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    Before I start, this is not the rules thread for the TTT if any are created, this is just a thread for the rules that are enforced and can result in a punishment if not followed or broken. If you're new to the gamemode, press F1 in-game to read the basics/guide.

    • Do not RDM (randomly killing players/Random Deathmatch). This includes prop killing, goomba stomping, claiming areas and killing any entering, and any other forms of killing another player without proper reasoning.
      • Punishment(s): 1 slay the following round (1 per kill) / 3+ kills will result in a ban.
    • Do not body block/door block buildings. Self explanatory.
      • Punishment(s): TP'd by an admin, consistency after-so will result in the staff member's decision.
    • Any sort of prop killing is not allowed for any role due to it's absence in logs.
      • Punishment(s): 1 slay the following round (1 per kill) / Impaired the following round by admin [ Choice given by Staff Member ]
    • Allow the person to ID a body before killing them (possibly a traitor was killed), it may result in an RDM for a proven kill.
      • Punishment(s): 1 slay the following round (1 per kill) / 3+ kills will result in a ban.
    • Pushing with a crowbar (right clicking with the crowbar) is allowed as long as it does not kill the player without reasoning.
    • AFK during the game too long will result in the auto-AFK removing you or an Admin (!fspec) from the game, into the Spectators.
    • Do not revenge RDM.
      • Punishment(s): 1 slay the following round (1 per kill)
    • If you kill an Innocent or Detective, no matter the circumstance, you're viable to be killed by other players for traitorous acts.
    • Traitor baiting (shooting near players, throwing grenades/incendiary grenades, etc.) is KOS'able by other players.
    • Do not exploit in any way.
    • Ghosting (using a spectator's knowledge to cheat the opposing roles) is not allowed.
    • Names must have 3 or more characters and must be readable.
    • Traitor weapons must be called out (voice or chat) if obtained as an Innocent, or else you are eligible to be KOS'd.
    • You may not camp in a certain location for more than a minute.
    • Claiming locations/rooms is not allowed (claiming tower/tester/etc.)

    • Detectives:
      • The detective role is the only role that may force a player to test after the golden block is placed in the tester.
      • Detectives must give 3 or more warnings for a player to test before KOS'ing them (do not spam the warnings, give sufficient time between each one)
      • Detectives cannot be KOS'd as a detective, although if you're RDM'ing, you are viable to be killed.
      • This role comes with a DNA scanner, in which you left click dead bodies to receive a DNA sample, that will leave a green DNA box in the location of the killer after the sample is done being tested (a slower radar).
      • You may work with the innocents and other detectives, press C to access the detective buyables menu.
    • Traitors:
      • Do not harm other traitors in any other way (unless it is the Deathmatch event).
      • Traitors cannot delay the round.
      • You may only work with your traitor buddies, cross teaming is not allowed and ruins the gamemode.
      • Kill all detectives and innocents, press C to access the traitor buyables menu.
    • Innocents:
      • Work with detective(s) and other innocents to kill the traitors.
      • You must have reason to kill anyone, if you do not have proper reasoning or witness them killing an innocent, you cannot kill them.
    There is no current ban times for any punishments, but I'll suggest the times for some of the punishments (or commands).
    • Mass RDM : !ban (name) 10800 (reason)
    • Consistent RDM (3 RDM slays consistently for 3 different rounds) : !ban (name) 720 (reason)
    • Spamming Admin Chat : !kick (player) (reason)
    • Hacking / DDOS Threats / Scripting / Advertising : !ban (name) 0 (reason)

    If I am missing any (players and admins), just comment or message me on Steam letting me know.
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    Some stuff I remember from the TTT server I used to staff on:
    Ghosting - Once a player dies, the information they had dies with them. They can't relay anything to alive players, whether through PM's, Steam, TS, whatever.
    Claiming Rooms - We had it that you could claim rooms once overtime started, but not before then.
    Names - All names have to be clear and easy to read. No one character names like these"^ or , or ." Not all servers have it, but it makes it fair for everyone.
    Traitor Weapons - Not automatic KOS. Players can kill traitors and pick up their weapons.

    If I remember more I'll either make another comment or edit this one.
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    Also a good thing to include is what is a traitorous act and what isn't.
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    IS the TTT Still up?
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    Its still up, no one plays on it