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  2. mr gets banned for mrdm and leaves the staff team without a trace -1
  3. sad, sad, sad, Hello Heaven Praying for you from down here i love you Heaven and will never be forgotten every time i feel down i will think about your death and to keep it going for you dawg love you and see you on the other side PEACE 😔

  4. Community Manager - I have been a part of the Garnet Gaming community for four years, joining in mid-2017. I have never received any kind of punishment in any garnet gaming servers as far as I can remember. I have previously been a Head Moderator for MilitaryRP back in 2018, and am considering applying for staff again. I figured I’d apply for community manager first and see what happens first. Activity: My activity can range from a couple of hours to spend the entire day on TeamSpeak or one of the servers. I try to get on every day depending on if I have anything on a given day. I have ne
  5. Welp, here I go. Who am I? I am TheExaltedPrime/Billy and I run/manage the IT infrastructure for a land development company in the B.C region of Canada. I have multiple employees under me, either it being software developers, contractors and even social media influencers, I lead them to the point where some of them are even older than me (The oldest I can legally boss around is 64 years old) It can entail to either telling people to roll out app updates to payroll app updates, tracking employees and doing employee exercises and even community games. (Yes, sometimes even firing
  6. Community management I'm on LOA right now due to some friends visiting so don't expect a lot out of me in this I'm up to do anything thrown at me for whatever server. Whether it's brainstorming ideas, general help on any of the GMod GG servers, HR work, getting any server on its feet, etc. Been here since early 2020 where I first started out as a S. Mod on DRP, then moved to SWRP and achieved the rank of Admin/GM before the server shut down. After this I migrated over to MRP for a bit becoming a GM, resigning and taking a month break then rejoining MRP and am now happily at T. Admi
  7. Okay so I fully ship this, Wooley has shown time and time again that he is absolutely one of the best Staff on DarkRP. Not only have I not noticed some of the all-to-familiar toxicity shown by some of the other Staff team. He is mature and sees through the Bullshit. I believe he can absolutely take this position with the utmost care and professionality that would be needed in a place such as this. I've had nothing but good experiences with him and respect him as a person who is close in age to me. He's willing to make a change that this server at this current time DESPERATELY needs.. Ple
  8. There should be a whole subforum dedicated to applications for community manager so people can give more feedback and really explain their thought process behind why they agree/disagree with something.
  9. CONTENT CREATION (TEAM) Me and @Pointer would like to make a secondary app as a team, with me making content and Pointer editing it into something amazing! Our references can be found on the app, under 2 seperate posts.
  10. Yesterday
  11. You'd be awesome for content creation. Seems it's just you, me and pointer are going for content creation, I am rooting for you!
  12. Im not here for any community management role, but rather you could reward long time players and veterans a chance to serve the community again in a consultant/adviser role. The whole premise surrounding the adviser role is basically to help the management and development team work more efficiently in their day to day tasks. Schedule projects and allocate a certain amount of time to oversee content development, community engagement and community expansion. This idea more than overcomes most of the things you're after, with the general idea that its for the community rather than for money.
  13. your banner looks dope 😀

    1. proggy


      took like 2 minutes, its cropped stage art from a fighting game, the garnet logo, and some text.


    2. Austin


      Proggy whats the file size for banners

  14. Not gonna make a very lengthy "application" because I don't really have much to say. Anything related to TS or forums I'm down to do, when it comes to Garnet I literally am LOOKING for shit to do at this point. With the certified forum goblin Zachary Male being gone I'm sure that opens up some work. In addition to forums and TeamSpeak, I learned how to do hitboxes a while back. Not something that I have ever had work in before, but I've fixed up one of the models on the MRP server just for fun (RU ghillie). When I get home on Friday I can send some before and after screenshots of that hitbox.
  15. damn where my titan kit

    Latest Gohan Ssj 2 GIFs | Gfycat

  16. Ban Appeal


    n game name: Wife Haver

    Steam Id: SteamID (https://steamid.io/) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198856395989/

    staff member in game name: Garnet

    staff member SteamID: Unsure

    Timezone: Pacific

    Ban Reason: Advertisement

    How long was I banned for?: 35618510.9

    Proof Of Ban:  https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipPvJb2FN5om-t83f2799Kz6o95w1pYQKO5r2MyW

    What happened: When i was playing on this server I said in chat ill play icefuse instead of this server.

    Why should your ban be removed? I think my ban should be removed because I have served my sentence of a year and I didn't advertise I didn't say that icefuse is better and that everybody should play on it, I just said ill play ice fuse instead 

    1. LeKichi


      You are going to want to post your appeal in the section of the server you were banned from. Go to the link below for that. Make sure you follow the rules/proper format. Good luck.


  17. I'd love to help out with the forums and teamspeak or whatnot; I currently help run a large GTA mod-site; so this should be tame.
  18. I would apply but i suck at everything 3D Logo design I am working on 3D logos for some time now and when I saw the post I thought that I would be able to provide some good graphics for Garnet Gaming and its community. Reference Graphics: https://garnetgaming.net/forums/index.php?/topic/16953-garnet-gaming-3d-logo/
  19. msg me I want to say something

  20. truly beautiful man, inspiring 

  21. I was going to apply to be a garnet manager but im Jewish and apparently @Party states thats not allowed?

    1. Party


      I’m the only and will be the only jew around here. So that’s a big no no

  22. Welp, its been a bit since I have made a little post like this, just hope I'm not losing my touch.

    What do ya guys think? (Freehand, using a reference, making a pfp for a friend, any criticism is welcome!)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jake



      look how much it has improved just with a little addition of some heavy armour

    3. Captainswag


      I am sorry sir, I will fix it promptly

    4. Bortnik_


      Jake ur literally addicted to tanks now 

  23. And the last cringe forum mod falls

    1. The King of Rohan

      The King of Rohan


    2. tdizz
  24. Now that the toxicity is out of the rust staff team, all we can do now is rebuild. Glad a lot of people decided to stay though.

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