depends on what you're referring to. The biggest "toxicity" issue right now has to be the cooperation and behavior betweens leaders. No one ever wants to be on the same page, and it's true that for some reason people feel like it needs to be a competition on who has the superior "elite force". And if we were to structure some sort of meeting it would have to be well thought out. It can't just be a "you need to get along" or "this is now a safe space" type of shit, it needs to go over actual problems, BIG problems if there is any.
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  11. Bendak

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    I personally don't think that's it's faction leaders trying to see who is the better SOC faction. I am not having a competition between any of the others because they are not my priority. My men are my priority. However, I do believe that it's not people bragging Factions, but bragging their personal "skill". And as shrimps said, we need a big ego crushing.
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    Well put tayler. However i have just one small thing to add on the toxicity comes from both sides complaining to staff that oh this class is too op. Oh us needs to be nerfed. Afghan needs better weapons and stuff like that. Thats the toxicity i have been seening and trying to dissolve with other staff members. Its mainly both sides complaining when they loose. I have noticed afghan is starting to work this out abd stray away from the he did she did blame game which is what the u.s should work on. U.S should instead of doing 2 -3 hour long pts spend some time disscussing what went wrong and how can we solve this problem. EX: us officers say something like i noticed a lack of communication and heres how we can solve it. I belive that both factions should start doing it and change the war plan up every so often so its not repetitive.
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    Shrimps is the key to making this community great again.
  14. Shrimp

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    I can't take all the credit for this, most of the ideas here come from some very intelligent people elsewhere in the community.
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    I don't notice a difference in MRP. If anything Its gotten better over the past year an 1/2.

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