Why our morale is low

Discussion in 'Announcements & Rules' started by Garnet, Aug 23, 2017.

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    give the server to @Phantom he has no life
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    It seems as if this post has once again backfired, turning mostly into other agreeing that Garnet has had many fluctuations in player base, and others offering money. I'm a VERY new player, for I only have about 200 hours on MRP and DRP. The ones who complain about updated are unreasonable, asking for ridiculous amounts of content in just a few days. However, the most understandable complaint is those that complain of donation support. My understanding is that Kozen has been waiting an extreme amount of time for donation support. I know OhHailToTheNo has been waiting a long time, and I'm sure he has plans to become one of your top-paying donators one of these days. So, unlike most angry players, asking for forced updates, I'll offer you advice, rather than telling you how to run your server. Give more power to your most trusted staff, making them supers. One for each server. Keep in mind, I never necessarily mentioned managers. You can't keep up with the constant complaints, much-needed donation support, and irrelevant nonsense by yourself. That's how you cause stress. Let the servers have more leaders. It's very annoying (as a player and soon-to-be staff) that every time something needs to be done, we have to, "wait for Garnet to get some free time". I understand that university is hard work, and you have a lot going on, but that's why I believe there should be more supers, especially with the departure of Evity and Bizzy.

    TL;DR - Donation support, more supers, more spread power through trusted staff, not just managers.
    P.S. I understand the financially hard life. I was supposed to go to university, however we realized we couldn't afford it. So I decided to go to community college. Then we realized we couldn't afford for me a car to get there every day. So I'm having to take a year off. I've been fired from a job before, which makes it a very hard challenge to find a job in the terrible job market where I live. Just try not to stress about it, my guy.
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    You dedicated 8 days of your life to our community, yet you consider yourself new?

    Anyhoo, I thank you for your mature criticism my dude, despite of my donation support thread calling out for people to not tag me, I've stopped responding to those unless tagged seeing as far too many people have been carelessly posting support threads, when they're items are not missing, and they're freaking out do to a database hiccup/occasional server error. I wish I had a better way to inform those who posted in the category, I suppose I should just suck it up and keep re-assigning perks to impatient people.
    I'm really sorry to hear you were unable to go to a community college due to a lack of transportation, but I will let you know that taking community college online is a viable option, and it is in no way inferior to physical classes, if anything, you'll get much more by learning in your own pace - as 99% of times I found professors to be completely fucking worthless.

    Allow superadmins more access is completely out of question, and I most definitely would not trust anybody with any sort of sensitive information, IE: our banking information/PayPal - I've been screwed over numerous times in the past, and I don't see it going well![/SPOILER]
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    Damn dude fucking roasted.
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    i sense a dark virgin force nearby!
  7. Everything was so innocent when I joined the server, I hope people had similar idea of just joining this server knowing nothing beforehand and there just for the fun of it, oh it was pretty neat to be new, but nevertheless we must change in the passage of time and I appreciate everything you've done @Garnet
  8. Interesting...
    Well, I obvs don't play here anymore and wanted to stop by on the forums but I see some shit went down so I hope it's okay to leave a long comment on these issues....
    Some of you may not know be but whatever, i used to play GG MilitaryRP for a while then I left for a friends MRP community then I left for {REDACTED} (aka the community that shall not be named - I have since left that community to focus on school). I was reading a few comments and I could not agree more with what @Karma the Goo Dispenser said. Be fucking selfish, Nut-face. Be so selfish right now. At the end of the day, think about what matters more. A community on a $10 game that you put a few years of hardwork into. Or the life that you have probably dreamed of since you were a kid. That dream job, that dream care, that dream house, that dream dog, that dream babe. All of those dreams come from hardwork and you are smart as hell and can make all those dreams come true. I am in no way saying your work here doesn't matter, but what I am saying is focus on your life and your work first. This is coming from another fellow college student. So be selfish and think of yourself. If people judge you negatively because you care about your progression as a person then fuck them. You literally gave them this community and gave them the opportunity to thrive on this community, they should be fucking thanking you. I know I don't play on this server anymore and you might not even remember me but I thank you. Being on your server has made me grow so much and I have learned so much that even on {REDACTED}, I have recieved numerous leadership opportunities. Those would not have been possible without your hardwork here. (Also, P.S., a lot of people on {REDACTED} don't appreciate the ownership lol, we strive because as a community we stay together). Lastly, if you are still reading this, you are a great person and I don't know if I ever made it clear but I have huge respect for you. I know damn sure I would not be able to balance owning a community that consists of a shit ton of ungrateful people (and a bunch of kewl kats of course :p), college work, owning and maintaining a dog and owning and maintaining my own place. If anyone glosses over what you do and doesn't think that all the shit you have to balance matters then like...what the fuck? Like how are they human? They obviously have been spoon-fed their entire life. So props to you, Garnet. And best of luck to you in the future.
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    Garnet is dying.. face the truth bois. Honestly i dont think this community will last to the next summer or even closer.

    You can shitpost all you want on my comment but evereyone has theyr opinion....

    It has gotten to the point where Garnet cant even pay for developers
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    negroNETWORKS has gotten to the point of diaz having to ask somebody that he deleted their server for a manager
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    Not surprised you'd comment something so stupid. We have infact started picking up in donations recently, and our playerbase is still just as massive. @Tupac by the looks of it has been working on 2-3 projects for us in the meantime, and the only reason you haven't seen updates, is because I have an imminent hurricane about to hit my residence directly :)

    So Garnet is "dying"...
    Our playerbase has peaked (it's now 1PM Eastern time and our servers are showing a total of 160 players)
    Donations picked up recently
    Development continued
    Do I need to continue?
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    If I were you, I'd burn my PC and never get another one.
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    Even TTT is picking up right now. It's jumped bout by 400 in the ranks.
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    In the morning there were fucking 50 people in DarkRP and MRP each, that's actually insane
  15. Sorry buddy, unlike yours not all servers die so suddenly. Then again, saying that it died would imply that it was alive in the first place.

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