Why our morale is low

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    Jesus Christ i take back the shit i said on teamspeak xd
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    I'm shocked everytime you surprise me with a roast like thatPogChamp
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    Fake news
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    Your dying bro, stop lying bro. Your community is dead just face the truth.
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    U should face the truth that u will never be sucessful in ANYTHING. Out of this year, the numbers show that it is doing better then ever. Garnet will not die unless garnet dies in irma (with 0.0000000000000001% chance of happening)
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    When you make your account today just to say this.
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    His 1 and only message your dying bro stop lying your community is dying like nigga wut u on
  8. If you can hold on till I get back I can surely help you out till the end. Even after all my staff demotions and bans and all that other shit I still stuck around and it wasn't because of being a parasite. I told you this before, Lee, that I've literally stuck around this long because of you. I always wanted to help you constantly even when you didn't want it. Was I reckless? Hell yea I was and after being more disciplined than anyone will ever come to be, I actually have changed for the best. I can't obviously show you as I'm a bit busy currently but Nut if you have time today or Sunday or any weekend coming up I'll be up on Liberty to hangout and talk about further procedures to fix the problems. I agree that the server is kinda toxic and filled with kids and that's just how it is. You're not going to find many people above the age of 19 on GMOD. I'll tell you something I didn't really figure out till I left the server. I never stuck around for the server, the addons, the map or playerbase numbers. I stuck around for the friends and best friends I made. I refer to Davie a lot because of his position. I saw how he people respected people and people loved him and his maturity. Fact of the matter is I wanted to be him. Leading Navy was just the keystone of it. In order to be a great leader you need friends everywhere. Some of these leaders nowadays are complete shit and I mean that in the nicest way possible in the means of how they don't have connections. They have connections by power but not by work. On my way up the ladder I made friends and bonds through the work I put in while others have tried but just wanted the quick promotion to have more power. I don't need power to takeover. Hell, back when I was leading Navy in the beginning and about a month after, I ran with all the best leaders of each faction we've ever had. Even before I ran the faction I had people everywhere. Army had PrisonNightmare, Marines had Shuga, AirForce had Dodgy, Green Beret had Daddy Cody, Delta had Doxyc, MP had Jerry and Spetz had RedCrypt which is debatable and SAS had Jacket I think (there was one before him I forgot) and Tali had Orka and Osama. Like this shit was total chaos of great leadership and initiative. There was always someone wanting to get something done but now everyone just complains instead of changing the problem. Some people probably won't agree with the leaders who I think were the best when I ran but I don't give a fuck. I digress, shit was easier back then because of the people and I stuck around because of them. Eventually I met you and the same reason I stuck around for them is why I'm still here for you Garnet. As long as there is at least one person who I'll take time out of my day and I think they're worth the time, I'll gladly do as much as I can for them. You're still here and I still have Navy so I'm sticking around. I'll always be the little Fuhrer. I even get ridiculed for what I do and don't do. And I'm not talking about my abuse I mean how I'm branded as being a Nazi after I said a few things. I set myself up for that shit though so it's my fault and I can admit my mistakes now. How am I going to learn if I don't? I'd rather have someone make 300 mistakes than a belligerent asshole. When I get back I hope you have shit for me to do because I need some work. See you in time. @Garnet
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    I'm completely guilty of being a immature person on the server and forums, I see it causes a lot of issues and causes issues for other staff members. Let's all buckle our belts for the big man.
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    @Garnet idk if this will help but ik a few server ppl whatever u wanna call it ik two who are amazing hmu if ur interested ill give u their steam.Keep in mind these guys are not my friends they worked for a server i used ti play on but they quit on thay server because it was getting to toxic and powerhungry im guessing.
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    Don't revive dead threads.
    @SythenMcSwiggity @Phantom
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  13. Unless they are professionals in exorcisms, I don't think that will help.
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    DarkRP makes me sad when I join these days. All the og players I used to base with and the staff team I was a part of are both gone. Although, I’m excited for new beginnings and I’m working my way up the ranks again so I can help out to the best of my ability. This may sound corny, but this community dying would mean a part of me dying. It’s insane that you can bond so much with people even over a game; that people you’ve never seen before will listen to you talk about your problems. It honestly restores my hope for this world each time something like that happens. Despite fluctuations as mentioned above- we still have an immense active player base and lots of great people. No matter how mingey the server gets, we’ll be around.

    And @Garnet , you and Evity built this server up from nothing. You spent weeks of your life to provide us with entertainment and an outstanding community. I just don’t understand how someone can hate on you after all you’ve done. Keep it up- Joker
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    @SythenMcSwiggity because you love when people use necromancy.

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