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Discussion in 'Islamic Jihad Union' started by snowman, Jan 5, 2018.

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  1. AustinDatDude

    AustinDatDude Mass RDMer

    Okay ima say this once again since everyone runs over my opinions, give the faction to @Dillan, he made plans and wrote essays for the faction but instead the faction was given to a Navy Main that wouldn’t resign and didn’t plan on staying, he Changed the god damn ranks just like rick, it then went through two GENS in matter of weeks that were mass promoted, Verse is on LOA and my
    Bad but if your GEN don’t go on LOA on any terms and set up other GENs that don’t go on LOA like sped, you put the faction in the hands of a minge, a mass promoted and Bamm, what the actual fuck, you come back and do nothing, go ahead and resign or go on reserves. Another possible canidate is to give it to Sir mike a guy that was also overlooked to give it to mr navy. Give it to someone who you actually think will do good, and turn it around, I don’t want anyone to criticize my opinion other than phantom sir mike, verse or dillan, Don’t listen to pony or ebichu as they honestly should hav been removed but we’re given chance after chance after chance, don’t go on to say something about me because it doesn’t matter, every good opinion gets overlooked, if you don’t see change in the faction then a summit is perfectly fine and we need old afghan mains to come back!
  2. Frosty

    Frosty No Life Goals

    He said he didn’t want it
  3. AustinDatDude

    AustinDatDude Mass RDMer

    There’s to suggestions but also add your self in there because people tend to like your ugly ass
  4. Ebichu

    Ebichu Garnets Hoe

    Chance after chance? lmao shut the fuck up your one to talk about chance after chance
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  5. .lua

    .lua Neon Guts

    That's right back to mass promoting someone just to help the faction again and leave it lol. Verse is back on and active, our numbers are going up. You keep jumping to change fucking generals like that's one of the biggest issues. I honestly think this thread should be locked or deleted as its just people arguing over having an old time player to come back and "revive" the faction.

    Before I post this, I am not saying Dillian is not capable of doing this. I have seen him do it before but you can't always run to one person or any old player to fix something they finished their duty with.
  6. AustinDatDude

    AustinDatDude Mass RDMer

    Verse isn’t going to be on that much and as we’ve said we already knew that from the start, he left for personal issues before and it will happen again, and you know it is all on the GEN as that’s what really changes a faction as rn he has full control and his officers can’t do shit, it doesn’t have to be dillan but someone experienced that isn’t gonna go on LOA

    But lua I will respect your opinion because you don’t act a fucking fool
    This right here is the bullshit everyone talks about I’m not trying to argue with a fucking 12 year old but you need to stay in your bitch boy lane, you got perma blacklisted for just being you, and you apparently didn’t read my post to not say shit about me but I guess your maturity line drops every time you open you mouth, fuck off, and yeah I was given a one change not fucking twenty.
  7. AustinDatDude

    AustinDatDude Mass RDMer

    @Phantom @SythenMcSwiggity lock his shit please... sorry for making it a little toxic but 12 year old opinions shouldn’t matter when they make no sense
  8. snowman

    snowman Godlike

    Austin wdym We ive done my best to help the faction idk wtf your talking about
    @Phantom @Toxic this post is just getting toxic can someone please lock it?
  9. snowman

    snowman Godlike

    Austin Calm tf down no need for the toxicity
  10. Buffet

    Buffet Hardcore

    make xploding gen
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