what is your opinion on GA

Discussion in 'Army' started by tanner, Jan 12, 2018.

Who should be GA

  1. Shrugger

  2. Frosty

  3. James R Tanner

  4. Cypher

  5. Jerry Michell

  6. Don't care

  7. Moedano

  8. Simon Gaunt

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. bishopil

    bishopil Crippling Depression

    This is based off of opinion.

    I’ve seen factions die with people who can’t lead it. I don’t Army to end up the same. Its just I really don’t think that Army needs an intelligence faction. The way I see it is that when Shrugger gets GA and you press tab, all you see is Army jobs with something like, “ISA : Agent” or something. It happened before and got shut down, but with Shrugger at GA, I don’t think it will. I agree with you though. Shrugger is probably the most capable candidate there is right now. If I see change in his plans for Army then I will give him my full support.

    What I really support is his plans for medics and engineers to have stations in between wars. That would be really nice to see. It’s just the rest of his ideas are iffy to me.
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  2. tgon95

    tgon95 Addict

    Tbh GB is army’s intel faction
  3. Dillan

    Dillan Cappuccino

    More like they do the unique jobs, one team trained villages in the mountains of the middle east
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  4. Kronic

    Kronic Homesick Abortion

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  5. Storm

    Storm Dumpster Baby

    What about make Moedano and Shrugger the GA and General so they counter act each other. Moedano has the experience and Shrugger has the ideas. I think it be a good team? Just a idea
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  6. tgon95

    tgon95 Addict

    The gen part is kinda for the GA to decide lmao
  7. Storm

    Storm Dumpster Baby

    I'm just saying whoever wins should make the runner up their second in command. But it's really up to the future GA to decide.
  8. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    If you ask me just remove all general ranks and have factions only go up to COL to make it fucking a bit more realistic. Generals wouldn't be stationed on a fucking FOB.
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  9. WillFabricate

    WillFabricate Shephards #1 PonyBoy

    Actually there are times they have, But for the most part they sit there pretty ass in base.
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  10. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    Yeah but that's rare in itself and it would more than likely not be any higher than a BG
  11. Dillan

    Dillan Cappuccino

    I like to make up Lore with the current game, like it's spec ups the line kinda feeling.
  12. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

  13. Dillan

    Dillan Cappuccino

    Just use your imagination with the server is what I'm saying
  14. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    I prefer realism over imagination if you couldn't tell already but I see your point.
  15. Canadian Toast

    Canadian Toast careful where you stand

    Moedano would've been the best pick. It's a shame he got denied.

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