What if I were to cash out on the entire server?

Discussion in 'Questions and Answers' started by Lumos, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Lumos

    Lumos Member

    By cash out I mean just straight up buying the server off Garnet himself. Does that mean all the staff belong to me now or..?
  2. Lumos

    Lumos Member

    Hypothetically of course
  3. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    He told me if I give him a million irl dollars he would give me the community xd
  4. Evity

    Evity Staff Member Owner

    just do what mel did donate $2k and then get banned for releasing ritesh veras and nastys ip
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  5. Nightbot

    Nightbot Inactive Super Admiη

    Well I mean, you did steal $300.
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    Would you own only darkrp? Or would you take it all? I'd like to see an empire.
  7. Margarit Cotty

    Margarit Cotty No Life Goals

    Yeah technically if you buy the server and become the new owner, The staff team remains (unless you decide to kick us all out) if you don't then we are all yours to lead
  8. Canadian Toast

    Canadian Toast toastie trap <3

    First, Garnet, next, the world!
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