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    Reported Players name : Spilq Reported players steam ID : STEAM_0:0:513931803 Reason of report: About an hour ago Spilq was on the server and he reported someone. We handled the report promptly and set it to finished, spilq than was saying in Admin chat. Handle my report, take care of my report. Things of those manner, I let him know that we already handled his report and it's set to finished. He send a few more texts to the Admin chat such as "Are you gonna take my report?" After which we have told him all of his reports have been handled properly and are finished. I didn't think to much of it so I just told they have been handled and he stopped. We both went on with our day. About 10 minutes ago spilq reported another player for RDM and Jalepeno dealt with the report properly and set it to finished. spilq once again texted Admin on chat " Deal with my report" " I reported a player" " Admin check my report" and a few others. Once again we told him your report has been dealt with properly and is finished. He continue's to spam Admin chat with more things such as deal with my report. I would not really think this is a problem but when he is Minging on GG TTT and he is Trial-Admin on the DarkRP server that's what I have problems with Evidence https://imgur.com/a/yBm8YVD
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    Now I can't exactly deal with TTT reports but spilq will be spoken to about his behavior to make sure it doesn't move on to DarkRP, making a bad name for Garnet Staff. This is especially concerning someone who made themselves known in the HR subdivision and one of their main priorities is to mentor staff into their best condition. This upsets me @Spilq2 and I hope I never see it again. @Garnet Not too sure who can resolve TTT reports but I know you can, do your magic.
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    +1 I like variety despite my only using the body armor as each T and D, but I’m sure others would be able to use these and make the games more interesting.
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    I feel like there could be more T and D weapons on the TTT server and I have made a list of things that could be fun for both the Traitor and Detective Traitor weapons: I'm pretty sure the weapon is called a rigger, all it does it arms any body with an explosive and the next person to ID the body would blow up. Sticky Bomb, what this does it allows the T to stick a bomb to a player who is unaware ( from behind) and the T can activate it when ever they please (obviously T members should call out who they stuck so that they could stay away) Both Detective and T : A golden Deagle These are all the weapons I can think of that are for TTT Thanks for reading and if applied thank you for listening
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    I'm a bit late to the party, but honestly, this evidence is lacking at best. We praise "evidence" above all else, and all we know is A) two "witnesses" say he did something, which is invalid evidence. and B) that spilq talked a few times in @ chat. The second screenshot provided by Enigma is literally just the last screenshot on his first imgur upload. Personally, considering we try to go with "innocent until proven guilty" on every other GG server, I'd say that this report is lacking at best, and straight up slanderous at worst. Again, I may be too late to this, but that's my input/constructive opinion.
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    Yes, the AWP would and I believe will be a great addition to the traitors spectra of weapons. I’ve brought up with Garnet in the past and I believe it will be getting added. Don’t quote me though haha. A custom form of traitor grenade is a good idea, whether it’s the turtle grenade or banana bomb. None the less I agree with this suggestion. Detectives already are able to have health stations, I don’t see a need for a portable health, If were on the same page you mean something like a equip that the det would carry such as a weapon and when used it gives the detective health. I’m not quite on board with that we already have a health station but a portable tester which could test like 2 players before it breaks would be a good addition in my opinion.
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    Some more traitor weapons could be and AWP- a sniper that has the power to one shot anywhere on the body but the con of the weapon would be that it is loud enough that the whole server can hear it. Another weapon could be a banana bomb- when you throw it it explodes into little banana and those bananas explode more. I know I'm giving traitors a lot of weapons but that's because the detectives have a little more advantage over the traitors considering they can find their dna, any innocent that sees another person trying to kill the dective would kill the other person, detectives have body armor, etc. but maybe give the detective a personal heal station
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    I can vouch for Enigma too. I even got RDMed by spliq and there were numerous reports on spliq for RDMing. spliq continued to spam admin chat to handle the reports he made despite me messaging him that they have already been handled.
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    Oooh that’s a great idea aswell. It’s been so long since i’ve used one haha.
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    If anything another great T item to add would be the homing pigeon just one of my personal favorites.
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    In-game name: eXg - Buddha (Used to be Bread God) Age: 17 SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:8735405 Timezone: PST How many hours do you have on the server? 5 Hours Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a/or microphone?: Yes Do you have the ability to screen-record while playing on TTT?: Yes Referral(s): Ark Past experiences as staff: Past S.Admin on DarkRP, Current Mod on DarkRP, Current Forums Moderator, Past owner/co-owner on several DarkRP startups, Trial Operator on MilleniumRP (closed) Why should we choose you over other applicants? To start off, I've been in the community for about 2 years now. I have experience on both MilitaryRP and DarkRP, and have extensive playtime and experience on Garry's Mod, as I've been steadily playing for around 7 years now. TTT was one of the first game modes I played, alongside prophunt, murder, and various mini-games such as GMod Tower. When I say I have experience on TTT, you can take my word on it. I have been hopping on TTT more and more as of late, and want to do my part to help upkeep and maintain the server. A special shout-out to Enigma, who was incredibly friendly and helpful when I had asked about staffing on TTT. Being a small server, and a game mode that can easily be minged on, I want to help not only the players, but the current staff team with the work load, and contribute to making the server a more enjoyable and friendly place for those new to the Garnet community, or veterans trying to relax with some TTT. My extensive knowledge of staffing, as well as prior knowledge of ULX and its functions makes me a solid candidate for staff. During my playtime, I've witnessed hundreds of reports, rule breakers, minges, and players who in general have no intention to play on the server. While a few of these examples took place before staff were introduced to TTT, most of these examples have taken place over the last few days. The current staff team has been swift to bring justice to those who break the rules, and I am ready and willing to do my part and assist with their jobs. One thing to note is that I plan on duel staffing, as I have no current intention of leaving DarkRP. I am quite well at managing my time, and will be able to do my DarkRP duties, TTT duties, as well as forum moderator duties. With my 2 years of Garnet experience, and 7 years of Garry's Mod experience, you can count on me to efficiently, effectively, and elaborately staff on Garnet's new Trouble in Terrorist Town server. Thank you. How much time will you be contributing to this role? With my final year of high school fast approaching, and projects, events, and staffing on DarkRP and the forums, I can contribute a couple hours on weekdays, and can contribute up to around 4 hours a day on the weekends. My schedule fluctuates with each week, but I tend to always find a way on and do my duties.
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    In game name: Captainswag/Swag Age: 16 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:83545103 Timezone: EST Playtime on TTT server: Approximately an hour, I will verify when I can get on and get my actual playtime, but it is fairly low (yes I know, but my first 200 hours on Gmod were TTT and Murder almost exclusively and I have experience on these servers). Teamspeak Access + Microphone: Yes Ability to Screen record while playing TTT: only through screenshots due to recording technology not picking up my mic Referrals: none Past Staffing Experience: Held positions from mod to Super Admin/Executive on a few servers that lasted a month at the longest (2 SWRP servers, and a few DarkRP servers, I think 2) Why should we choose you over other applicants? (2 paragraph minimum): So this little introductory as to why I am applying is NOT what I count as my paragraphs, keep that in mind. I am applying to help the TTT server as they are low on staff currently and I have been wanting to help the community in another way for a long time. Now I’m not going to lie, I can’t say any reason for me to get staff over any other community member, as a staff member you need to be ready for what the server throws at you. Now almost anyone with proper training can help by banning a cheater or warning someone and enforcing rules and such, and therefore that’s why I am applying. I may not be taken seriously by most community members but when given a job I can do it (after training of course). I hope to assist the current staff on TTT in any way I can. I can’t say I’m the most qualified for a staff position, or I’m the most serious person that you see on these forums, but I assure you that I have my moments where I am serious, or where I can show leadership. Honestly my getting this position would entirely be up to the community’s view of me and I understand and respect that. If I were to get staff I’d be sure to do my best and be active (unless something life changing in real life were to come up), but I don’t want to be staff if the community does not see me fit in that position. I hope I have explained to you why I hope to achieve this staff position, and have proven to you why I should get it. How much time do you have to contribute to this role?: A few hours after school, Friday’s I mostly play games I don’t have time for during the week. And weekends I am free for most of my day, some weekends I am away from my computer, but this is more rare.
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    Accepted I know you're able to handle this role. Welcome!
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    +1. First of all, I think it's a known rule for staff members to demonstrate the maturity and competency of staff across ALL GG platforms. Whether that's DRP, MRP, TS, or TTT. If the information Enigma provided is 100% true, which going off of the evidence and Spilq2's "defense" ( if you wanna call it that ) it looks like Enigma IS being honest. I can see why he reported it on the forums. Although he's able to punish him on TTT, Spilq2's immature behavior needed to be brought to light. If a T-Admin can't uphold the values of the DRP Staff Team off the server, then it's safe to say there is an immaturity issue that should be addressed. Obviously it's up to the discretion of DRP Managers/Upper Staff, but I 100% support some sort of punishment against Spilq2. His behavior on the forums is enough reason alone for me to support an immaturity related punishment. https://imgur.com/a/cg7NIz9 This alone leads me to believe you're lying. Enigma has provided two screenshots, both of which show you say something in the admin chat about a report. The response is from not just one, but TWO staff members saying your report is resolved. If this is all you can say for your behavior, then it goes to show that what Enigma is saying and providing, is true. If a TTT staff member says you were slain for rdming 5-8 times, then I would love to hear your reasons for each and every kill. As a DRP T-Admin, i'm sure you're aware of and have dealt with players who refuse to accept a punishment/the truth. What i'm reading from this report, is you demonstrated the exact same behavior that's deemed as NITRP. Talking in admin chat about an already resolved issue/issued punishment is NOT the way to resolve anything. I will say it again, as a T-Admin you should already know this as fact. Also, rdming someone because they aren't listening to your side is not a valid reason to kill someone! You should know these things already! EDIT: I've seen you cringe react anyone who has ever disagreed with you on the forums. That's incredibly immature for a staff member. Please come off with some sort of defense or response instead of cringe reacting! At the least, just use the disagree function Garnet added for that reason!
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    +1 Buddha is my boy. he’s extremely active, nice, and productive. the only thing I worry about is now u have to deal with Forums, DRP, and now TTT. but I trust that you can handle it.
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    +1, active member in the community and displays all the desired characteristics of a trustworthy staff member, alongside tremendous experience.
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    You may add me to referals, +1
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    Buddha did you really go out of your way to steal my color scheme... Toxic. Though, hes a pretty good staff member on any server of garnet he plays on. +1
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    +1 His past experience as staff will prove beneficial to TTT
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    +1 Buddha has only proven to me that he is a devoted server member and a head of the community, I think he’d make excellent TTT staff
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    Woah, I never thought I would see a staff application from Captain ++1 Captainswag is a respected and honored member of this community. There is never a moment where he is scared to speak and voice his opinions. This is perfect and exactly what we need. He has good relationships with EVERYONE in this community. Yes, he’s retarded sometimes but he’s serious more often. I promise that with Captain as a staff member on TTT his shear friendliness and willing to work hard will boost the server. I know that people would stay for longer if they were met with a staff member that actually cared about every member. Me and CS have been friends ever since SSO on desertv2. he was in Ethan’s SSO and for once, Ethan never actually complained about him. I honestly think that’s a big step (as most of us know ethan). Captain has the level of maturity and a strong work ethic that all staff members need. again, easy +1 from me.
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    +1 Would love to see more creative ways for Traitors to set up traps and bait people. Would also love to see more suggestions for the detective, as well as any other gun suggestions. If you have any other creative ideas, please feel free to speak your mind!
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    Why should we vouch for something if we don't even know if it's true or not? We can't just make assumptions
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    I didn't rdm u wasn't listening to my side, this is another reason I was talking in @
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    -1 I'm giving this a -1 Really because it's just lacking some proof. I understand the situation and it could totally be just a misunderstanding. Does it show really any big sign of minging? No I think you both definitely acted a little immature during this though I'm really. this is something that just should have been handled in game or should have been brought to a higher up in the darkrp staff community. Does it look like he intended to spam you're @ chat? I don't think so. I think this could have definitely been handled in a better manner
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    that's not spam if im asking for u to take my report. I didn't see any of my reports done and none of you said anything about my reports just that I shouldn't speak in @.
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