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  4. Yooo Where you at

  5. Hello bro, I hit this clip on the new call of duty and was looking for someone to edit? I heard your pretty good at it. Thanks


    1. Krim1


      he is retired

  6. League Against Obesity: Pilot | Print advertising, Advertising campaign,  Obesity this you?

    1. Jake


      Not big enough

  7. hi cutie

    1. Krim1


      lala when the new cosplay pics comin 😢

    2. LalaDeviluke


      When someone starts buying me them >:)

  8. Last week
  9. I have a serious crush on you 😊

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    2. King_
    3. Aparh


      Ayo @Dexx i know you're hella jealous.

    4. Dexx


      Jealous that your simp hell nah

  10. Hi

    1. Party


      Hi when SEALS???????????????

  11. yo

    1. broken


      what's up fellow minority 🙂 

    2. drax


      good good whats up

  12. For those who want to play a really good game, We Happy Few is 9$ right now on steam for the next 40 hours. It's fucking amazing, 100% recommend buying it.

    1. Cautious1
    2. Theta2


      We happy few is inferior to Darkest Dungeon

  13. Thinking about my final thoughts

  14. Its 5pm and 30 people are on, sad times.

  15. Thinking about George lopez on nick at night / nickelodeon

  16. I personally would love to see what you have so far in its entirety, the screenshots are cool but you actually walking through the thing would be a whole lot better.
  17. Yeah, being a month away from release I would consider "almost a wrap" haha. You're not going to see alot of progress, but i'm open to showing the map off on Stream at 7-8PM EST?
  18. True but you also said it’s almost a wrap a bit ago.
  19. Thinking about punching trees for logs

  20. It's been a literal week. That's not alot of time to make progress on mapping
  21. @Garnet Could we get another update? I know you got rust and mess to handle but its been a while.
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