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  1. Bosom

    Bosom Mass RDMer

    I know the TTT server is still in development/just starting out, I'd just figure that I can help out by suggestion some stuff to add :p
    Suggestion 1 - Adding Deathmatch for spectators
    Most servers have it so where if you died you can either spectate the ones alive or you can type !dm and be in a deathmatch with all the other dead players so you can pass the time.
    Suggestion 2 - Maybe a better hud
    The hud right now isn't very visually appealing and cluttered imo. You can probably just use the same hud we use on MRP and DRP with a few adjustments.
    Suggestion 3 - Add more Traitor and Detective weapons
    This one is a given, as it helps make these roles more fun and diverse.
    Suggestion 4 - Add kill rewards/deductions & Point shop
    Everytime you kill an innocent as an innocent it subtracts 1 coin from your balance. Everytime you kill a Innocent as a Traitor you get 1 coin. Everytime you kill a Detective as a Traitor you get 2 coins. Obviously with this you're gonna need a Point shop/system
    Weapons in Green should stay. Weapons in Bache are iffy. And Weapons in Red are things we should just get rid of.
    Traitor weapons:
    Knife - 1 shot knife, good to use against players who are too good for you to get in a gun fight
    C4 - Who doesn't like blowing people up
    Teleporter - Kill a person teleport away from the scene without a trace. Keeps you on your toes.
    Body armour - TBH so much better things to spend credits on, but it does have its upsides

    Radar - I'd say remove this and only let the Detective have it. As Traitors being able to know where people are on the map just ruins the experience.
    Decoy - A counter to the Radar, as it shows up as a person is there but in reality it's a decoy.
    Radio - Makes a noise to distract a detective. Not sure what the noise is and doubt it would come in handy.
    Newton launcher - Fun to use, comes in handy to push people into the lava in the nether
    Flare gun - Burns bodies so that you can't link the body to the killer

    Disguiser - Removes your name, so when I hover over your playermodel it shows nothing. IMO a waste because if they see you have no name, they know you are a T
    Melon - Melon Launcher, used it does little to no damage. Funny to see people's reactions tho

    Defibulator - Can revive dead players, comes in handy almost all the time.

    Detective weapons:
    Body Armor - ^ Look above
    Radar - Good for seeing how many people are actually alive

    Defuser - Eh, basically never used but I can see why it's useful.
    Teleporter - Great with the health station. I.E place a health station then place your teleporter next to it so you can always teleport to it if you need health.
    UMP - Has good aim punch so the people your shooting will have a hard time aiming
    Health station - Amazing
    Binoculars - Good for if your lazy to walk to a body to id it
    Visualizer - place it down near some dead bodies and it will show a hologram image of how the killer killed the victim. Very underused

    As we can see, Detective weapons have very good uses to them compared to Traitor weapons as some are useless/hard to utilize.
    Things to add to the Traitor weapons:

    Dead Man's Switch AKA Jihad bomb (Same one used by Bomber on MRP)
    Basically a suicide bomb, that can blow people up in it's radius. Very useful for when everybody is crowded around each other. To prevent from killing your fellow Traitors in the radius, you'd have to type "Jihading (location)" as a warning. You must then wait 5 seconds after you typed this, if you kill your fellow traitor it is considered not RDM, as you warned them before.

    Trip-Wire Mine.
    Good for camping. I.E You're sniping in the lighthouse and you don't want people coming up behind you. So you place some tripmines on the ladders. You would have to call this out in Traitor Chat similarly to the Jihad Bomb: "Don't go in Lighthouse, got TripMines set up."

    Feel free to comment below on some more weapons/addons that can be added :D.
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  2. sbens

    sbens Squeaker

    Huge +1 hoping I'll be able to play again :(
  3. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker Staff Member Owner

    The radio gives a c4 noise... Of we have the c4 it'd be useful..
  4. Nightbot

    Nightbot Inactive Super Admi╬Ě

    I agree with everything except for the disguiser for traitors, I find it to be one of the most valuable credit items, as you can use it while sniping from far distance, leave the area and toggle your disguise as if no one noticed using ttt_toggle_disguise. To add on to this rather than creating a whole new thread is to add TTT RDM Manager instead of the console ttt_print_damagelogs. It comes with death scene videos to replay their death and the actions occuring before it, RDM Manager tab in which allows staff members to claim reports placed by players which can open chats with the suspect, victim, and moderator/admin, they'll be given a box to choose to report the player or not after their death, etc. More information about it here.
    Overall I support the suggestions.
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  5. Bosom

    Bosom Mass RDMer

    Yeah, my old community used that RDM manager where both sides can give their story, really helpful. The Disguise is great for different uses like you said, not my play style though to camp up ontop of the lighthouse and snipe but no one can see your name :p.
  6. The melon launcher insta kills if you get a direct hit :L
  7. Bosom

    Bosom Mass RDMer

    Even then that's hard. And your so vulnerable while your trying to aim.
  8. Rabbi Reese

    Rabbi Reese Hardcore Staff Member

    Traitors need radars otherwise 2 players would be running around the map barely missing each other for 5 minutes.
    Keep the disguiser as it can be used when sniping so your name doesn't get called out. Melon launcher is 1-shot kill from across the map.
  9. Bosom

    Bosom Mass RDMer

    Ruins the experience, like I said. On the map now? It's not that hard to find people. Besides if Garnet adds Deathmatch for spectators it won't feel that long.
    Your right it has different uses and I didn't realize that when I made it.
    Honestly would rather have Jihad bomb and Trip Mine.
  10. Rabbi Reese

    Rabbi Reese Hardcore Staff Member

    @Bosom Radar is ESSENTIAL for traitors. It's a vanilla t-weapon. Melon launchers are in a completely different category when compared to jihad or trip mines. I agree that jihad and trip mines should be added, but melon launchers should not be removed (unless the RPG is added.)
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  11. Bosom

    Bosom Mass RDMer

    I just don't like the idea of traitors knowing where you are o_o. What about a harpoon instead of the Melon Launcher? It's one shot and you can just throw it really fast and switch back to a weapon.
  12. Rabbi Reese

    Rabbi Reese Hardcore Staff Member

    You only get 1 harpoon whereas melon launcher comes with 9 ammo. Hopefully both can be added and maybe even an RPG!
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  13. Bosom

    Bosom Mass RDMer

  14. KoenBezeg

    KoenBezeg Mass RDMer

    Suggestion 1

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