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    Hello Nut Gamers, i'm back in town and ready to roll some more contents onto the server, I took an entire week off where I didn't even check how well the servers are doing for the first time in a LONG TIIME and that was as refreshing as can be. I'm pumped to be back and tackle some of the issues with the servers. This time around I'll try to be more hands-on and potentially play the servers so long as harassment is kept to a minimum. Looking forward to seeing you guys!
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    So lets get that non-retarded version of reserves going on MRP please
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    I hope you guys r still holding up through quarantine.
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    astronaut but the legs sucked and I gave up
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    My fucking manager at Burger King has the audacity to say that I’m good for nothing behind my back in Spanish because this bitch is too much of a pussy to say it to my face in English. How ironic. Like imagine having to work at a fast food restaurant for the next 30 years of your life, what the fuck are you actually contributing to in the workforce besides giving fat people Whoppers? Like damn you’re the good for nothing fuckface here.
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    at the rate you're going you're going to be the new Gunner.
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    Ban FistedWaffle From All Garnet Gaming Servers for being a cry baby bitch
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    Knowing that school is just around the corner makes me bored
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    Well after a string of long, sad, rough days, today was actually good, thank you to my friends here who help me out and are there for me everyday you know who you are Hope all of your guys' days went good too
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    ever just spent a bunch of time on forums
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    Hellooo peoples of Garnet, hope things are going good for you all
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    Once you start working for your own money the concept of money starts to develop. There's no worse feeling then spending your own money
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    Yes, a boy did - as did everybody else. Corona hit pretty hard around that same week haha
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    MilitaryRP Reserves Guidelines The "Reserves Guidelines and Rules" section of this page is now null and overwritten by the rules herein. From now until August 3rd**, players may appeal for reserves previously earned if they: Were a faction leader or 2nd in command Have not been banned (excluding accidental mass) since earning their reserves The appeal will function the same as future reserve requests. See below for the conversation to be had. You may only make one request for immediate reserves. ** - This date has been extended out to 2 weeks after a new Manager is assigned. The post will be updated to the correct date at that point. Reserve Requests Reserve requests may be made if you are resigning as the faction leader or 2nd in command. You will be asked 2 simple questions: Why do you deserve reserves? What will you continue to do for the faction? All requests must be heard by the current leader of the applied faction and all executives. Approvals must be unanimous Examples of traits/accomplishments they are looking for include, but are not limited to: tenure, influence on the faction, influence on the server, serving as a role model, and creating positive change. Reserve Rules Players are limited to having reserves for only one faction. All reserves will be at the O-1 paygrade with normal O-1 permissions* (up to current leader's discretion but may not exceed O-1). Coming off of reserves will set you to the lowest enlisted rank for SOC factions and E-6 for base factions. If your request for reserves was denied, you may not make another request until you regain the rank of faction leader or 2nd in command. Breaking server rules while on reserves may result in the removal of your reserves. Subject to severity of rule broken.
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    *shoots cloaker* “Cartel Style!”
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    bruh this 1500 calorie deficit hitting different
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    alright figured it out, really should have that shit not as a automatic payment you slimy fucks
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    Every time that I play the Halo theme for my two year old brother he raises his arms and starts humming the theme.
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    Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment. UPDATED 12/27/2019 GENERAL RULES ROLEPLAY RULES BUILDING & BASING RULES RAIDING RULES MUGGING RULES PARTY RULES GANG WAR RULES JOB RULES
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