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  4. garnet at 8, addy at 9.

  5. LETS FUCKING GO Thanks qt @Nutter
  6. parts of this update have already been released, it's been in the works on-and-off for roughly 2 weeks now. Miscellaneous Condensed some server files to optimize server load times A final result of 13-16% compression has been achieved, meaning players who take 3 minutes to load should theoretically now be loaded in 2 and a half minutes note to self: check to verify gonk ammo droid works Server Tickrate Value has been raised from 11 to 22, this is done due to our as of late lower population, and will aid in hit detection and client performance overall! Jetpack SWEP All airborne classes have had their Jetpack swep replaced with a prior version that features better/predictable handling. Automated Events Re-implemented along with some newly curated events, thank you @Remake and Mark with your ugly forum name (not getting a tag) This time around I had decided to take a slightly different approach to automated events. These will feature shorter intervals (now 15-25 minutes as opposed to 1 hour) and will be significantly shorter. Occasionally you will still come by a larger event, but for the most part, they have shrunk down in size in favor of greater frequency as to allow players to do something different at all hours of the day. Patrol Route - Campsite Vultures will float above campsite, along with droids who will engage with nearby players Upon securing the area, players will be rewarded with a large supply drop Siege - North Eastern Tower This is more of a grind-based IC/OOC mix type events Players will be able to fight with droids along the northeastern side of the map, droids are significantly weakened during this event, and its primary purpose is to allow some competitive play while reaching a new high score Confiscation - Campsite A smaller number of hostile NPCs will be spawned around campsite, with higher HP amounts There is spice to be confiscated in the area (simply by pressing E) in order to successfully win the event (I have added a blue outline to spice in order to make the process much easier visibility-wise) TODO: ADD A LEADERBOARD OF MOST DRUGS CONFISCATED Medical Duty Corrected model for 327th Base Battalion (previously a non-existent model) Added dedicated model to 104th Dire Company's Medical Duty Corrected model for 104th Base Battalion (previously a non-existent model) Drop Pods Disabled physgunning drop pods to alleviate issue with GMs breaking drop pods and causing unpredictable behaviors/T-posing. If you'd like more droids, make the dispensers significantly lower in HP and wait until they are destroyed NPC Added optimization patch for when NPCs are spawned due to an event, but are not being utilized (IE: tracking or shooting down a player) Additionally, optimized FPS significantly when engaging in combat with NPCs Hopefully automated events will not interupt gameplay by bogging down performance moving forward! Quiz Corrected issue where new players could not utilize the command /quiz Arresting System Fully repaired with new jail positions set Bans Page An official ban page has been parked at https://garnetgaming.net/starwarsrp/bans I'm genuinely unsure as to why it wasn't there in the first place, but there we go. edit: @Luxembourg reminded me to fix /explode for seniorgamemaster. That' done uwu
  7. Last week
  8. Awesome update I actually thought it was hilarious watching everyone panic after hearing the explosion when levelling up haha. Great idea with the premium points for prestiging, I need to get my top hat back and may as well level up in the process! Glad the duel system is fixed, and the alerts for a claimed printer are a good idea too. Plus of course the poop addon lmao. Epic work as always
  9. notice me!!!!!!

  10. miss you guys sometimes

  11. Earlier
  12. Now I can finally shit myself when getting rdmed by the MRDMERS @ 2 am. Thank you @Nutter =D
  13. This update looks good the point system I still don’t get like I get 5 points for playing. My only guess is if I donate I would have points to buy the weapons.but I am wrong
  15. Miscellaneous Duels Players can no longer accept duel invites when sitting on chairs or playing chess This is done to prevent people roaming the streets with grenades and a minigun after the addon breaking due to sitting players not being transported correctly Leveling System Removed explosion effect from leveling up as to stop scaring people thinking that their printer committed haram Prestige System Prestiging will now earn you premium points, 2000 or $2 equivalent per prestige level Prestiging will also earn you Standard Points, 1500*your level. IE: Prestige 1 will earn you 1500 standard points, Prestige 5 will earn you 7,500 standard points Removed window notifying you of prestiging which removes your money No point in declining a prestige once you've decided to purchase it (????) Money Printers Added the widely requested alerts when claiming a printer and having your own printer be claimed by another player, The Poop System The Turd Nugget Upon consuming fecal matter, there is a chance you will have decided to spare the Turd Nugget This Turd Nugget will then befriend you for the forseeable future! The Hurt Nugget Upon receiving damage, players have a chance to poop themselves, poop will be visibly red and evidently painful to the target Hat System Automated Refunding Players who have previously purchased a hat can now utilize the !hats menu in order to receive a refund for a given hat they had purchased THIS FEATURE WILL BE DELAYED AS I SPENT TOO LONG ON IT, AND THE SERVER HAD GOTTEN POPULATED TO THE POINT WHERE I CAN NO LONGER TEST IT Pointshop Item Sorting Fixed errors associated with item sorting, unfortunately the author for the pointshop has abandoned it long ago, so fixing this 4 year old addon will take some time Seasonal Items Items meant to be obtained through events can no longer be purchased, and will display "Unavailable" for a price! Hats Egghead Gman Head Doll Companion Watermelon Head Cactus Plant Mossman Head What nightmares are made of, honestly Donuthead Body Category Kevlar Vest Annabelle Flandre Wings Hippie Traveler Cirno Wings Stratocaster School Backpack Tire Belt Hoverboard Jetpack Fairy Wings Black Backpack Butt Guard Devil Wings Pets Category
  16. Day 523 of waiting for @ASSMAN to upload those clips.

  17. nice update but i dont have my hats....
  18. Westt


  19. thinking about dancing on poles again.....

  20. Hello! My friends and I are big into escape rooms and I’ve recently done my 50th. It crossed my mind that something similar could be made on Garry’s Mod and could be fun to make and eventually play. So here are the details: Rewards (Obviously the most important detail): 1st Place: 60 Credits 2nd Place: 30 Credits 3rd Place: 10 Credits Rules The judges will include myself and then any executives available. Priority would be Garnet > Proggy > Executive for the server > Executive for the player’s main server (If different) > Other Executives. Your room's max occupancy can be whatever you’d like but must be at least 2. *You can prepare your room to be spawned and completed by the judges on any Garnet Gaming server.* You will have access to all* of the tools available to us via Staff Commands. ie: Giving weapons, teleporting, setting health, etc. The commands will be available and run for you within reason. You should not build a room that requires 4 GMs constantly running commands. You’re welcome to utilize all the props that aren’t blacklisted, tools like textscreens/pulleys/ropes/etc, and NPCs*. Tips Connect with the staff team for the server you are going to attempt to build on. Double check what tools and assets are available for their use and subsequently your use. The last thing you want is to build something in Single Player and it not be allowed on the server. Make it a dupe If you’re going to have different rooms (highly recommended), you should make them as different Dupes if possible. That way your prop limit and what not will be refreshed. ie: If we are meant to walk through a door into another room, you can remove your first room and spawn your second room at no penalty. Rubric - What you will be graded on: Creativity: How well did you utilize the tools available to you. Entertainment: What features made us laugh, jump, think, say wow. Story/Theme: How well did you set up the ambience and did the room capture the story. Difficulty: Was it a cakewalk? Did it require Einstein? We’re Goldilocks and we want it juuust right. This event runs through the end of the month and playthroughs will begin in October!
  21. thinking about you

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