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    Since ZS is in vanilla, here are some twickes that can help improve the expeance for both teams.

    Lower Z2000 pulse pistol to 25 points. Reason being at it's current price of 50 points, it is unusable and opsolete to every other starting weapon. With a pitiful damage output of 14, you cannot gain a profit using it as it is very ammo inefficient. The slow mechanic is impractical for the cost as it seems that they want you to use this weapon as a tool instead of a weapon. But it is to expensive to use with another weapon.

    Lower medigun cost to 40. As it stands the medigun is a downgrade to the medikit with a miminal advantage. The ability to heal at long range is very situational as normally you will be inside you cade with your team. In addition is is less point efficent to use it as compared to the medikit. And finally it doesn not allow you to heal yourself. Lowering the price would allow it to see some use in budget build.

    Nerf fast zombie. The amount of DPS the fast zombie can inflict is to much for the role it is supposed to have. Fast zombies are a flank class, they supposed to attack through windows and other weaknesses in cades. The DPS the fast can do outpreforms other tank zombies classes. Reccomend to reduce damage by 50% but keep everything else the same. This would allow it to continue to do it's role but not outcompete the tank classes.

    Lower the cost for buying a resupply box in the point shop to 70 points as opposed to 200.

    If you need any clarification then just ask
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