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    BEWARE: any shitposting/immaturity/arguments will lead to a 1 week off the forums if made on this thread - this is the last place you're going to want to be a jackass.
    You've been warned.​

    I'm making this post because lots of you guys aren't getting the full spectrum of what's currently going on within the community...
    Alright well, I'm going to exclude everything I've already posted about in the timeframe of the past 2-3 weeks since getting back to the United States, seeing as you guys can go into my post history and take a look for yourselves.
    GarnetGaming picked up somewhere around mid 2014, where a few weeks after @Evity joined/left/came back and stuck around for the last few years while doing a blessed job every single day in that time, whether it comes to handling player disputes/managing the staff team/being a great person overall and helping promote the playerbase. Me and Evity set out to do two things, expand our community and remain uncorrupt (many could argue this point, but there is no denying the facts) we have no misused any Garnet fundings towards stupid goals for our own benefit, or set out to attack others.

    As Garnet expanded on and on, we stood strong as we offered far superior gameplay in terms of balance between donator and non-donators to your average server (these efforts can be seen on Starwars RP, which has absolutely no donator perks other than animations and skins for weapons, Military Roleplay where every donator perk has been either nerfed to be interpreted as a regular job, or a speed spike to make up for any unbalanced scenario, and DarkRP, where all our top sellers are strictly cosmetic items for under $5 being knives and vapes). As time went on, we had saved up enough money to hire few developers, some of which screwed us over and quite literally stole our money, until we landed on @Tupac , which ironically enough, had parted ways from us literally yesterday, in parts due to the community being extremely toxic towards him and pressuring him, but also because we had no means of paying him for any big projects that we needed carried out.

    We are now at a position where our higher "EXECUTIVE" team who are the only ones who truly push the server forward in terms of development, being myself, Evity, and Bizzy are either adults, or about to turn into adults, moving on to college. Until this point we have dedicated our time, well beyond what a full-time job of 40 hours a week would require, and we have come to a realization that things are just not right. Despite doing our best to provide you content and friendships - not only are we not getting anything for our time put towards the community (whether it be friendships or monetary) we are being ridiculed, cursed at, and overall looked at negatively - when literally all we're doing is going out of our way to try and providing you a service, a gaming community where you can establish a friendship - I am constantly hearing more and more of people speaking negatively of me because I'm "not focused on the right things" or "not putting in the right amounts of efforts" when literally, there has not been a day that I have spent in the past half year not working on Garnet in one way or another. (some of those people who have apparently spoke negative about me are @sand poon, @Soviet, and @vietcong - I would love to know what you think I'm doing so wrong).

    On another note, we have a meme going on where "REDACTED", as you all know, that one network that is not to be named, has a leader who sits back making a 6 figure income a year, not providing any sort of support for his community from the last I heard (other than donation support, and prevention against chargebacks SURPRISE SURPRISE) which has last updated his servers many months ago. That person has not even gotten a fraction of the negative attention we've gotten, and he has been praised and compared to us on numerous occasions, despite putting in a fraction of the work towards his community as we have. This leads me to believe some people are just delusional, or his 6 figure income is just allowing him to thrive and pay off top-notch developers for their services).

    I recently made a post regarding how I was having issues paying my bills, and that is because I have had many negative events pop up recently, among them were having to fly out across the globe to see my grandfather before he passes away, having to pay my college tuitions, taking care of my dog who has gotten extremely ill, and my inability to pay Bizzy for his work on our servers. This post was a pre-introduction to what led on to be Bizzy's departure. In addition to this, it was an introductory to another post made by me, where I had finally told you guys that I am heavily considering handing down the community to somebody else, as I can no longer afford to dedicate so much time and money towards it at this point in my life, where I am not making any sort of money towards my future, and very much want to head to medical school NOT TO MENTION the inability to financially afford developers to bring new unique content to our communities.

    The typical responses we had gotten to this thread were players going out to show their gratitude, or offering to give us money from what I'd assume to be their parents' creditcards, making me feel even more uncomfortable about the entire situation, as I felt like I was coming off as a giant beggar, unrightfully asking for money from his players, which was not my intended purpose behind the post. So what was the intended purpose you ask? I was letting some people know ahead of time that there may be upcoming deal-breaking changes to the community, as we have lost a developer, we have partially lost a co-owner as I do not think he has a positive overview of the community any longer, and it's a matter of time before moving on for him. Finally, what some of you were freaking out about, is myself. I cannot be expected to be on the server for so many hours a day - I need to think about my future and get a job in order to pay rent, upkeep for my dog, and my tuition. With that being said, i'm stuck in a sticky situation, where I know that if I drop development for the community in favor of moving on with life, the community will drop drastically, while if I stick around and make it a viable source of income via the introductory of more "pay to win" donator perks, this action may cause the community to fall (although, the redacted networks seemed to do just fine with being pay-to-win?) but would require lots of research as for as how to implement this properly.

    Sorry I had to take this turn, but you must understand that I am no longer a teenager playing videogames, I live independently and I am a full-time college student with high hopes for a job in the high-tech/medical field industries. This is no longer a matter of "ERGH HE'S ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY " but rather, I cannot afford to lose any more money/time in the favor of all you guys, as saddening as it is to say. Had I been making what is even considered a minimum wage income for a full-time job off of Garnet, I would've been happy. Heck, Evity would've probably bent over backwards for $300 a month for all his crazy efforts.

    When I had mentioned handing down the community (which would not occur anytime soon) that is solely for financial reasons so that somebody else can take the burden of paying off developers/hosting for the community - however, upon further thinking, I realized they would more than likely sell out the server we had worked so hard for in return for crazy profits - and I will not let that happen, so don't worry about ownership changes AT ALL.

    Finally, I'm at a loss for words and need some genuine help from some members of the community, I'd like to know your output regarding the situation, and what you'd like to see done.
    Yours truly,

    get the fuck off this thread if you're not interested in reading it all.
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    wrote this on my phone so auto correct might have done fucked up my words

    After reading this thread I now understand why you said you might hand off this server, as a long time garnet gamer I've been watching the growth and decrease of the servers. All this time I always believed it would just get better, but all you get is constant bitching from people who want constant updates. We should appreciate an owner that spends his time making a map for us, but we don't we bitch. Now look at dark rp see when it was the last time that got an update? A MONTH AGO! I don't see anyone complaining, I know people will say that mrp needs the attention but have you seen swrp. We need to learn as a community to appreciate things and to not request an update every 2 days we won't die if it's every 2 weeks or even a month like {Redacted} gaming
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    Here to confirm that auto-correct did not fuck up.

    I really don't know what's up with our Military Roleplay playerbase as of late, in retrospect it was the one with the older/more mature playerbase, but it seems to be the other way around nowadays, where they got so accustomed to overworking me and Bizzy for so many hours a day. Other than that, this was only one of the few points this thread was meant to bring up.
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    I really respect your decisions up till now and as an ex server owner understand the struggle.If you want I have a developer friend that might be able to offer some services at a decent price,or heck I could even pay him for you,but I love this community and would feel really bad if it collapsed.I want to help you guys work towards making this community more active but right now I don't know how :/
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    I've honestly never had these struggles in the three years I was running Garnet, I had it with the predecessor to Garnet in which I lost hundreds of dollars as a teenager. I'd honestly like to stay partial to working with Tupac/Bizzy as he's grown accustomed to working with a server of our scale, and if the players could all pitch in a few dollars, it would eventually add up to hundreds of dollars towards development.
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    And tbh I think what the SWRP community wants is just more frequent events even if there are little people online.Because it is an Event-based server and this is what we play for.
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    What I don't get is why people compare garnet to something like icejews. Like, "Add this because other sever has it!"

    "Why aren't you doing what I want other server has it I want it!!!!!!"

    Legit, go play that other server then. Like, you put in so much work, and shouldn't have to feel bad for leaving behind a video game
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    I can throw in a few dollars for you guys,anything so save this community.Just link us to a paypal
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    I am to be considered fairly new to this community, I've been here for about 4-5 months and I really don't get why people are so fucking greedy when it comes to updates. Making complaints and talking shit won't make stuff happen faster, Quite the opposite actually and Garnut is also just a human and not some kind of robot. He has a family, rent to pay, a sick pupper as he mentioned and also college which is expensive as fuck and timeconsuming and so much more stuff. And if you really think that he should put that aside to satisfy your greedy needs on updates and changes when he's already working overtime on the server you are just retarded so think before you speak and put yourself in the same scenario and see what your priorities would be. So on behalf of everyone, Please shut up. Updates will come sooner or later and theres no reason to give Garnet a heartattack.

    Yours Truly
    Fake Pewdiepie
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    I'm down to donate 100 dollars if that's what you need.
    Problem is, I can't turn cash into Pay Pal money xddd
    Plus I mean my parents would beat the shit out of me if they knew I was giving 100 dollars away.
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    I see all that is happening here. It sucks. Recently, i have learned how to dev a server, which is obviously useless to you. I am trying to start how to learn how to actually CODE, that would probably take 6-8 months though. I hope in the future i can contribute to the server like rick has with him and models.

    Anyways, i respect your decision. The reason i think i have a solution. On just one weekend a month, deal with most of the suggestions and add them all in a day or two. Then, so much shit would be added u wouldnt need to touch the server's for another 3 weeks to a month. I think that works for all sides, but idk. I will probably never leave here again, just because the toxicity chilld out a bit when i was gone, and slowely we are getting better.

    Man, i renember the csc desert, and th WAC airforce, and when all the other factions but US only had one "subfaction", its so amazing to see the server evolve from last, god when did i show up... late may or early june of 2016. If you follow my plan, you will probably evem forget about the server lol but i think it could work, me and so many others can see this amazing community evolve further into something better.

    But yeah, as i tell everyone else in ur situation, a gmod server isnt gonna bring you to college, not gonna make you millions of dollars, sometimes, life is MUCH more important then a gmod server. The communtiy has been so luckey lately, you had to chill off. So just keep doing life, and put gmod to the side.
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    For MRP i believe what happen was that we lost a very large majority of our older and more respectful members i have noticed this from reading all theese departure posts and i say the same thing always and it is this sad to see you go im loosing so many of my favorite players who i spend and or spent so much time with and i just hate to see a old player go. So i just think that all theese new players dont understand that things take time and cant happen by the snap of tour fingers and the click of magic shoes. So as i have said in yout updates and even status updates dont let the complainers get to you and keep the great work up and if you need to take a break or even if you hand it down you will always have those who appreciate all your hard work and thats what truely should outweigh thoose god damn complainers. So never let the haters get to you and focus on the good and helpful feedback from thoose who truly understand that things take time and effort and should be done slowly and amazing rather than poor and crappy. So never let the complainers get to you and make you feel like your a poor owner because your not and from the time ive been here i have gotten to see this greatness that you have done for this community. Best of luck with whatever your decision may wond up being~ Kyle Death.
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    Most I can do is say sorry in this case, granted I can't apologize on behalf of the community, and No Garnet the money I'd offer to donate would be more own pocket money. But in all sincerity, I don't know how to genuinely help anymore, and simply getting on and doing sits is a mind numbing repetitiveness I frankly wish not to deal with. This is something I wish I better knew how to address, hell, at least respond to appropriately without coming off in the wrong way. It despises me how many people trash talk, and let me be the first to state I've talked @vietcong about you before, and it was genuinely about whether or not the map, or updates and fixes were more important, a genuine discussion of which we both agreed at the end either or would help out, and left our disagreements at which would help the most.

    But most I can ask at this rate my dude is what can I do to help, and ambiguous "Be a Manager" doesn't help, as I've honestly lost track of what needs to be done, especially since my colleagues rarely fill me in...
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  15. Welp, I wished I could offer you some magic solution that'll make all of your problems fade away, but I can't.

    I wished I could offer you financial help, but I can't.

    I wished I could offer you an amazing developer that'll work for a small fee, but I can't.

    I can't even offer words of consolation and whisper sweet likes into your ears.

    All I can truly offer you is a simple advice: Think of your own future. Selfish, I know right? However at the end of the day your top priority should be you and nobody else. I am not talking to you like a GG member, I am talking to you like a fellow college student. Yes, GG is not on a favorable state, however so will be your future if you keep walking down this path (Or maybe not, I don't hold all the answers). I get that dropping a project that you've been working on for so long may be a hard thing to do, however when said project is starting to weigh you down and put at risk your financial and scholar future that's when you need to let it sink. You've done a lot for a community that (If what you say is truth, and I know I was part of the issue) has given nothing back to you, now it's time to start doing stuff for yourself. Hate me all you want, but that's just my point of view.
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