Zangman VIP Mod Donation

Discussion in 'Missing Perks' started by Zangman, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. NationalGamers

    NationalGamers Hardcore

    From my understanding, if you provide proof he's able to. Furthermore, I can't train until after supper and I've taken a shower. So, if you'll hop on ASAP and have him give you your rank, and tell him I'm coming on to train you in a few I'll gladly train you.
  2. DarkAlias

    DarkAlias Member

    See ya on!
  3. Zangman

    Zangman Newbie

    So just for the record, I showed Yamagata Proof of Paypal purchase for VIP Mod that I bought 3 days ago... there wasnt anything he could do, So what are the next steps....

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