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    ... and noticed he has an unusually large forehead hitbox
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    Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment.
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    If your rep isn't this low, you don't have anything to worry about.
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    Conclusion of Chapter 1 Summary: Upon waking up, just like any other day, I decided to check the forums. Jackal was assigned a manager position, which made me close them down in disappointment and log onto GMod. Upon loading into a single player server, I spawned the Horse statue prop and decided that single player just wasn’t for me. I headed to the realm of multiplayer, where I stumbled across a MexicanRP server. There was a MassRDM fest in progress when I decided to grab a gun to end myself. For seemingly no reason at all, I was pulled into a sit by a squeaking admin. He couldn’t handle the situation so he called the manager— who was also Jackal. I decided to point my weapon at the manager, which was strange because, no matter where I aimed, it was at his forehead. With almost no other option, I fired my weapon. Instead of issuing a ban, he squeaked and set sv_cheats 0 to 1. To enhance my massing experience, I activated hacks I obtained from Austin. Jackal then banned me permanently for hacking. Speaking of bans, that reminded of the time back in high school when the teacher died and we had a sub. She gave us a free period, in which the entire class hopped onto Garnet Gaming Military RP. The manager there was Jackal, of course. Almost immediately he began to wipe the faction slates clean. Good man. Anywhoo, to avoid a forums conflict and a fourth wall breaking, I decided best to log off. Jackal refused to give in and decided to wipe the nation, so, we called Shephard in to dance and slap him into resignation. Suddenly, the power went out and Conway was to blame. All was calm and silent, until, Giorno’s Requiem began to roar through the streets. The sound began to drain electricity from the remaining Toys R Us stores until they all disappeared. Everyone was forced to build snowmen due to a government experiment, but it ended up being summer. When the power came back on, everyone hopped on their XBox 360s to play 2011 CoD and hit noscopes and trick shots. They asked mom to get the camera, but the chapter ended there. Chapter TWO: After the intense events of the previous chapter, will we ever know what happened when mom was asked to get the camera? Hopefully we’ll find out here. I yelled for her to get the camera when—
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    Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment. GENERAL RULES RULES OF ENGAGEMENT MISCELLANEOUS RULES CHAT RULES FACTION RULES AND INFORMATION
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    wasted time on this shit, so yeah, reference to who I was playing campaign with before they shot the explosive barrel
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    I saw a game once that was a completely huge game that you could do absolutely anything in. You could build your house step by step, you could micromanage your entire person and the community itself could be run by mayors and shit. It was like the next generation of sims. Too bad it never released because only 3 fucking people could run the damn thing. That's quite off topic but usually when I see games that are similar to other ones then I heavily judge it. (COD Modern Warfare battlepass and shit makes me cringe, they even changed the icon to season 1 like wtf is wrong with you)
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    You really want to burn a 16 year old alive because she pulled up a valid claim that you don't like how she expressed it? This is a forums for fucks sake, pull yourself together.
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    Wouldn't her burning in hell just increase carbon dioxide levels?
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    Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment.
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