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Discussion in 'Announcements & Rules' started by Garnet, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Garnet

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    Hey there Garnet Gamers!

    I wanted to apologize about how our website has been crashing and displaying errors as of late, thanks to our host I had gotten enough clues to figure out what was happening.
    You guys know the little "Server Information" tab that we had at the top right of our forums, displaying servers information? (IE: playercount, join button) yeah. This plugin was made for me by FootsiesPajamies, a friend of mine who is a web developer. As the creator I trusted him enough to optimize the addon well, but I came to find out his plugin was not cached. What does this mean? people could essentially DDoS our website by refreshing it in very small intervals; seeing as everytime the website is refreshed, the server running our website would use a hefty portion of its CPU to fetch the required information in order to output the server statistics.
    Upon the removal of this, our server stopped displaying any sort of errors, and our speeds are very good considering we have 230 users on our forums currently.

    Once again, sorry for any previous inconveniences, and thank you for your understanding!​
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  2. Duel

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    *Spams refresh button furiously*
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  3. DeathKnightRZ

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    Server numbers place is now glitching a bit thou.
  4. Nyx

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    I can't open the staff roster or the ban list?
  5. Garnet

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  6. snowman

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    is the join button going to be added back
    my computer sometimes doesn't join the server unless I constantly keep clicking the join button for GG MRP

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