United States Army Branch Advanced Drill Sergeant(ADS)/Drill Sergeant Leader(DSL) Applications!

Discussion in 'Army' started by D3AD, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    Not sure why the other HDSL(s) are not accepting any of these but k anyways you guys are accepted unless @The King Rohan says otherwise
  2. «DG»Wolf

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  3. Nublets

    Nublets Member

    Thank you! can i be added to the roster on docs?
  4. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    You might need to ask someone else since I can't get on them I will try though
  5. Nublets

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    rohan added me
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  6. Red 2

    Red 2 NLR

    Advanced Drill Sergeant Application

    · in game name: Josh

    · SteamID: STEAM_0:1:188181626

    · Timezone: Central

    · Country Of Residence: US

    · Playtime: 412:23:36.

    · Rank in Faction you are applying for: CW2

    · Reasons why you should be chosen for ADS (3 Sentences Minimum): I think I should be chosen for ADS because I like training and train often, being an ADS will help me to make sure that the DS are doing what they are supposed to and that they are training recruits who are not minges. I have a good knowledge of the rules that I can use to teach recruits about the server and about the rules so that they don’t get trained and not know important things about the server which aren’t in the docs. I like leading and I want to be able to lead and help out the new DSs to be the best they can be. For the My experience as a DS and knowledge of the rules will help me to train better recruits and improve the skills of DSs, which is why I think I should be an ADS.

    · Mic (Y/N): Y

    · Faction you are Appling for (Army/Rangers/GB): Army

    · Faction Leader: (Tag them here) @The King Rohan

    · Have you ever been demoted?: no

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  7. MRP Chillie Six

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  8. Cypher

    Cypher سايفر

    Can someone check mine out its been there for a while.
  9. @Bendak Hey check it
  10. Bendak

    Bendak Hardcore

    Seems solid.
    Meet me in TS or in game for details.
  11. «DG»Wolf

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  12. Nublets

    Nublets Member

    not sure if i can but +1 josh he trains recruits a lot and he trains them well too
  13. Cypher

    Cypher سايفر

    +1 very active and always training recruits
  14. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    Contact an HDSL+
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  15. N3QNCalibre

    N3QNCalibre Newbie

    ADS Form
    11A DS 1LT Jones Caliber
    AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
    Australia, Victoria
    Playtime: 642:25:10
    Application for ADS
    The Reason why I should be ADS is because I am becoming an Active player again and I am now also becoming more responsible when taking action against LOA, Minges and resposibility. I have been playing on this server for at least 6 months now and I am familiar with the server rules and educate and I am constantly making sure DS are in line and teaching correctly, and of course I also train frequently each day. I am also (from an American standpoint) a late night player and I frequently help out the server community each night and I think I'd be quite helpful through out the server's peaks and drops.
    I do Have a MIC
    I am applying for Army ADS
    Faction Leader: @D3AD
    I was demoted once because of inactivity down to recruit. But then GA Shepherd promoted me to 2LT For "a good enough reason".
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