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    • Hello Lychas, I'm surprised you're attempting an appeal after the horrible behavior you showed yesterday along with the others I banned for the same reason. I'm glad you're aware it was a bad thing to do but it disappoints me that as a regular on the server you still broke the rules. I never had a problem with you and you never stuck out to me as a problem maker which is why I'm surprised at the behavior you showed yesterday. I was hoping it wouldn't carry out for too long but then it ended up being almost every round right up until map rotation. I don't think my ban was unjustified as your behavior and comments in all of my clips really shows the shit ya did, unprovoked and hopping on a minge train. I hate the fact I had to ban someone who is a known regular to me and someone who never caused me any problems. I hope yesterday was a one time thing and you move on to improve your behavior over this 2 week break. Also, to add onto it. I was told one of the T. Mods were also getting harassed by you guys, so not just me? Its crazy honestly. You and 2 others continuously harassed me as an attempt to run me off the server because I was the only staff on and I've collected multiple clips which I am very happy to break down for you. https://streamable.com/ngtgyh This clip alone isn't enough to call it harassment because you're literally just calling me a bitch lmao, but the fact I didn't do shit other than slay Exi really shows you doing something very unprovoked. https://streamable.com/fnu3y3 Here is a clip of you calling a kos on me for "next round" which is crazy because as a regular you should know thats against the rules and just straight up dumb to do. https://streamable.com/hiclhv "Kos Parasite because I'm a detective." Crazy, right? Right at the start of the round you decide to call a kos on me for absolutely NO reason. https://streamable.com/azur47 Here is a clip of you reminding people that I'm kos'd. Its crazy how you and your friends considered that fun to do. https://streamable.com/q13wcu Some context to this clip, every round I would kill bind so I spawned at a random place to avoid being killed. Only a few seconds passed in the round and Lychas decides to kos me for absolutely no reason, again. https://streamable.com/7ussd6 Then after successfully killing me, he gives permission for the other guy also harassing me to "rape" my characters body. The behavior shown that night was absolutely disgusting. https://streamable.com/3z4mmj Here you and the 2 others harassing me were trying to track me down and you can be heard saying "Not in Nether, Not in Nether." calling out my every movement just so I can't play a round of TTT. https://streamable.com/txcegp Shocking, here's another clip of you calling out every place I am at. https://streamable.com/seij0d "Ok, so who's kil- who's calling kos? THIS round?" Really shows how every one of these clips were over MULTIPLE rounds and not just a single one. https://streamable.com/hxscf1 You called me a pussy for reporting after you and the 2 others tracked me down all game, its crazy right? You proceed to tell me to grow up which is hella ironic.   Moving on from the clips, here's some of the shit he said in chat about "staff" but I was the only one on at this time. Anyways, that's all the clips I have to show. The behavior Lychas showed and his actions towards me were terrible and it was all an attempt to run me off the server so they can have an unstaffed game again.
    • Accepted! You've been very active recently and big help in 501st. On top of that you brought along a strong app with some good event ideas. Contact Bishop in-game to have your rank set and contact Special or Bishop to set up a training. Welcome to the GM team. @Ziggyplease lock and move
    • Hey Shadow/Rey, Thanks for taking the time to submit a ban appeal for your 4 hour mic spam ban. Also, apologies for the confusion you initially encountered on your original appeal - thanks for taking the time to resubmit in the proper format. Regarding your ban for continual spamming, you were voice muted a total of seven times (link) by myself in a sub-2 hour period. The relevant punishment guidelines below state (bolded for emphasis): As you stated in your original post, you acknowledge that you received two warnings for mic spamming and you "were cautious of and made sure not to micspam." (link).  Yet here in this clip, taken at 8:15pm ET we can see + hear you very clearly mic spamming in spectator while I am alive to avoid my detection (link). The moment you notice I can hear you, you stop immediately. This is ultimately what led to your ban just a minute or so later (link). This behaviour occurred on the heels of the previous 3 minute mute ending (link) which doesn't exactly demonstrate good faith "cautious...not to micspam" behaviour.  So with all this being said and evidence laid out, there is sufficient reason and proof behind your mic spam ban. Here are some supplementary videos just for full disclosures sake (in chronological order): 6:24pm ET - https://streamable.com/n0kl5g Mic spam 6:52pm ET - https://streamable.com/9btt0q Mic spam 7:42pm ET - https://streamable.com/5i3nft Declaring intent to target RDM 7:52pm ET - https://streamable.com/ialvji Self-reporting that you're a pedophile 8:15pm ET - https://streamable.com/a30yxi Evasive mic spam culminating in your 4h ban
    • +1 good application and great staffing experience.
    • There’s nothing wrong with copying information (you are required to do so for the information fill out) and I think a summary of my previous application isn’t against the rules.  I’ll make the application easier to read in 8 hours, busy atm
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