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  2. I urge you not to make suggestions like these on MRP. I want you to play the game more and achieve a higher rank and gain an understanding of the game. And think of something that benefits all players. Not just yourself. 

    Brand new ball field that even our 100 hour players still have trouble with. Big learning curve.

  3. anyone know how to get old paypal transaction ID's? PP account was removed and I have nothing in emails, cause I use my school email and clear out trash/spam and main inboxes, any help would help.

  4. Today
  5. Before you continue to make suggestions think to yourself, has somebody else thought of this? The answer will be yes so you don't need to make the post.

    Secondly, play the server for more than a day or two before making suggestions and so you can understand how it works without accidentally ruining things left right and center.

  6. thinking about homast

  7. 00542DD2E725D92A5F30B4FD75DBB39B5C09462F

    I cant believe its been about 2 years since this pic was taken, sadly I am the only one who still plays that was in it, but that happens i guess.
    I was trying to find the full thing cause its been my forums background since the day it was taken, anyways, if anyone misses the TaigaForest 2GA, heres a good ol' pic of them.

    1. Cold Soldier

      Cold Soldier

      Damn, I remember these old names. Kinda sad that most people I knew a year ago are no longer playing today. 

    2. Tora1


      2GA MLT PAUL!

    3. Bortnik_


      I could post an old picture of sso but I’m not on my computer 😞

  8. But the Dark RP is good though

  9. like what's going on with the server

    1. 6DarkLord9


      But the Dark RP is good though

  10. Are any staff responsive right now?

  11. I HAVE MADE A DISCOVERY! Women are hot.
    PS, I haven' t made a post in a while cuz Yep Cock.
    Thus, I love you all.
    Thus, Women are most definitely hot.

  12. Im sorry homast kun for not @'ing you in the appeal to lock it, pwease forgive me :3 👉👈

    1. Homast


      I will castrate you.

    2. Zachman


      Don't beat my ass in league please or ill get don 😞

  13. free up crodie😢

    1. skrt


      Free Sunjay

  14. Yesterday
  15. @Sasori hey man I like you and all but personally I found that big juicy chungus pretty funny, especially for the tense situation on the thread

    1. Sasori


      Not gonna lie, this is almost funny.

  16. gotta ask, you own any vlone? that woo collection wasn't too bad but navs was better

    1. Vlone
    2. Topshot1


      don't disrespect the woo

  17. Un ban appeal

    i got banned from the dark rp for 200 years for posting black people meet . Com in chat and I think it’s a too harsh a punishment. I would like to see kt reduced please because I really like playing on this server. My user name on server was full grown tree. 

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    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      But feel free to make a appeal

    3. Tora1


      Man this guys name is jokes af LMAO

    4. Romulus


      +1 i dont see why this gus isnt being unbanned immediately


  18. NBA WhiteBoy

    1. Ozzy


      Yo fuck that dude. He wrongfully banned me 😠

    2. broken



      yo my mrp is broken someone help 😭 

    3. Ozzy


      I was practicing MS Paint 😩

  19. When is Conner Bellers ban?


  20. For the record, fetn wasnt fucking hacking. Poor judgement bois.

    1. skrt



    2. Topshot1


      instead of saying he wasn't cheating, why don't you tell him to appeal if you are so sure he wasn't cheating. 

    3. Tora1


      What’s the point of this Malmood lol

      he should just make an appeal if he wasn’t hacking 

  21. Bitch assssss


  22. Charles youll wanna respond to this 

    the old job string was /MemeLord unless garnet changed it to /memelord

    1. Charlie


      /memelord worked for me


  23. Come back after a good practice, see my best friend banned. Disappointment. He has been playing for 6 fucking years, OF COURSE HES GOOD

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    2. Jake


      There is good, then there is forgetting to toggle off, spinning, locking onto a Manager and almost massing while toggled good.

    3. Theta2


      He was nodding his head no in the vid

    4. Fetn


      Sasori you don't have to make these types of posts what topshot said I can appeal if I want to right now I am looking at the odds and such but I most likely won't be making an appeal since the odds don't look good. You can believe what you want I won't fight you on it I will just say my side of the story then leave it at that. I'm not mad at anyone its their community it was a unanimous vote and most voted yes. I really just wanted to help out then take a leave in the community once again but I guess my time was cut short. I hope that garnet keeps on going for as long as he can. This community has brought me happiness and a lot of people who I count as close friends that helped me out in bad situations. I wish all of you the best of luck with your endeavors and what ever comes your way.

  24. Last week
  25. Lala Im flooding the market so you get NOT STONKS

  26. I'm so fuckin tired, who's with me?

    1. eli_


      6:40 classes everyday. I'm a fucking zombie :,(

    2. Sasori
  27. it was a good try. the pain will be distracted in a couple months. ill make my return once i prove to the disagrees ive changed.

    1. Oatlife


      So you're leaving after your appeal got denied? It seems like you're proving the people who disagreed right after all.

    2. Theta2


      I think he means his return being his return to MRP not GG. I could be wrong though.

    3. Sasori


      You are right @Theta2@Oatlife you are making assumptions, not the best thing to do..

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