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  3. *NEW* 'Republic Clone : Rifleman' *NEW* All players who pass /quiz in order to play the server will be whitelisted onto the Republic Clone class, and spawned nearby to the regimental rooms. Once passed quiz and whitelisted for this class, all players will automatically spawn onto it, never again spawning in the recruit room The Republic Clone class will be posted at the top of every clone class category for easy access (as opposed to needlessly having a dedicated category for one single class) Automated Event System Frequency Timing between events has been lowered from once every 60 minutes down to 35 minutes Requisitions Bug Patches Fixed issue where Republic Navy : RSB could approve vehicle spawn, but not be allowed to place the vehicle on a landing pad Contraband An NPC will periodically be found in the Requisitions Bay This NPC is capable of selling contraband items to the Quartermaster class 104th Battalion Team 'U' Chat Team 'U' Chat has been fixed for certain classes Trooper, Heavy, Controller, Arsonist, Overwatch 104th Battalion : Commanding Officer Removed DC15S Added Rocket boots and NT-242 CIS Droids Super Droid's Loadout B2 Hand Blaster, B2 Rocket Droideka's Loadout Droideka SWEPs (Blaster & Sniper) Magna Droid's Loadout E5-S, Thermal Detonator
  4. Hey Glorby I was trying to say hi to you earlier but you got off right when I ran into you.

  5. how yall doing

    1. JackJJ


      Better now  : )

    2. Jake


      better than you prisonligmare

  6. Last week
  7. Your submissions are unique and look awesome, but the unfortunate part is.. Even if I were to make a pass for using blacklisted props (which was part of the rules for submissions) CS:S props would simply show up as errors to most users, rendering the arena useless IE: the orange tree. I'm sure somebody could sit down and swap out the CS:S assets for others without ruining the flow of the Arena though.
  8. I figured that since they will be perma propped, blacklisted props (as long as they have default textures such as CS:Source/Gmod material) would be allowed for map making and be unable to be used by the general playerbase. Plus the SWRP submissions also have trees and vehicles also.
  9. I thought the same thing in fairness and did the same as you Abides, but I just re-read the original post… This would open up some other opportunities if it’s whatever assets are on the server (including blacklist but without additional downloads). I’d be up for making another submission if that’s the case and if more suggestions are welcome?
  10. looks good though I didn't figure we could use props that weren't whitelisted.
  11. I have a bit of a late submission, hopefully it is considered due to the lack of submissions. UNDERPASS - 47 PROPS - 3v3 to 5v5 A SYMMETRICAL MAP BUILT AROUND A MONORAIL THE ARENA HAS A VIABLE OPTION FOR CLOSE QUARTERS, MID RANGE, AND LONG DISTANCE COMBAT THERE'S A VARIETY OF TEAM BASED TACTICS TO USE HERE, WITH MANY CALLOUTS Laundromat - 50 PROPS - 1v1 to 3v3 A medium sized space focused on dramatic small team action. There's a wide open space in the middle for sniping intended for all of the DLore goons. There are many oppourtunities for close range weapons as well. You can even get on top of the roof as well! The contained space means that duels could last under a minute! Garnet Quarry - 50 PROPS - 5v5 to 10v10 A massive map that can hold up to 20 players. An asymmetrical map that heavily focuses on long range combat. The map is evenly balanced despite the asymmetrical designs, both high and low grounds are available to snipe your opponents.
  12. Forrum Mod king

  13. Hi JackJJ

    1. JackJJ


      Hey! Glad to be returning and seeing you all again

  14. Clicher what happened to you 😞

    1. IAreGunner


      he bored and he's getting older and advancing in life. he's having fun in his own way

    2. acer


      he’s edgy

    3. StraightWhiteChristianMale
  15. my brotha right here 😈💰

  16. Good Morning to all my non-permabanned GG members. 😎

  17. Be more active

  18. Is this guy even alive still? talk about inactive zzZZzzZZZ

    1. aidanpoppas123
    2. Kicks


      ZzzzzZZ Classic bishop

  19. Who would have thought that the Garnet Gaming logo makes a great PvP arena? This is my entry for a 1v1 - 3v3 arena! 50 props exactly. I also took a quick clip of me mowing down some combine for a laugh https://streamable.com/rdebm9
  20. my downfall has come

  21. I've been thinking about this and trying to work on it for a couple days and I finally completed the map (Some other ideas I had that people can make if they can : Coliseum(5v5 knife only) and Jedi VS Sith(1v1 knife only), but the one I made and can still be worked on a bit is Junkyard (3v3) (DC-15A) It is made on 4 32x32 base plates with 2 16x32 walls for each side with around 46 props (not including walls and floor but I can make it lower) It is not perfectly symmetrical but has around the same cover on each side, I utilized color and material for the walls and floor to try and replicate a dark sand. I used older rusty and broken down props for everything but the crane side spawn. The fire and embers in the middle area are to add some cover so people don't peak through the pile and for ambiance. Some changes that were made after the photo: Y-wing, Broken TX-130 and Vulture were moved to the walls to protect spawn. AAT was moved to be with MTT to get rid 0f big open space. https://imgur.com/a/y2VtUbc
  22. msg me on discord hoe, i forgot ur discord name lol

  23. Really excited to play with these changes! The 'cinfo' change is super nice!
  24. ok just wanted to make sure you didn't mess up on the date
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