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Discussion in 'Islamic Jihad Union' started by snowman, Jan 5, 2018.

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  1. Aristocrat

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    My bad, wasn’t aware
  2. .lua

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    I think that the problem with IJU should be addressed better.. If you think about it Verse recently got General of the faction again and since there was a lack of officers that doesn't mean it is a good idea to mass promote someone to a rank just to say a faction has officers. I have been with IJU when this happened before and it took time for this to be fixed.

    One thing that I would like to address is the player base for the faction. I understand people think its just about recruiting to revive a dead faction and it's not that simple. I've spent my whole day today recruiting people and it taught me something that I've always known but brought more attention to it. Even though you recruit you also need something to keep striving them to play, which means tryouts. A lot of people adore the sniper in the this server because it can be used in a lot of cases and provides fun game play.

    But... The thing is that the Sniper tryouts can only be hosted by a 2LT+. Which means only 4 people in the whole entire faction can host those tryouts that everyone wants. I know that giving out a sniper to every recruit that wants one isn't gonna solve the problem but its an example of doing something to keep the new recruits not bored and learn more about the server. I took this in mind and show a group of recruits that I train the map and key points to the objectives. Another good thing to do for the few IJU enlisted or WO-CWO's is to do gun training with them. Show them how to use the weapons and maybe do some simulations so they want to stay to be able to have the war experience as they believe they are ready to fight.

    Not everything needs a high rank to revive a faction. It just takes dedicated people which I know can be hard to find but there is people out there who want to help and stay with the faction till their time is up. But tryouts are very important to keep people wanting to play and grow as a member of the faction by proving themselves worthy of the class. As there is a error to the player base, there is also somewhere else and that is also in the tryouts. I recently got promoted and since that I was given the document to the tryouts. The tryouts are not fully updated to the new map and still need some fixing. Only Generals I believe has access to edit the actual tryout, so officers can't do that much besides tell a General which only one of them isn't on LOA. I know Verse is coming off LOA soon which will help the faction and fix errors.

    One other thing that I saw being put out there was giving out high ranks just to revive a faction. I also believe someone also said that it won't help at all. Which is true to an extent depending on the person. I am not saying anyone is exactly wrong but, filling your roster by mass promoting people isn't gonna do anything. Its going to take time to get officer slots filled up into the roster because mass promoting people makes them take their rank for granite. Its true, I have done it before. I was brought up to LtGen in IJU pretty fast and I took my ranks that I had for granite because stuff was just handed out to me without me working as hard as I am now. I am not trying to say all people are like this but this experience that I had also made me learn.

    I kind of expanded some problems and went in-depth about them but I also have some solutions to them also.

    Tryouts -
    For the current player base of this faction it should remove the rank limit on tryouts that are in Islamic Jihad Union. My reasoning for that is because as a WO I can't do any tryouts besides DI which don't really strive all players to keep playing on the server. Should let all WO+ host all tryouts besides Leader obviously. I think a requirement is to also have the whitelists for all of IJU before actually giving them the ability to host them. Also to be safe they don't just give them self whitelists. You also have to have some trust with the individuals because for them to be able to host these tryouts they are going to require the leader class. One thing to not have new recruits be confused is by changing the leader in the job and do /job Islamic Jihad Union : Warrant Officer for ex.

    Officers -
    Once again mass promoting isn't that way to go, I think I've said that too much now but I think its fair if people rank transfer from another faction to help as they have given up their rank in that faction and no longer have it. Which in a way implies them to work hard in their new faction and try to help the best they can. For some of the current WO+ there should be a meeting on TeamSpeak sometime scheduled by one of the generals. I know I don't have a direct solution I have for this and i'm sorry about that but it's what I have for this situation.

    If I didn't state anything new or good than my apologizes for having you waste your time on reading this, but regardless this is my input on the topic.
  3. WarmPupper

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    What’s wrong with helping out?
    Also, you have literally no idea why I left if you say it is just because of the merge.
    If someone such as homast is telling you that, they are lying.
  4. WarmPupper

    WarmPupper No Life Goals

    Well if someone doesn’t want to “help out”, why the fuck would they be in the faction?
  5. SirMike

    SirMike Am I even ACTIVE anymore?

    Idk ask Wasdin and the other numerous people who pulled that off in the past.
  6. WarmPupper

    WarmPupper No Life Goals

    The past is in the past man.
    This server has turned almost 100% more toxic than it was before, and that greatly affects the situation.
    What IJU needs is a NON TOXIC leader, who doesn’t go around saying “reeee” all the time (hrm, sounds familiar?), and someone who wants to help out in a positive way.
  7. Verse

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    I'm pretty sure I don't go around saying "reeeeeee" like a retard
  8. SirMike

    SirMike Am I even ACTIVE anymore?

    Prrty sure he meant Medinator
    Who also had himself and others do /job niggeeeerrrrrzzz
  9. Verse

    Verse 오 Trapper 오

    He really did that stupid shit? lmao, I can see why people said he was a very bad general now
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  10. WarmPupper

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    Nah I was talking about Vivianne.
  11. Verse

    Verse 오 Trapper 오

    Vivianne who? that's what I tell myself
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  12. .lua

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    Stop talking about the past and talk about how the faction can be helped now. We don't live in the past.
  13. AustinDatDude

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    Pony doesn’t do shit tho so why reward him oof, he minges and complains... Verse isn’t active and most of us knew he wasn’t going to be on at all times, bams active, I’m on reserves because my computer is getting fixed by cyberpower in Cali, so
  14. Frosty

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    I love how you guys are arguing and exactly zero progress has been made.

    I'm telling you the best way to approach this is through a meeting.
  15. .lua

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    I suggested that also in my post.
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