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    Hello Goat Gamers, I'm making this post to inform those of you who are trying to communicate with me/communicate with me regularly that I am back in college for a semester. While I am sure I will be able to maintain a high level of activity to ensure new content is pushed to our respective servers, a big chunk of my time is once again being dedicated to ventures outside of Garnet. Unlike in the past, i'm fairly confident I'll be able to do so, however, please do be more mindful that my activity hours have changed, and I may not be on my desktop PC a whole lot to use my microphone/Teamspeak. Changes have been made to how suggestions are handled on my end, and thank you so much to @Phantom, @AwesomeAidan, @Chewy, and @proggy for making it possible by updating a "Revisions" documents for each respective server, saving me the trouble of going on the forums and sorting through suggestions. I couldn't think of a better section to post this message, so it is going under the Announcements forum. Thank you, and I hope you all have a great rest of your week!
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    In-game name: Chewy Age: 37 Why am I qualified? I worked in K-12 (education) for 11 years, taught middle school for 4 of that. I've seen and survived the worst that puberty has to offer and how to manage those effected by it (teachers and students). I was in charge of staff training and education for several years, as well as creating policies and procedures whenever needed. I've handled hiring and scheduling for my departments in the past. Been a sysadmin for nearly 15 years, and in software development for 3. I'm very familiar with software and game mods in general, as well as how integrations and configurations can be done to help drive the community and staff forward. I've been playing multiplayer FPS games since Goldeneye on the N64, and on Steam since the days of DoD (Day of Defeat, for those not in the know). I've been a ranked tournament player in the days when those were still a thing, so I get the competitive aspect and how it effects behavior and how much a player enjoys their experience. Aside from the professional aspect, I've been playing Rust since just before the Alpha ended and have been playing it almost exclusively for the last couple of years. I've played on over a hundred different servers of all types (modded, community, vanilla, official) and gotten a pretty good feel for what qualities staff need to have in order to be successful and not hate their responsibilities. Rust is often an incredibly toxic community and if you start to enforce any sort of rules or behavioral expectations on players, you have to be ready to become a target for them. Staff/mods need someone who knows what they're dealing with, knows the struggle, and is always available to support them in many capacities. I haven't been in the Garnet community for long (I think I'm at around 2 months now?), but I have around 600-800 hours played on the 2x, 5x, and 1000x. I'm definitely the most hated mod on the 1000x, which I expected to happen as soon as rules started to be enforced. I've gotten a lot of support from players at the same time though, so I think we're finally making some progress on the 1000x as far as player interactions go. I want to expand that progress into all the other aspects of gameplay on the other Garnet servers, which will eventually build trust in staff and trust in the quality of gameplay we can offer. It all starts at the top, and I want to be the one helping pull the community and servers forward.
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    Always was amazed by the stars at night. Sometimes i prefer to work outside at night just because of them. My mother used to bring me outside at night and show me. I miss her. Love you to the moon and back Ma
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    Got accepted into my preferred University! : )
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    Communication is one of the most important things on a server like this. Whether it be between management or between factions. Communication is something that we can never have enough of and it seems like the past year has lacked a lot of it. After the community meeting a couple of days ago and the "surprise" meeting we had in the GB channel last night, it is clear that we need more communication. I am going to be setting up a schedule for factions meetings, country meetings, community meetings, and staff meetings. The end goal is to make it so where we still host these meetings, but they are as short as possible. To be able to keep up a consistently great community we need to always be communicating, otherwise, we will fall right back into the pit of toxicity. Below is info about each meeting and when they will be scheduled. This month will not follow the normal format of meetings as we are already almost halfway into the month. Faction Meetings This is something which i would not be setting up myself, more enforcing faction leaders to set up In the next country wide meeting, i will be speaking to faction leaders to try and set up weekly meetings within there own faction Topics of Discussion: Behavior, Involvement with faction activities, and anything which is faction specific Country Meetings These meetings will be for all factions of one side They will be country specific, meaning if you are not apart of that country, you can not attend unless given permission by management These meetings will happen monthly. One for US and one for RU. The US meeting will be the 1st Wednesday of every month and the RU meeting will be every 3rd Wednesday Topics of Discussion: SOC involvement with base factions, an outside POV on different factions, and any country-specific issues MRP Community Meetings These meetings will be for all of SOC and all of the base faction officers on the server Any player who does not fall under these conditions will not be able to attend these meetings They will happen every month on the 4th Saturday. Topics of Discussion: Map problems, Glitches, general server toxicity, and anything else Staff Meetings These meetings will be for all current staff members We will have two staff meetings per month One on the 2nd Saturday and one on the 4th Saturday after the community meeting Topics of Discussion: Rules, Division Details, Staff Involvement, and any other staff-related topic Month of May Schedule Green = Country Meeting Blue = Community Meeting Red = Staff Meeting Every meeting will start at 7 EST | 6 CST | 4 PST Like i said, this month is a bit different from other months as we are mid way through. RU is going to have there first meeting on Wednesday and then US one week after The only reason RU is getting there meeting first is because US already had a makeshift meeting last night in GB channel. Time to make some change!
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    The masters of the half implemented updates have made a return, this time affecting Garry's Mod. Our servers Token have expired twice in the last 12 days they've been forcefully implemented, this time affecting our servers for a handful of hours. Just going to hope they figure out a fix for this sooner rather than later. https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/4000/view/1716372156967158714 All our servers should be back online and ready to play on, thank you for your patience!
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    Hello Garnet Gamers, Unfortunately Enzo who was our designated Rust Manager failed his 2 week trial period, and the next person who was to grab his position was @Wasdin, however, Wasdin has just informed he will begin baseball season and cannot commit to his duties no longer (the same day he was promoted). As such, I will inevitably have to start searching for another Rust server manager. All applicants will begin with a 2-week trial period, in which they will be expected to accept applications, train new moderators, and coordinate the team to work more effectively among our 4 servers. If passed the 2-week trial period and there is a prominent change in the quality of our staff team, we may begin discussing pay from there, which of course, would inevitably go up as donations go up, so in a sense, you will be determining how much you can make. At this given time, Rust is operating at a loss, seeing as we do not generate an income, but this is also because our servers are swamped with minges/hackers and no coordinated staff to take care of them. If interested, please leave a response in this thread with your in-game name, age, and why you feel qualified for this position.
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    Hello GarfieldGamers, Please note: if anybody tries to empathize with me, IE: "Garnet take a break". "You don't deserve this" or anything pointless of this nature, I will simply delete their posts and lock this post. This post is purely up to explain to you why I'm unfortunately having to be less active than I would like for a period of time. TLDR: I'm needing to take pills to hopefully ease up on my pain and reverse some damage from a car accident, pills are extremely known for drowsiness and tiredness and as such, my activity may dip on Garnet for the next 30 days, but it's unavoidable. I don't know how badly I'll be affected by the pills, but this starts tonight. Long version: I'm sure some of you remember the car accident I was involved in back at the beginning of this year that put me out for a good week. Unfortunately for me, I've been going to see a physical therapist/chiropractor 2-3 days a week ever since then, however, I'm still in agonizing pain which is making working on Garnet alot more difficult than it should be with frequent muscle spasms in my shoulders/back - I try not to complain anymore, because to be frank, all I get is people overly sympathisizng with me and suggesting I take a break constantly, which I neither want to or can do without it affecting the community negatively. When it comes to insurance companies, to my best understanding, once you have gone to a chiropractor for a certain threshold and it's not helping, you are then sent you to an orthopedic surgeon to evaluate you again and determine what's to take place next. I went to visit one, he re-evaluated my spine, and unfortunately I didn't get the best news. As a last resort before operating my back which I can't afford or doing a few rounds of steroid injections, I was given muscle relaxers for the next 30 days which I basically have to be under the effects of 24/7 with minimal physical excretion - they make you extremely groggy and cloudy, and as such: no driving, and no going to work (albeit working from home on a PC could be ok if I can manage - it all depends on how badly the sideeffects get me, some people don't get them at all). I will see how I can manage to keep up my activity on Garnet. PS To all of you who have a burning hate for me, I will have you know that the guy who went a red light and hit me seemed to have literally bribed the insurance adjuster into ruling against me, and it doesn't seem that my Lawyer is trying to do too much about it. I had recorded evidence of the other driver coming out of his car and crying about how he's sorry he didn't see a red light, but that makes the accident my fault. Go fucking figure. Hopefully when this is all over I can go with this information to a news outlet.
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    please unblacklist me, i want to join sso .
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    is it a good idea to have ur first date be a 1v1 on wii sports boxing
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    Funny man is dancing!
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    After sleeping on it for a weekend, i'm happy to say I would like to move forward with you as our Rust division's leader/manager. I currently have a handful to deal with (Gmod updates) however, I would like to put time aside this weekend to talk to you and go over the details of what the role entails, what my expectations are, as well as what payments will look like.
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    This post is just clarification and some announcements on multiple things going on with MRP currently. Event Server and AFSOC These two things are currently being put on hold until further notice. We still definitely plan on working on these in the future, it is just not currently the highest priority as Garnet has many other servers which acquire his attention. You guys can stop spreading rumors on what is going to happen with the event server and AFSOC as we are not currently working on them and will make plans in the near future. The Map Change If you have not seen Garnet's recent post, the map change is planned to take place next Friday. Until then we will remain on Siberia. If you are a current SOC faction member, try to still hop on the server and focus on the good things about the current map, if you only focus on the bad things, then of course you won't enjoy it. If you are a faction leader, make sure to keep an eye on your members who are active and don't make it go unnoticed. Faction Meetings / Staff Involvement We are going to be taking the initiative upon getting more involved with faction members and leaders. We will be talking with faction leaders 1 on 1 and I might even set up meetings with every faction leader involved. Some factions i already know what i want to talk about and some will be just to see what they want to talk about. These meetings will be held to address current problems involving the faction brought up by either me, @JimTrash, @D_Rose or the faction leader them self. If a problem is brought up, we will try to assist the faction leader anyway possible. If you are a faction leader and require immediate assistance from me while we do not have a meeting planned, feel free to contact me. Current Suggestions Yesterday i went through another 25 suggestions. If your suggestion did get accepted, please be patient as like i said before, Garnet has many of other servers he is working on currently. Once Garnet is able too, he will start working on the accepted suggestions. Regular Staff Meetings I am going to be speaking with the other executives and try to set up bi-weekly meetings for the staff team. We may not always have a lot to talk about at these meetings but it is always important to maintain communication and clarification with everyone. Other A few things we can look forward too in the far future is the omega map, a skill tree system, and an event system. The omega map is going to be an urban map set in an Iraq town/village. This map is going to be extreme CQC with a whole lot of community involvement in the decision making and planning stage. Base Rules / Operation Guidelines Yesterday @JimTrash had made a post about base rules and i had made a post about operation guidelines, you can find both posts linked below. If you have not already taken a look at them, i suggest you do!
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    I might be a bit quiet for the next few days had my family take Yuki to go through spinal surgery because she's been hyperventilating in pain for 3-4 days now, and cannot use he back legs. Please be mindful of the fact and do not fuck with me in any way, I'm trying to do my best to keep up with things on the forums. She's in surgery right now.
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    Fighting addiction is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Feels like these fucking withdrawals won't ever end. Damn Jack Daniels man.
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    he is very good at singing
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    was playing MRP today and saw Ethan Greshnev ???
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    Yeah, in 3 months. I'm probably going to go for a masters after that though
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    Pretty big believer in hard work. Always loved working outside even as a kid. Don't really know why, just kind of helps me sleep at night knowing that i finished building that fence, or built that sandbox for my nephew, or fixed a friends truck. Maybe it was the way i was raised?
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    My voice is deep as fuck now (not really but I'm not the squeaker you knew)
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    I'm just sat here thinking about life and why it's so shitty you know.
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    Not trying to give sympathy or anything, but take all the time you need. It's out of your control of what happened, and you do what you gotta do. I may not agree with everything you do, but I'd never wish ill will upon you. And you're very dedicated to your servers, and I'd imagine that's super difficult with all the servers you have to try and juggle around to keep updated, etc. So get well soon, and keep up the good work, take the time off if you need it.
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    I made some chocolate cupcakes. They're pretty bomb. My little brother approves so that's a plus
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    Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment. UPDATED 12/27/2019 GENERAL RULES ROLEPLAY RULES BUILDING & BASING RULES RAIDING RULES MUGGING RULES PARTY RULES GANG WAR RULES JOB RULES
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